So, we all know and love Nike.

I mean, even the most casual fans of streetwear have at least heard of undoubtedly the biggest name in the industry. 

Even if they haven’t, their wardrobe probably has at least a single piece of clothing or a pair of sneakers with the famous check mark on it. 

On the other hand, Chitose Abe̵7;s brand Sacai is a less popular name for the wider public and the aforementioned casual sportswear fans.

Still, every single teenager making millions reselling sneakers and shoes has heard about Sacai – mostly due to their famed collaboration with Nike which was a huge success on the popular shoe reselling market.

Nike x Sacai Waffle Racer and Blazer High September Re-release

September is rolling around with tons of hot drops, a highlight being the Sacai x Nike collection–before getting into specifics and where to buy this drop (although you could skip to the end if that’s what you want)–let’s see why they’re so desired.

nike sacai waffle racer picture
Image from StockX

Back in May of 2019, Nike and sacai announced their first collaboration project. Two different models dropped, both having two color ways.

In the photo above, you can see the Nike LD Waffle sacai Blue Multi – the most successful model/recolor of the collaboration. 

nike sacai waffle price data blue multi stockx
StockX data reflecting highs of over $1000 which we can expect for this September Sacai drop.

Recent sales on StockX months after the drop reflect prices that are still in the $700 range, showing a good sign for the future of any Sacai  x Nike drop.

nike sacai waffle racer

The other recolor, Nike LD Waffle sacai Green Multi is being sold for $450-$500 and is a relatively less successful, but at a $300 profit per pair, the money is still solid with this one.

Release Date: Nike x Sacai September Collection

At first, the recolors were supposed to drop on September 5th, 2019.

However, the timeline has since changed and we’re being told that the three new Nike LD Waffle sacai recolors will be available on September 12th. 

Although the Waffles were confirmed, the Blazers were left out.

That’s right, Nike and Sacai have decided not to release any recolors of the less-popular model from May, the Nike Blazer High x Sacai.

Still, this might not be bad news, at least for the ones already owning these sneakers.

Since there isn’t a confirmed release, the past models are becoming vintage and could have their prices skyrocket any moment.

Of course, there are other awesome sneaker models to be released/restocked in August that were moved to September. These include a bunch of Yeezy models, Nike Air Max 1 x Parra, Nike Air Jordan 1 “Nigel Sylvester”, and the controversial Cactus Plant Flea Market Vapormax.

Nike Blazer High x Sacai

Sacai Nike Blazer Mid 2019 release date
The Sacai x Nike Blazer Mid from May 2019.

The second model dropped was Nike Blazer High sacai. Although it didn’t attain the same level of commercial success in the long run, it was also sold for upwards of $1000 per pair back in May.

Currently, it goes in the $400 range on StockX, on top of the retail price of $140.

sacai nike blazer price stockx may

This September, Nike & sacai are going to bless us with another round of recolors from the hugely-popular shoe collaboration.

Except, this time, one thing will be different… 

We’re expecting the resale prices to go even higher!

Nike x Sacai Blazer High September 2019 Collection

nike sacai blazer release photo official nike sept 2019

Although the release date isn’t confirmed for these yet, the Blazers will come out some time this month (slated for the 18th, TBC) and are sure to make a splash,  and the pictures are enough to show why:

1. Nike x Sacai blazer High Mid Black / Grey / White

hanzuying nike blazer high black picture on feet
From @hanzuying on IG, an on foot look of the black sacai blazer.

Here are a few on foot looks of the Sacai x Blazer High, and you can tell right away that these are real heat in the minimalist palattes and will sell out super fast.

stockx blazer black grey high price september

Despite their dope look, the Blazer isn’t selling for quite as high as the waffles, and the data on StockX is currently scant.

At $400 and above, the Black/Grey seems to be more desirable than its lighter partner.

2. Nike x Sacai blazer High Mid White / Wolf Grey

hanzuying ig white blazer sacai september on feet look
@hanzuying on feet look.

The super clean white tone is a bit light for the market’s tastes, but just barely so:

The current prices on StockX are just below $400.

As more data populates, we could see the price rise or fall, although we expect them to do the former, for a clean $250-$300 profit per pair on either Blazer colorway you pick up (read til the end for a full site list).

blazer high sacai white grey price

WStockX showing the $400 range for the Grey/White BlazersWe will update you on any further news if you’re subscribed to our email list or following our Instagram.

For now, let’s dive into the confirmed drop of the Waffle Racers which are more than twice as profitable as the Blazers at this point.

Nike x Sacai LDWaffle September Collection 

nike sacai waffle collection

As we already mentioned, there will be three new recolors for the latest release collab between Nike and sacai.

To get your hands on either of the three esteemed recolors, you’ll have to act quickly and know exactly what you’re doing.

Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a pair of shoes from a reseller when their prices drop, although we wouldn’t count on that given  their pre-release popularity.

Most of the shoe-lovers are gunning for the colorful model in the middle. Although the other two are close behind in popularity. Image taken from

1. Nike LD Waffle sacai Green Purple

nike sacai waffle racer

Of course, we’ll talk about the most popular model first. Nike LD Waffle sacai Green Purple retail price was just recently uncovered and all three recolors are priced at $155 just like the original two models

Currently, the pre-sale bids are ranging from $800 to $900. That’s close to 7x times the retail value. 

Also, you can see that some of the bids were as high as $2500. If you were to hit that kind of sale, you profit margin would equal close to 1500%. As if the current 400% wasn’t impressive enough…

Either way, I believe the model is so popular because a lot of casual shoe-lovers are simply loving how it looks. The color scheme is quite intriguing and it is not something we often see in the era when black/navy blue shoes are dictating the fashion trends.

nike sacai pricing data
Data from StockX


2. Nike LD Waffle sacai White Grey

nike sacai black white waffle picture official nike
Nike official images of the black/Dark Grey (above) and White Grey waffles x Sacai.

Coming in second is the Nike LD Waffle sacai White Grey. Although it’s average sale price is $5 higher than that of the first featured model. 

Still, it’s less popular so the market-experts (including us) expect it to have a lower average price after the release. We’ll have to wait and see.

nike sacai price stockx preorder early september
Sales statistics of the White Grey from

Still, this model can turn out to be just as profitable as the previous one. And if not, you still managed to get at least 5x the retail price. I mean, that’s a pretty good profit margin.

Also, while it’s not the highest-selling model (take a look at the next recolor) it’s currently sitting at 30% more sales than the Nike LD Waffle sacai Green Purple.

While it’s too early to draw any assumptions, this is something to keep in mind.


3. Nike LD Waffle sacai Dark Grey

nike sacai black waffle


Last but not least, we have Nike LD Waffle sacai Dark Grey. It’s currently averaging about $100 less than the two other recolors but that doesn’t have to mean anything. Personally, it’s my favorite model considering the plain looks.

Furthermore, if you look at the statistics below, you can see that it has currently achieved a 40% higher number of sales than the other two more expensive models. 

In shoe-reselling theory, this means you have a higher chance of attaining this model for a lower price and then selling it for an equally great profit margin.

nike sacai price preorder september
Sacai Waffle Dark Grey price data on StockX

Plus, the stylish black color makes it ideal for nights out and evening walks. I mean, that is if you aren’t going to sell it for a thousand dollars…

Where to Buy: Store list for Nike x Sacai Waffle and Blazer September Collection

Here is a site list with links to retailers that are expected to stock the shoes:

Keep our page bookmarked and we will update this as more news comes out–the TBC sites haven’t been fully confirmed yet but have high possibility.

Be sure to visit every site above and follow their directions and subscribe to their email list or enter raffles to get your highest chance at getting a pair of these.

Final Words

It’s never easy to get your value out of these tremendous shoe resale opportunities. They happen quite quickly in real-time and there’s a lot of competition. However, it gets a lot easier if you manage to grab a copy of the esteemed Hypemaster Playbook. At least that’s what all the positive reviews are saying.

Furthermore, a lot of other drops and restocks are scheduled for mid and late September. If you manage to learn about them and get info on how to get them on time, you will not be the one arriving late to the party. Instead, you’ll enjoy your profits.

To get all these latest news and rumors about shoe restocks, we recommend you subscribe to our email list and we will send all of the info directly to you as soon as it’s available.

One more thing. If you’re already a proud owner of a pair of Nike x sacai sneakers released in May, feel free to leave a comment. We’d love to hear a first-hand experience on how they’re performing both in real-life and on the shoe-resell market, or even just on the street to keep and wear.

For any and all further updates, you can check our blog regularly. 

Good luck and also–don’t forget to enjoy your sneakers !


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