Nike SB Dunk Low Safari Release Date

Official image from Nike.comSneakerheads, Welcome! Today is a good day for a specific segment of you sneaker-loving hustlers. This specific segment thrives on adrenaline rush. They love to take risks and not be a part of the mainstream crowd. They are creative and have a tendency to prove themselves.

This specific segment is none other than skateboarding fans. So why is it a good day for you skateboarding lot? Well because today we bring to you a very special rendition of an all time classic.

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it right. I’m talking about the Nike SB Dunk Lows. Nike is releasing a new iteration of its classic Dunk Lows called “Safari”.

Nike launched its skateboarding division back in March 2002 to cater to the growing skateboarding community. Its previous two attempts at capturing the market were nothing short of a failure and so this time, Nike was determined to succeed.

In order to achieve their ambitious goals, Nike took on pro skateboarder as their ambassadors to appeal to the crowd. The most famous of the ambassadors was none other than Paul Rodriguez or better known as P-Rod.

In their initial launch, Nike featured only the SB Dunk Lows. During that same year, Nike collaborated with one of the biggest street wear brands at the moment- Supreme to release the Dunk Low in Black/Red and Blue/White.

The rest as they say is history. The Nike SB division is highly profitable for the company and with its cult following, fans are always eagerly waiting for the next drop. And we couldn’t be more hyped for the SB Dunk Low Safari. We̵7;ve even featured it in our Best Releases of March.

If you want to where to buy and how much the sneaker will resell for, simply skip to the end. But for the diehard SB fans, I suggest you read through.

Here are all the details:

Release Date: The Nike SB Dunk Low Safari will be releasing on the 14th of March, 2020.

Retail Price: The sneaker is set to retail for $100. The price may change depending on which region you’re in.

So let’s get into this exciting pattern of colors which Nike has bestowed upon us via the Dunk Lows. If you’re an OG sneakerhead, you’ll likely recognize that Nike has almost taken cues from one of its most popular Air Maxes: The Atmos Safari Air Max 1.

nike lebron 16 atmos safari release date march 2019

The Safari Lows feature a contrast between grey safari prints with brown suede. We see orange and green swooshes coupled with mini black swooshes on the forefoot.

Nike SB Dunk Low Safari CD2563 002 Release Date 1 Nike SB Dunk Low Safari CD2563 002 Release Date

I have to say, the shoe looks killer. It’s something that I would want to wear even if I wasn’t a skateboarding enthusiast. We thought that Nike might be releasing this on Air Max day i.e. the 26th of March but it is releasing earlier than that. Which makes sense because well, this isn’t an Air Max.

Where to Buy?

Here are all the places where you can get your hands on the Nike SB Dunk Low Safari:

StockX – You’ll find the shoe available here but beware, since it’s a sneaker reselling website, you’ll be paying a price premium therefore, if you’re objective is to make money off of this, then you’ll be better off with the rest of the options.

Nike – Now the shoe isn’t officially available at the time this article is being written, but you can be sure that Nike will be releasing the shoe online on their website.

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What is the resale value?

So this is probably the most important question any hustler can ask. We don’t care whether the shoe is a Nike or a Yeezy or whatever. All we care about is whether or not we can make any money off of it. Well, lets see if this pair is a money maker or not.

The SB division of Nike is highly coveted. Its fan following is completely dedicated and will jump at the next release. Therefore, as usual there will be a scarcity in the market. And we all know what happens when demand exceeds supply right?

So the shoes are retailing for a mere $100, but as you can see at a screenshot from StockX below, they’re being resold for an average of almost $400. That is 4 times more than their retail price.


This is the peak resale price of the SB Dunk Low Safari because once they’re released, their price is likely to drop because as the hype fades away so does the demand. Therefore, you need to get in on this ASAP!


Retail Price: $100

Resale Value: Peaked at $400

Retail Place: StockX and Nike

Release Date: 14th March, 2020

There you have it folks, the SB Dunk Low is releasing in a week and I know I’m getting myself a pair because only a fool would miss out on such high profit margins.

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Till next time!

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