Paul Rodriguez has cemented his legacy in the skateboarding world ever since winning his first X-Games as a 16-year-old, so as a result, the eventual partnership with the classic Nike Dunk SB palette is expected.

In addition to celebrating his talent on a skateboard, the shoe’s makeover and structure pays a tribute to Rodriguez’s Mexican ethnicity.

Paul Rodriguez via AskMen

The SB Dunk High will be apart of January’s release home stretch, as most of the sneaker world eagerly awaits for all the profitable sneaker releases immersed in February.

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SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez release date

Look for the SB Dunk High Paul Rodriquez to be available at the select retail stores on January 21st, 2019.

SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez site list

Currently, only Nike’s SNKR App has the shoe with some other stores having in-store and online raffles.

Nike SNKR– 9am CT

Make sure you check closer to the release date for updated sites, if they become available.

SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez: a detailed look

Overall, the shoe focuses less on loud and vibrant colors as we see in some skateboard shoes, but more so on a subtle and clean model.

Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez via Nike

Starting from the nose-end is an all-white toe with red outlines throughout the mudguard, and the white hue extends to the shoelaces as well.

In addition, the rear panel of the shoe also includes the red outlining.

Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez via Nike

As usual, Nike’s enlarged swoosh can be found making its way from the rear panel to the middle of the shoe.

This time, the swoosh is completely green, thus complementing the red outlines.

Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez via Nike

As one would expect, the red and green colors pays homage to Paul Rodriguez’s Mexican boxing from the hues on the upper construction to the outsoles.

Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez via Nike

The aforementioned outsole includes a two-toned model that shares the top and bottom half of the shoe’s bottom.

The top half underneath the toe is all red while the bottom consists of a green hue.

For the sake of trademarks, the tongues of most shoes strive to address that purpose. This shoe is no different, as Paul Rodriguez’s name is imprinted in large across the tongue, just above the smaller Nike swoosh, all atop a black base.

At the tongue attachment is an element unique to Paul Rodriguez only, as the deubre consists of texts stating “World Champion” around a lone “R.”

brief history of Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez via Liveabout

Paul Rodriguez, also known as P-Rod, first picked up a skateboard at the age of 12. It was purchased for him by the comedy legend Paul Rodriguez Sr., his father.

Paul Rodriguez Sr. via ESPN

In fact, his father was the first Mexican-American comedian ever to appear on The Tonight Show with John Carson and even earned a Sitcom on TV in the ’80s.

Although most of our readers may be too young to know who his father was, his father did equip him with a skateboard, and little did he know, would have been the best purchase his dad could have made for P-Rod’s career.

Ever since his father purchased a skateboard for him, his ambivalence for his life-long career was clear: Paul Rodriguez wanted to become a professional skateboarder.

Paul Rodriguez Skating via Jenkemag

And as the story goes, that he did. However, his parents weren’t always fanatic about the ways he would practice.

P-Rod was out skipping school to skate and skating long after the time he needed to be home.

Although it may not align with his parent’s rules, it did prove to them how much his passion grew for the sport.

P-Rod would go on to become a pro skater at the same time most kids are learning how to drive, the age of 16. Just three years later, he would strike a gold medal at his first X Games.

Paul Rodriguez at X Games via Zimbio

Naturally, sponsorship deals blew up his phone, but the paramount figure was of course Nike.

The Mexican-American skater became the first skater ever that was sponsored with his own signature namesake shoe. The year 2005 brought out the Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez and the second iteration of that shoe soon after.

All the history of his skating life and partnership with Nike comes to fruition with his own makeover on the soon-to-release legendary Nike SB Dunk High model.

Nike sb dunk high paul Rodriguez resale

We are a few days away from the SNKR release date, however, a money size 9 of this particular Paul Rodriguez SB Dunk High iteration holds decent resale value.

Nike SB Dunk High Paul Rodriguez via Stockx

Generally, the resale value of any shoe will increase before the release date and decrease after the release date.

If you were lucky enough to win an in-store raffle and are seeking just profit from the shoe, it’s recommended to sell immediately before prices plummet.

As for the resale value of the shoe afterward, let’s dive into similar models.

Nike SB Dunk Low Primitive Paul Rodriguez

This shoe will be the best shoe to juxtapose; Although its a Nike Dunk SB Low, most Paul Rodriguez’s signature shoes are not resell-worthy.

Another caveat: The Nike SB Dunk Low are trending upwards in the resell market. However, the resell value of the Nike SB Dunk Low Primitive are two times the amount of its retail which is a good sign for the upcoming high versions.

In conclusion, although the Nike SB Dunk High version is not the popular low version, the known Nike SB brand and Paul Rodriguez’s name may still bolster prices.

In addition, the stock seems limited, which should hold its resale prices.

Buying and holding is not advised, however, purchasing and selling could garner some profit. The resale value of the shoe will be in the $140 to $60 range overtime.

Nike SB Dunks is on a steady rise in popularity and may become a top reselling shoe in the year 2020.

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Good luck to everyone attempting to purchase the shoe on the SNKR app this week.


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