Nike PG 4 Christmas background, release details, and resale value

Nike gets into the holiday spirit with a collection of new Christmas-themed sneakers with the latest one being the Nike PG 4. The Nike PG 4 Christmas Release Date is December 19th with a retail price tag of $120. Keep reading as we go into details about the sneaker and estimate its resale value!

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We’ve already seen the Nike Air Force 1 Nordic and the Air Max 90 Nordic, now it’s time for the Nike PG 4 Christmas to help celebrate the holidays.
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Nike x PG| History

Nike Paul George History Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report

A lot of basketball players wear sneakers purely for the performance aspect. Others, however, such as MJ, LeBron, and Paul George have always been passionate about sneakers. They’re just like us, except they get to design it!

Paul George before working with Nike in 2006 had a long way to go to be where he is at. Success never comes easy and not many stories of tenacity and perseverance are more inspiring than Paul George’s.

He rose to stardom when Danny Granger injured his knee and couldn’t complete the season. Paul George took this opportunity and instantly became one of Indiana Pacers’ best two-way players.

Paul George made sneakers that were tailored for specific Basketball performance enhancement. It was made to be as lightweight as possible to suit two-way play styles.

A special feature of the Nike PG is the stripe at the right heel tab. It symbolizes the titanium rod used to help with PG’s injured leg. A pretty cool touch.

George said he was under a lot of pressure to make the perfect sneaker for basketball players. “It had to be a really good hoop shoe, really good traction and really good from aesthetics” That all came to be with the Nike PG 1 and later on, the PG 4.

Although resale for his sneakers isn’t always profitable, the Nike PG 4 Christmas is likely to bring in some profits.

Nike’s Special Christmas Sneakers

Nike Christmas Collection 2020
From Sneaker News

Nike Christmas-themed sneakers have always been something to look forward to as a sneakerhead. They’ve always been wild with exciting new colorways that in most cases are quite the head turners. For some, a lot of these sneakers are the main reason to look forward to the holidays.

In 2009, for example, the Nike Christmas pack released featuring a Kobe 5, LeBron 8, and KD3. The Kobe 5 particularly was an instant classic and ever since, has made Nike holiday releases highly anticipated. Through the release of such sneakers, Holiday sneaker releases have become a staple within sneaker culture.

This year, Nike introduces 3 new sneakers, an Air Max 90, Air Force 1 High, and Nike Blazer Mid. Now, the Nike PG 4 Christmas joins the collection, and to estimate its resale, let’s head on over to StockX. Assessing similar sneakers can help us estimate their resale value.

Nike PG 4 Gatorade All-Star 2020

Nike PG 4 Gatorade All Star 2020 1
From StockX

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $355

Release Date: 02/13/2020


The Nike PG 4 Gatorade features an energized upper with an explosion of vibrant colors all over its upper. Reminiscent of orange-flavored Gatorade, these sneakers feature a bright orange ‘Swoosh’ that extends beyond the heel.

Similar graphics embellish the insoles while a speckled orange midsole blends in perfectly. A teal midsole completes the look.

On StockX, the average reselling price is $152 which is an average gross profit of $32 per pair. At peak resale prices, gross profits are as high as $235 per pair. The Nike PG 4 Christmas will likely have a similar resale value.

Nike PG 4 Gatorade White

Nike PG 4 Gatorade White
From StockX

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $300

Release Date: 07/31/2020


The White Gatorade colorway is a lighter-toned sneaker that also has hints and hues of vibrant orange and “Volt” colors.

A translucent shell covers the upper portion of the sneaker, particularly over the tongue and side panels. Orange laces, collar lining, and interior provide contrast. A black outlined ‘Swoosh’ also presents itself on the lateral sides which sits atop a white dotted midsole. A matching barely volt outsole completes the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is also $150 which is a profit of $30 on average. At peak resale prices, however, gross profits are as high as $180 per pair. I expect slightly higher profits from the Nike PG 4 Christmas.

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo 2K Gamer-Exclusive

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo 2K Gamer Exclusive 1
From StockX

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $230

Release Date: 04/25/2020


The Nike PG 4 Digi Camo was part of a gaming event where the sneaker was exclusive to those that played. It features a sandy and orange digital camo all over the upper with a golden rear. A patterned teal ‘Swoosh’ provides contrast while A bumped off-white midsole does well to provide contrast against the grey outsole.

The average selling price is also around $150 which is a $30 gross profit. At peak resale, profits are a high as $110 per pair. Expect the Nike PG 4 Christmas to have a very similar resale value.

Nike PG 4 Christmas| Detailed Look


Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $150

Release Date: December/19/2020

Colorway: Red/White-Green

The Nike PG 4 Christmas comes just in time before the start of the NBA playoffs on December 22nd and of course, before Christmas. The entire sneaker comes dressed in color tones that take a nod at Santa Claus’s suit with red, green, and white color tones.

This multi-textured sneaker features white netted mesh on the medial sides and lux red velvet with a frosty finish on the lateral sides. The interior of the sneakers features a forest-green color, perhaps a nod at “The Grinch”. There are also zipper overlays on the sneaker in a Grinch Green color. A lighter red ‘Swoosh’ blends in nicely with the red velvet upper.

Down below, a dotted red midsole with a green stripe and white/red outsole finishes off the design.

Nike reveals official images, take a look for yourselves.


Estimated Resell Value

Judging by the sneakers I mentioned prior, it seems special edition Nike PG 4s stick around at around $130-$160 in resale. That being said, they’re still expected to be profitable and might even sell out since Christmas is soon.

Using my estimated resell value of $150, expect profits of around $30 per pair. Also, try to sell them locally as reseller websites will charge service fees plus shipping costs.

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Nike PG 4 Christmas| Where to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and Nike SNKRS at 10:00 am EDT on December 19th. The retail price is set at $120 per pair.

You can access the Nike PG 4 Christmas StockX link here.


Nike PG 4 Christmas

Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $150

Release Date: December/19/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS 10:00 am EDT

                       (Resale) StockX

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In other news, Nike is set to drop some heat with the Air Jordan 11 Adapt and the Sean Cliver Nike SB Dunk Low Holiday Special. Check them out!

Have a great week everyone!


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