The world of high fashion is in an interesting state right now in the middle of 2019, with streetwear taking the spotlight, seeming to eclipse traditional high fashion.

Tastemakers are taking notice, and Nike is a leader in this movement, with recent high-street fashion collaborations with the likes of Off-White not only flying off the shelves but going for huge amounts of money above retail, making resellers a profit.

Sacai is a Japanese high fashion band that is another name capturing Nike̵7;s attention, and we are looking forward to a release coming out shortly of three pairs of the Nike x Sacai LDWaffles.

This time around, this batch of LD Waffles will have three colorways, all of which have a release date of Thursday, July 18th 2019.

The official colorways for Sacai x Nike in July 2019  are the following:


  • Pine Green/Clay Orange/Del Sol/Sail

sacai ldwaffle green on feet july 2019
A detailed foot look at the Green/Purple colorway from @yankeekicks on IG.
  • Black/Anthracite/White/Gunsmoke

sacai waffle black colorway on feet picture july 2019
Hypebeast offering a close up of the Black LDWaffles that are dropping July 18th 2109.
  • Summit White/White/Wolf Grey/Black

grey sacai ldwaffle hypebeast picture on feet july 2019
Image via Hypebeast of an on foot look at the most low key of the three, the grey colorway.

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These shoes are a hybrid between the Nike Lunar LDV and the Nike’s Waffle Daybreak, hence the name LD Waffle.

We first saw a drop of these kicks in May 2019, nearly 1 year after the announcement during Paris Fashion week last summer that had sources like High Snobiety saying that these could be one of 2019’s best releases.

“Best release” is an interesting term to throw around—this captures the attention of true fans who want the shoes, but because this hype means selling out with people willing to pay extra to get them when they missed out, the attention is also captured by the resellers whose intentions are to simply make as much money as possible trading them.

Let’s check out each of the three colorways that are available and understand why or why not they will have resale value.

Retail price varies slightly

The retail price actually varies slightly across retailers, from $155, $160, and up to $180 partially because they’re dealing in different currencies (the European retailers seem to have the more expensive pairs.)

Although it’s hard to predict which of the three will perform best, we will do our best pulling data from sites like StockX to back up our numbers (all the pricing pictures are from

At the end, we’ll throw in some direct links so you know how and where to buy, in addition to some cool pics we’ve seen across the web and IG of these Nike Sacai LDWaffles.

Resale Value Projections:

Each colorway will have different levels of desire and thus different prices.

All are expected to sell out incredibly quickly though, and for beginners, the best bet is to check out every site we mention at the end of this article, and even though it’s possible you’ll miss out on this drop, don’t give up because over time luck will be on your side.

Advanced sneaker traders can check out our Cook Group (email for openings and exclusive deals for current customers of our guides).

1. Nike x Sacai LDWaffle: Pine Green/Clay Orange/Del Sol/Sail

Retail Price: $155-$180 (depending on retailer)

Resale Value: ~$400-$500

The most colorful of the three seems to be the most expensive: the Pine Green pair, which for some reason is on StockX under a slightly different name, had 1 sale at a crazy $2500.

We don’t expect standard resale to be this high, but we do think that this colorway will hold value at the top between the three of them, with lows of $400 and an average somewhere around $500.

Being the loudest of the bunch, this will draw the biggest looks from fashionistas and streetwear fanatics alike.

2. Nike x Sacai LDWaffle: Summit White/White/Wolf Grey/Black

nike sacai wolf grey price resale 2019 july

One of the most subltle of the three, and probably the least likely to be recognized as a hype pair of sneakers to the casual onlooker, the grey still holds solid value.

The last actual sale as of July 11th 2019 was $700, but buy prices are at $1500+ and buyers are bidding as high as $650 per pair.

Keep in mind that these are early pairs, which are difficult to obtain, but with the right connections, it’s possible (we discuss these high level plug details in our Playbook.)


3. Nike x Sacai LDWaffle: Black/Anthracite/White/Gunsmoke

nike sacai dark grey resale price stockx 2019 july

As of July 11th, 2019, 1 week before the drop, there’s still no image of these shoes on StockX.

However, there are people that want to buy it: although no sales have been made for preorders and early pairs, there are people placing bids around $700.

We expect the resale value of this black colorway to be about the same or slightly higher than the grey one, with a value at around $450.

ldwaffle may prices 2019
Prices on StockX

Just for reference, we pictured above the current price of May’s Nike x Sacai LDWaffle collection (here’s our article on that drop), which is between $400-$500.

The data of $425 and $477 are from 2 months after the release, so this reflects what is the most stable price–it should stay around here as fair market value for some time.

How to buy the July Nike x Sacai LD Waffle Collection

In addition to using sneaker bots and best manual copping practices , you can check out these links that we’ve gathered for you.

Some are raffles, some are first come first served, but all will give you a chance to buy these coveted Nike x Sacai LD Waffles on the drop date.

Nike SNKRS/Launch

Visit this page to see when they add the LD Waffles to the mix.


Look out for the raffle to open here ASAP.


Check out their news here, they’ll likely announce a raffle drop.


It appears they will stock the LD Waffle collection.


They do raffles here. Check to see if they’ve listed these Nike x Sacais yet.


These are just a handful of the sites that are rumored to have July’s Nike x Sacai collection in stock.

Make organized notes, add tips to your calendar, enter raffles if there are any.

As a wrap up, it appears that the green colorway has the best resale value and the most hype, whereas the grey seems to be the least desirable.

All will surely have a profit of $200+ per pair, so it’s worth giving these a shot if you’re in it to win some bread.

We update our articles regularly for any news regarding all hyped sneaker drops that resell for profit, including monthly shoe release lists.

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Good luck copping these.


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