Dutch designer Piet Janssen aka Parra is a true tastemaker and influencer.

For the geographically confused Americans reading this post, Dutch≠Danish/Denmark, rather, = The Netherlands (a country) where Amsterdam, (a city), is the capital of…

Ok none if that may be relevant to you guys out there, but what is relevant is that Parra and Nike are teaming up again for a super hyped Nike SB Dunk which is set to release in July of 2019.

But honestly, another confusing fact is that Parra and Patta are both Dutch brands that have made hype shoes with Nike, and both are from Amsterdam. The difference is that Parra refers to a person, and Patta is a brand, and as far as the resale market is concerned, Parra is more valuable.

You don’t have to look that far into the upper echelons of collectible sneakers to find a $5,000+ pair that is a Parra x Nike: you can find the Air Max 1 Parra “Amsterdam” for as high as $9,000 on StockX.

amsterdam stockx parra nike price resale value
Recent sales of the Amsterdam Air Max 1 Parra on StockX

With a retail price of $150, the profit of now thousands per pair is helping to drive the massive sneaker market that’s making teenagers rich.

A rumor of this pair showing up in Nike outlets for as low as $30 further adds salt to the wound of those that missed out–but fret not, we’re here to educate you so you can participate in buying Piet Parra x Nike shoes, ideally this upcoming drop.

Let’s dive in for a look at what’s one of July 2019’s hottest releases, why it’ll have resale value, and finally some tips on how to successfully buy them on their release date.

Parra x Nike SB Dunk: July 2019 Release

pic sneaker news release 2019 sb parra nike
Pic from sneakernews.com

The sneaker community’s eyeballs were directed towards an exciting notice that Piet Parra and Nike were to collaborate again, this time with a Nike Dunk SB Low.

Piet didn’t fail with this design: this is a shoe that, unlike some others, has a design that’s worth the hype and limited stock.

hypebeast parra nike july 2019 sb
Image from Hypebeast

On a clean white leather palate, we see a flawless execution of the current trend of stylizing the Nike swoosh, this time with a multi-toned amplification topped off with a furry pink check on shades of red and bright blue.

 parra dunk low picture heel hypebeast
Hypebeast showing the heels (above) and laces (below) of these fine kicks.

nike parra hypebeast lace release photo 2019


In typical Parra pop art style colors, the loud colors are patterned throughout the insides of the shoes while a detailed stitching on the heels will ensure that everyone who sees you rocking these shoes know that you worked hard to get them.

Those who know Parra and are familiar with his past work will instantly recognize the resemblance to the more expensive predecessor, the Parra x Nike Amsterdam Air Max 1’s:

Nike amsterdam air max parra picture stockx
Baby blue and hot pink are signature Parra x Nike favorite colors. Picture from sneakernews.com

Just one look at the artists Instagram, and you’ll know that his color combos are recognizable in both his artwork and the shoes he adorns.

Release Date: Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low

Just one month after the announcement, which was dropped by Hypebeast France this past June, we are now receiving a confirmation of the release date for the Parra x Nike SB Dunk Lows to be on Friday, July 26th 2019.

For those who are interested in checking out the slew of other valuable sneakers in July 2019, we have a whole post dedicated to those models here.

Although we don’t have tons of time to prepare for this drop, let’s check out some general best practices for securing these shoes, whether you want to keep them or flip them.

How to Buy: Parra x Nike SB Dunk Low

As with nearly every limited Nike release, one of your best bets for securing these is by going to Nike’s Launch page, which hosts its most coveted models through a raffling system.

A number of boutique retailers may be stocking these as well, but to date one of the only to have confirmed is Black Sheep Skate Shop.

Black Sheep Skate Shop's Instagram.
Black Sheep Skate Shop’s Instagram.

follow us on instagramWe’re on IG too. Follow us here

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina in the US, tons of go getters will be on their shop page at  blacksheepskateshop.com to have their shot at this release.

The brand also has a store in the UK which is likely to carry these shoes as well, you can find their homepage here blacksheepstore.co.uk.

To be fully up to date and ready, make sure you actually mark your calendars for this drop, set a reminder in your phone, and to be sure of the time/method of the release, go to each of their websites and sign up on their email lists.

July 2019 Parra x Nike SB Resale Value

nike 2019 sb stockx parra
Prices for the 2019 drop of the Parra SB Low’s on StockX as of July 18th 2019

As with any desired sneaker model that sells out, the Nike SB Dunk Low Parra is expected to have resale value.

Early pair/preorder resale value on StockX shows just over $150 in profit per pair based on the retail price of $100.

Whether or not this is accurate only the market will tell on the day of the drop on July 26th, where the price should peak in the early hours immediately following the release.

Will these shoes rise in value?

stockx parra nike prices history
StockX prices of past Parra collabs

All of the shoes pictured above had a retail price of $150.

Of course, some were much harder/basically impossible to get your hands on for that price, but it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t have scooped a pair of the low on the aftermarket then waited for a rise in value–the price for the pair furthest on the left, the Air Max 1 Parra “Cherrywood”, which dropped in 2010, has sold for the $2000 range, while the last person that actually bought a pair on StockX paid triple that price at $6000, a $4000 difference and potential profit.

nike parra sb price 2018 stockx


The closest comparison to this 2019 July Parra release is the Air Max 1 above which released almost exactly 1 year ago in July of 2018.

We see that its value is comfortably above $300, with a last sale near $400, meaning that its average return on investment is easily over 100% on a $150 retail price tag (to the investors reading this–here’s a good post that will get you financially educated on why sneakers might be the best alternative investment you can make right now).


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