Nike is back with one of Paul George’s Nike PG 4. The Nike PG 4 Digi Camo releases on June the 12th for $110. Keep reading to know all about its release and resale!

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Paul George has been on the rise for a while now but most of us don’t know his story. Not everyone reaches this level of success and his passion for sneakers set The Nike PG apart.

Before we get into the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo. Let’s get into a bit of background to see what makes this sneaker special.

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Nike x Paul George/A Sneaker-Head’s Sneaker

Paul George and Nike collaboration

A lot of basketball players wear sneakers purely for the performance aspect. Others however, such as MJ, LeBron and Paul George have always been passionate about sneakers. They’re just like us, except they get to design it!

Paul George before signing with Nike had a long way to go to be where he is at. Success never comes easy and not many stories of tenacity and perseverance are more inspiring than Paul George’s.

He rose to stardom when Danny Granger injured his knee and couldn’t complete the season. Paul George took this opportunity and instantly became one of Indiana Pacers best two-way players.

In 2014, when he attempted to contest a layup attempt, George injured his knee and was out for months. This was during the USA Basketball Showcase which stopped in respect for George and his family.

He however, was still determined after his return and played six games. His determination and charismatic personality was enough for Nike to sign him. Thus becoming Nike’s 4th active signature athlete.

He said he had always idolized Kobe and wanted a signature line for himself. He would draw sketches and design his own sneakers in his free time.

Nike PG/ For the Players

Nike PG 3 Advert

Paul George made sneakers that were tailored for specific Basketball performance enhancement. It was made to be as light weight as possible to suit two-way play styles.

A special feature of the Nike PG is the stripe at the right heel tab. It symbolizes the titanium rod used to help with PG’s injured leg. A pretty cool touch.

George said he was under a lot of pressure to make the perfect sneaker for basketball players. “It had to be a really good hoop shoe, really good traction and really good from aesthetics” That all came to be with the Nike PG 1.

Since then the Nike PG has been revered for its performance with many new releases and models. The resale side in most cases haven’t been particularly profitable. Check out our latest article on a recent Nike PG 4 heathered mesh.

However, to estimate the resale value of the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo, let’s look at a few similar examples. Often times it gives us a good idea on what to expect.

Nike PG 4 Gatorade All-Star 2020

Nike PG 4 Gatorade All Star 2020

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resale: $272

Release Date: 02/13/2020

Colorway: Barely Volt/Volt Photo Blue-Total Orange

This collaboration with Gatorade was fire in our opinion with the sneakers aesthetics sure to turn a few heads. The orange hits along the collar, Total Orange “Swoosh” and speckled mid-sole look refreshing.

The sneaker also features a Volt Blue and purple upper with a blue sole to finish off the design. Killer sneaker over-all.

The resale is nothing crazy but some lunch money is possible. The trade range on StockX is $106-$144 with the average price being $156. It’s also been quite consistent at the range.

That’s an average profit of $36 before service fees and tax and a peak profit of around $152. These have been sold a lot though so there’s definitely a good market for them on StockX.

Nike PG 4 PCG

Nike PG 4 PCG

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resale: $180

Release date: 05/14/2020

Colorway: Multi-Color

These kicks come with a black and grey upper with red overlay and a black zipper. It also features a red “Swoosh”, a speckled mid-sole and black out-sole to finish off the design.

Its resale has done rather poorly on StockX with the trade range being between $97-$151. That’s an average selling price of $135 which isn’t profitable per-say if you count service fees and tax.

Had you sold these at peak resale, profit would have been $180 before tax and service fees.

Let’s take a look over at the most similar model to make a more critical analysis.

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Gamer Exclusive 2K

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo 2K Gamer

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resale: $229

Release Date: 04/25/2020

Colorway: Desert Sand/Volt-Burnt Orange-Teal Nebula

This one is for the gamer! Released back in April, to get your hands on these, you would need to play the NBA 2K20 video game and win. The opportunity to cop one was then presented to a lucky few.

The sneaker is itself dope with the burnt orange upper, sandy hits throughout and a Teal Nike “Swoosh”. A grey sole finishes off the design.

The resale has done relatively better as it was produced and sold in limited quantities. The trade range according to StockX is between $156-$220 with the average price being $164.

That’s an average profit of $44 before tax and service fee. The peak resell profit is also mediocre at $109 in very few cases.

Had you copped enough pairs it’s decent money but for a very limited release however, the resale averages out pretty low.

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo

Nike PG 4 Degi Camo 1

Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resale: $140

Release Date: 06/12/2020

Colorway: Light Cream/Total Orange-Terra Blush

After some delays, Nike is finally set to release the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo this week. It comes with an attention grabbing upper embellished in an array of digitized colors.

The orange and beige colors really seem to pop over the black backdrop of the sneaker. The “Swoosh” comes in orange in a grid lock type pattern. The forefoot paneling and mid-sole have speckling which is reminiscent of the ACG.

The sneaker once again comes with a black zip up-up. Lastly, an orange out-sole surrounded by black finishes off the design.

Take a closer look with these official photos.

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Lateral View

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Hover View

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Rear View

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Out-Sole

Estimated Resell

In a world of Yeezy’s and Jordan’s, the Nike PG dos not seem to be much profitable. There are just many other great sneakers out there for which consumers are willing to pay a higher premium over retail.

The resale is expected to be similar to that of the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo Gamer exclusive but a bit lower. This is because the gamer exclusive was quite limited and still did not go for much above retail.

To get your money back you will need to sell the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo for at least $131. This is after applying a standard US tax rate and service fee.

After using my estimated resale value, you’re looking at a minuscule potential profit of around $10.

That’s also if they are profitable since Nike PG 4s have bricked below retail in the past. Currently Bids range from $25-$100 while the lowest ask for all sizes are $175. Eventually I suspect the market to meet at an equilibrium of $140.

Where to Cop

You can find the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo for retail on and select retailers. Hype isn’t too high for these so I expect a manual cop through multiple accounts will be sufficient.

You can also find these on re-seller markets such as StockX, GOAT and eBay.


Nike PG 4 Digi Camo

Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resell: $140

Release Date: 06/12/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail), Select Retailers

                           (Resale) StockX, GOAT

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Mohammad Yousaf

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