resell-shoes-how-to-make-money-high-value200" height="800" />Greetings readers and to all the new comers, welcome! Remember the LDWaffle that had a few makeover drops last year?

Well they’re back at it again with the Sacia x Nike LDWaffle “Nylon” in 2 new colorways releasing on March 10th. Now the renditions for some may be too much.

However, they’ve done very well especially on the resale side and the demand has been great. That’s good news for us sneakerheads!

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The opportunities according to experts, will not be stopping any time soon in this multi-billion Dollar market. Let’s get started, but first a quick history lesson!

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Nike x Sacai/ How it Began

Sacai x Nike History

You may be aware of the Nike’s history but would be forgiven for not knowing where Sacai came from.

Sacai came from a Japanese founder, Chitose Abe who was interested in fashion from a young age.

She grew up around Textiles and knew this was where her career path was destined to be. In 1999, a year after the birth of her daughter she founded Sacai.

The brand was described as having clothes that were “interesting yet functional”, which just sits pretty well with Nike doesn’t it?

Thus the collaboration seemed inevitable even while being worlds apart.

Before the collaboration Sacai continued to make a name for itself until it finally happened. In 2015, their first venture with Nike began. They came up with redesigning a classic silhouette the “Air Max 90”.

Nike Air Max 90 Sacai Volt Obsidian

Nike Sacai Volt Obsidian

Retail Price: $175

Current Resll (GOAT): $245

Release Date: 03/19/2015

Colorway: Volt-Obsidian

2 colorways released with their first venture together along with a tracksuit and other gear. It saw decent success and proved the first venture was not to be the final one.

This was possibly the first time sneaker heads had heard of Sacai.

The resale for this however, is not too impressive today. According to StockX not many pairs have been sold.

The trade range for all colorways is between $160-$200. On GOAT however, the resale price is $245 so a decent profit of $70 is possible.

Due to the low demand, it wouldn’t be fair to draw a conclusion on the resale value off this alone. Let’s look at some recent examples and assess how they’re doing on the market.

Nike LD Waffle Sacai Green MultiNike Sacai LD Waffle Green Multi

Retail Price: $155

Peak Resell: $1484

Release Date: 05/30/2019

Colorway: Green/Multi

This shoe features a green upper with orange accents as well as an orange swoosh. It has a white mid-sole and a black out-sole as well as a black rugged grip for traction.

For the resale value, I suspected right, they’re doing quite alright!

Initially after the pair first dropped, the prices went down all the way to $351, however the market recovered.

Today, according to StockX, the trade range is between $551-$633. The average price is $460 and the price premium is a decent 290%. If you had resold these at peak resale, they would have made you $1329 in pure profits!

Nike x Sacia LDWaffle Pine GreenNike Sacai LD Waffle Pine Green

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $2500

Release Date: 09/12/19

Colorway: Pine Green

After making their debut on the Paris runway in 2019, Nike and Sacai released a few more colorways. This was one of them and was very highly anticipated.

It created a hype that even the Nike Blazer could not match, taking the resale world by storm. The pair features a pine green upper, thus the name.

It also has crimson accents, a dark orange Nike swoosh as well as a lighter orange shadowing it. Finally, a black mid-sole and a white out-sole.

The resale value before the shoe dropped was incredible. Resellers lucky enough to cop were making profits at $2340 a pair!

The resale value obviously dropped significantly after the release date but it maintained a decent enough profit margin.

The trade range on Stockx is between $424-$516 with the average price being $435. Not too shabby!

Nike LD Waffle Sacai Blue MultiNike Sacai LD Waffle Blue Multi

Retail Price: $155

Peak Resell: $2275

Release Date: 05/30/2019

Colorway: Blue/Multi

The pair features a red upper with blue accents. Much like the rest it has a yellow Nike swoosh shadowed by a silver Nike Swoosh. Just as the rest it has a white mid-sole and black sole.

The trade range is between $477-$563 and the average resale value is $493. The price premium on it is 235% and a potential profit of $2120 may have been made if sold at peak resale value.

Sacai x Nike LD Waffle Nylon

Sacai Nike LD Waffle Nylon 1

Retail price: $160

Peak Resell: $900

Release Date: 03/10/2020

Colorway: White/Black

So the long awaited rendition of the collaboration is dropping this march and we have to say. Loving the cleaner design! They’re being released in 2 colors so you have an option in whatever is your preference.Sacai Nike LD Waffle White Nylon 1

Sacai Nike LD Waffle Black Nylon 1

The silhouette is pretty much the same apart from the construction. It basically looks like a combination of the LDV and Daybreak. The uppers are mostly made with nylon as it appears.Sacai Nike LD Waffle Black Nylon 2

Sacai Nike LD Waffle White Nylon 2

The pair also features sued overlays and ribbon styled flat laces. Finally, a double stacked mid-sole to finish off the design.

Overall they’re quite clean and classy which a lot of people may appreciate. There’s also the typical “Nike” branding at the rear.Sacai Nike LD Waffle White Nylon 3

Sacai Nike LD Waffle Black Nylon 3


How to Cop

Now these are sure to be very profitable so copping one is a must for all resellers. Just grab your cellphone, tablet or computer of any sort and turn on all notification on the SNKRS application.

It may not be easy but you can also buy these for retail at Bodega END and SNS. If you fail to get one there’s always reselling websites such as GOAT and StockX.

Resale Value

So far the Sacai LDWaffle “Nylon” is doing quite well according to StockX. The trade range is between $502-$833 and the average price is $700.

Sacia Nike LD Waffle resale

Via StockX

The potential profit to be made if you resold them at peak value is $740. That’s a great profit as expected but how will it do after it releases?

Let’s assess the most similar model and make a critical analysis.

Nike LD Waffle Sacai BlackNike LD Waffle Sacai Black

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $990

Release Date: 09/12/2019

Colorway: Black/Anthracite-White

The trade range according to StockX is $525-$615 and the average price is $560. The potential profit if sold at peak resale is also pretty good at $830. After the release, the prices dropped but held on even till today.Nike Sacai LD Waffle Black Resale 1

Via StockX

The Nike LD Waffle Sacai “Summit White” also shows the same pattern so it’s safe to say these they hold their values overtime.

Just be sure to go for sizes 8 through 9.5 as they may be most profitable judging by previous models.


For those in a hurry, the new love child of Nike and Sacai “Sacai x Nike SD Waffle Nylon” drops on the 10th of march in 2 colorways (Black/White). They retail for $160 at the SNKRS application or at Bodega, END and SNS.

They will also be available at reseller websites such as StockX and GOAT. Be sure not to miss out as these may be very profitable with an estimated $740 profit if sold at peak value. Also make sure to go for sizes 8 through to 9.5.

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Mohammad Yousaf

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