While Nike is widely famous across the world, Sacai is not so much. In short, Sacai is a brand founded by Chitose Abe, and it manufactures different kinds of clothing and apparel.

In recent years, they have collaborated with Nike on a few occasions, the latest being Nike x sacai September release. While teenagers making millions in the shoe reselling market are well-aware of how profitable this collab is, others might not be.

Back to the September Nike x Sacai release, there is a slight update on what we previously reported on. While the LD Waffle models have been released on September 12, the Blazer High duo has suffered a slight delay: mark your calendars for an updated release date of Thursday, October 10th for the Sacai x Nike Blazer Highs.

While some can be disgruntled at the fact that they have to wait almost a month longer to get their hands on the latest Sacai x Blazer Mids, others are quite happy about it. Why? Because they’ve read the highly-esteemed Hypemaster Playbook and are now given more time to prepare for this sneaker release and earn a decent profit.

nike sacai blazer white
Instagram @ovrnundrshp

As recently teased on the Instagram account dedicated to sneaker leaks and news, @ovrnundrshp, we will be getting the Blazer Mid’s on October 10th. Above, you can see the Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘Black Grey’.

nike sacai blazer white
Instagram @ovrnundrshp

Similarly to the first model, we are also getting the ‘White Grey’ recolor of the Nike x sacai Blazer Mid.

In our previous article about Nike x Sacai collab, we already discussed the potential resale prices for these models. Still, as the release date changed, so did the expected resale values of both ‘Black Grey’ and ‘White Grey.’

Let’s take a closer look at the esteemed Blazer Mids and their qualities, as well as how can we expect these sneakers to perform on the resale market.

Nike x Sacai Blazer Mid October Collection 

Sacai Nike Blazer Mid 2019 release date
The Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid ‘Black Blue’ dropped in April. from sneakernews.com

Above, you can see the picture of the Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid ‘Black Blue’ which was the previous model recolor in the collaboration. While it hasn’t attained resale prices as high as the LD Waffle models did, it still made a worthwhile investment.

The retail price was $140, and the highest sale was $530, which makes for an impressive profit margin of almost 400%.

From Flightclub, prices as high as $800-$1,000+ still.

Right now, it’s going for an average of $350-420 across different resale platforms, making the profit margin close to 300%.

If the two upcoming Blazer Mids attain similar profit margins, getting your hands on them will be beneficial. Especially if you’re merely starting to resell sneakers.

1. Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘White Grey’

sacai x nike blazer mid ‘white grey’ first official image from sneakernews.com

Release Date: October 10, 2019

Retail Price: $140

Expected Profit Margin: 250%

The unreleased Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘White Grey’ sneakers are causing less hype than their black counterparts. Still, less hype doesn’t mean they won’t sell for as much or even more.

While shoes sporting white color schemes are historically known to go for less money on the resale market, there were some surprises in the past. Studying personal opinions from resellers well-versed in making high sneaker profits, as well as the analytic data from sites such as StockX.com, we believe the ‘White Grey’ will go around $300-350, possibly even hitting a resale value of $400.

While you won’t make millions off of it, you should be able to make a decent 250% profit.

2. Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘Black Grey’

sacai x nike blazer mid black grey on foot, image from @hanzuying on Instagram

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Release Date: October 10, 2019

Retail Price: $140

Expected Profit Margin: 400%

Now, the Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘Black Grey’ are way more interesting than the white recolor. Fans have been hyping these sneakers up for months and, in such cases, the resale value usually skyrockets.

Our predictions, looking at initial bids/interest from sites such as GOAT, Highsnobiety, and StockX, is that these kicks will resell for $500+.

This means you can expect a profit margin of 400%, possibly even more.

For example, all the websites which allowed preordering are already out of stock, meaning the demand is unusually high.

Early prices for the Sacai on StockX around $500.

Still, there are some ways you can still get your hands on Nike x sacai Blazer Mid ‘Black Grey’ before they are even released:

Where to Buy: Nike x Sacai Blazer Mid October Collection

I already mentioned that retailers with preorders are out of stock. However, there are two other options:

  1. Websites who still haven’t opened the doors to their stores
  2. Raffles & giveaways

To elaborate, some sites still haven’t allowed customers to preorder. If you check their pages (as well as ours) regularly, you may be among the first to find out when the two Blazer Mids will be released.

Then, if you’re quick enough, you can order them for the retail price. Easy as pie!

On the other hand, some websites are having raffles and giveaways which everyone can participate in. This way, you can join a form of lottery and get your kicks for free. Talk about the profit margin then, huh.

Here is the list of websites which still haven’t sold/given away their Nike x sacai Blazer Mid October models:

We might add more pages to this list, so keep checking once in a while or simply subscribe to our email list.

Also, don’t forget to check all of the suggested websites above.

Final Words

The Nike x sacai collaboration has proven to be valuable numerous times. If you already know the secrets hidden in the Hypemaster Playbook, then you’re aware of how much profit you can make getting these kicks for their retail price.

Also, we’re about to launch an exclusive forum for Playbook owners to discuss their sneaker ideas and make plans for future profit. If you’re enthusiastic about shoe reselling as I am, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on.

Until next time,

-Alex P

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