No stranger to sneakers that go for $1,000+ on the aftermarket, Off-White is definitely brand of the year when it comes to sneaker resellers and fans alike.

The brand is also known to push limits to what people are willing to wear, with unorthodox and functionally useless accessories like zip ties, and now straight up track shoes with the new Zoom Terra Kiger 5.

9-06-20-at-4.34.17-PM.png" alt="off white zoom terra kiger 5 colorways " width="589" height="382" /> Image from Sneakernews.

We’re excited to see such consistent hyped releases from Virgil Abloh’s OW brand in 2019, and hope for this train to continue as they threaten to challenge Yeezy for the number one spot of grail worthy footwear.

(Here’s our full guide to the Off-White brand if you wanna check it out).

The three officially confirmed colors dropping are (all 3 below images are the official pictures from Nike):

nike official image black off white terra kiger

•Black/Metallic Silver/White (style code CD8179-001)

nike official image white off white terra kiger
Nike official image

•White/Metallic Silver/Sail (style code CD8179-100)

nike official image green off white terra kiger

•Electric Green/Metallic Silver (style code CD8179-300)

Let’s break down the release date, retail and resale price, and some tips on how to buy and sell the Off White Zoom Terra Kiger 5’s.

Release date: Off-White Zoom Terra Kiger 5

official nike image black off white terra kiger 5
Nike’s official image of the black colorway, style code CD8079-001

All three colorways of the Off-White Zoom Terra Kiger 5 have an expected release date of Monday, June 24th 2019, so be sure to mark your calendars and follow our tips for your best chance at getting your hands on these coveted kicks for the retail price of about $170 USD.

Interestingly, the price varies between retailers: while Sneakersnstuff has the price at $170, END Clothing has them priced at $219, and Naked has them priced the least at just $156 USD for retail. 

Solecollector and Sneakernews quote the retail price at $180, and also say the release date is Thursday, June 27th. US and Europe release dates will likely be different, as will the confirmed release date on, so stay posted for further news. It’s never super clear what Off-White is doing, which is part of the reason why these shoes resell at such high prices.

The release will happen exclusively in women’s sizes as the colors are ladies only as they are part of Virgil Abloh’s “Athlete in Progress” collection, which is a women’s line.

It’s no secret that many people going after this release are doing so with the intention to resell them.

nike goat price off white terra kiger 5
Prices on GOAT as of June 20th 2019

Current prices on GOAT and StockX show prices as high as $700, which make for a $500+ profit per pair.

Why is the resale price so high on these?

Nike Air Jordan Off-White Chicago black red
Nike Air Jordan Off-White “Chicago”, the most profitable shoe of the past year


Off-White shoes are about artistic deconstruction.

Older silhouettes from collections like “The Ten” are quite similar to the plain jane Nike versions.

However, with the Zoom Terra Kiger 5’s, check out how much of a mutant the Off-White version is compared to the mass market Nike :

Nubs on the sole become aggressive spikes, while the Nike swoosh is even further deconstructed and stylized as a plastered imprint on the side of these track shoes with loud, contrasting colors and lace holds that are dangerously deep to the sides.

It might be concluded then that the wilder the design of a shoe, the higher of a chance it will resell–so long as it’s tied to a designer name.

We could also very well see a steep drop in resale value of these shoes, but they could be a good potential investment in the future if such a drop happens, and we don’t predict that the price will go much lower than $350 a pair at the bottom, a near $200 profit and a potential long term buy.

For those interested in a full rundown on how to start a booming sneaker business, check out our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook.

How to sell the Off-White Zoom Terra Kiger 5

It won’t be very difficult to resell these as many people will miss out on getting these at retail and will scramble to do whatever it takes, including using bots, to get at least one pair.

If you’re fortunate enough to have bought a pair, it may be overwhelming at first to choose a platform to sell on.

Between eBay, StockX, GOAT and Flight Club, the options can be overwhelming, which is why we wrote up a review and comparison of these different platforms here.


Keep your eyes on the larger sizes as many men will want to rock these women’s only shoes.

The sizes go up to US 14/UK 12 in Women’s.

Women’s shoes are two sizes larger than mens, which means that the equivalent of men’s sizes US 8-12 (women’s US 10-14) will be available and likely in high demand.

On foot and detailed look

Interestingly, Nike’s official on foot image is really blurry, maybe hoping to add mystery and hype to this drop.

on foot news nike off white terra kiger

Hypebae offers perhaps the best on foot look of these, here’s one of their better and more detailed pictures:

off white terra kiger 5 white on foot hypebeast hypebae
Image from Hypebae


Where to buy OW Zoom Terra Kiger 5

There are a number of confirmed online releases, many of which are raffles.

Last tip: Watch out for fake pairs

As with every hyped Nike and Adidas release, there are fakes floating around everywhere, be especially careful of this if you’ve missed out on the retail drop and want to buy them for resale.

Website DHGate is one of the bigger sources of fake sneakers out there.

Check out this listing they have already for fakes before the release date:

fake off white terra kiger 5
Fakes on DHGate

Whether or not the quality will stand up to the real pair is questionable,

Here’s a fake listing on eBay that’s likely from DHGate:

fake ebay zoom terra kiger 5 listing
Don’t be fooled by the low price and take this early availability as a red flag.

Sneaker resale success is all about education mixed with action, so be aware and stay educated so you can safely and profitably participate in this market.

Best of luck on this drop.

Thanks guys and take care,

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