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While December brings the cold weather, Virgil and Nike are bringing the heat—the Off-White Nike Dunk Lows Leather Collection.

While Adidas and Yeezy have been making noise on one side of the spectrum, Nike and Virgil Abloh have also been releasing eye-catching sneakers of their own.

Virgil Abloh
Virgil Abloh

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Originally rumored to drop in October, expect the Off-White Nike Dunk Low Leather Collection to drop on December 20th at its respective retailers and Nike SNKR.

The retail price will be $170, and the resale value will unequivocally be at least two or three times that price.

You heard that right—collection; The release will be a combination of three colorways and each of the three colorways can earn a substantial sum of money.


Since we’re still over a month before the release, all the retail stores that will have these shoes in stock are yet to be determined, make sure to keep checking SFS as the December 20th release date nears.

NIKE SNKRS – This is the obvious app to attempt to acquire the sneakers, especially if you’re manual.


To reiterate, the collection will be a trio of sneakers.

It was only expected that Abloh would dabble with the popular Nike Dunk Low silhouette, his penchant for them is apparent.

He’s blessed his Instagram followers in the past with prime sneakers, such as the “Michigan” Dunk Highs and the “Viotech” Dunk Lows.

Virgil Abloh in Nike Dunk Low Michigans
Virgil Abloh in Nike Dunk Low Michigans
Virgil Abloh in Viotech Nike Dunk High
Virgil Abloh in Viotech Nike Dunk High

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Now, to briefly go over the sneakers, let’s start with one of these incredibly rare and heavily sought-out sneakers: the “University Red” style.

“University Red”
Off White Nike Dunk “University Red”
Off White Nike Dunk “University Red”

The shoe is consistent with the iconic Nike Dunk silhouette with the bright and bold “University Red” colorway.

Hints of grey and red are visible from the midsole to the “Nike” imprint bringing in the rear.

The element of the shoe that is robust is the crimson-red laces that boast a deconstructed look, similar to many of his other Off-White sneakers.

Finally, the Off-White label is imprinted on the over-sized “University Red” Nike swoosh, adjacent to the vintage tongue.

“University Gold/Midnight Navy”

The next colorway in the package is the “University Gold/Midnight Navy” style that pays homage to the University of Michigan colors.

This iteration’s Michigan blue compliments the bold gold that provide simplicity and versatility—however, the off white construction will be sure to turn heads.

Off White Nike Dunk “University Gold/Midnight Navy”
Off White Nike Dunk “University Gold/Midnight Navy”
“White/Pine Green”

The last—but not least—is the “White/Pine Green”. The color-blocking of the classic Off-White orange hiking-inspired laces with the pine green is nothing short of the brilliant standard that Virgil Abloh sets.

In terms of resale, this shoe may not do as well as the previous two however the return-on-investment on this sneaker will absolutely be worth the effort in obtaining them.


Here’s a bold take—these sneakers will have huge resale potential…

Look, it doesn’t take a seasoned sneaker reseller to realize these shoes will do extremely well in the resale market due to the combination of its limited stock and popularity in the sneaker community.

However, SFS is here to convince you objectively and impartially with facts not opinions. The most conventional and logical way is to juxtapose similar sneakers that already prove their resale worthiness.

Only then can an educated resale prediction can be made for these Off-White Dunks.


Off White Nike Jordan 1
Off White Nike Jordan 1

It’s almost unfair that I’m using these sneakers as a comparison, but at the same time, it should drive the hype argument home.

The sneaker released during June of 2018, and it immediately resold for $900 with a retail price of $190. As the popularity of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs have gradually increased since then, so did these kicks.

Off White Nike Jordan 1 Resell Market
Off White Nike Jordan 1 Resell Market
Off White Nike Jordan 1 Resell Market
Off White Nike Jordan 1 Resell Market

In August of this year via Stockx, the sneaker value reached a value of $2000—thus, ten times a return on investment if you would have copped at retail value.

You would have profited even if you purchased it in the resale market at its $900 price.


Comparing Virgil’s Off-White Nike Dunk Lows to the Supreme Dunk Lows that released this year shouldn’t be criticized. It bolsters the claim that the Nike Dunks are high on the hype shoe totem pole.

Supreme Nike Dunk Low Collection

To capture a brief market analysis, the Supreme collaboration with Nike performed well in the resale market.

It obviously does not compare to how well the Off-White Jordan 1 Highs did, however, you would not have been disappointed grabbing a pair for these for retail.

Supreme Dunk Low
Supreme Dunk Low via Stocks

The money size 9 of the sneaker is reselling for almost $200 over its retail price, which tells us that the Nike Dunk Lows are relevant and sought-out.


Stating the current resale value of the sneaker this far out from its release can be disingenuous, however, it can help to have a solid foundation for resale prediction purposes.

Off White Nike Dunk
Off White Nike Dunk via Stockx

Eventually, some sneakers have already made it to the resale market via Stockx. The last sale was made for a whopping $2,1000. As we get closer to the release date, the price will correct itself to a range between $800 to $1,000.

Due to the performance in the resale market of the Off-White Jordan 1 Highs, it may be wise to hold onto the sneaker for a while to get maximum profit if you are to purchase these for retail value.

Fresh off the week of Virgil Abloh’s “Athlete In Progress” collection, his Off-White Nike Dunk collection will soon have the sneaker community buzzing for this release date.

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