Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod History, release Details, and Estimated Resell

Nike Skateboarding pays homage to the rich history it has with Paul Rodriguez with an SB Dunk Low that recaps the duo’s past iconic collaborations. The Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod has a set release date of May 22nd according to European retailers and a price that’s TBA.

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Before we take a detailed look at the Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod, let me briefly walk you through this duo’s history.

Paul Rodriguez x Nike SB

Paul Rodriguez x Nike SB History Nike News
From Nike News

The Nike SB Dunk has been the go-to sneaker for many skateboarders around the world. Inspired by the regular Nike Dunks that were meant for basketball, Nike realized the potential of the growing skateboard sneakers market as skaters started to adopt the Dunks.

In 2002, Nike established the Skateboarding division that would release highly anticipated sneakers, establishing Nike’s supremacy not just as a mass producer of shoes but also as a limited and high-end street-wear producer.

The SB Dunks are partly responsible for embedding Nike firmly into Hypebeast culture. Although that term used to be derogatory, self-proclaimed members now wear the label proudly.

Attributing largely to this popularity is Nike SB’s limited distribution, effective storytelling, and most of all, hyped collaborations with skate shops, boutiques, and athletes that have enshrined them in the minds of consumers.

Paul Rodriguez AKA P-Rod is a 4-time gold medallist skateboarder at the X-games and a Nike signature athlete since 2005. He has worked a multitude of times with the Swoosh on various SB sneakers.

His last collaboration was in 2020 on the Dunk High Paul Rodriguez Mexico. A sneaker that was highly sought after and currently resells for high profits.

To estimate resale for the duo’s latest collaboration, let’s head over to StockX.

Paul Rodriguez Nike SB Dunk Low Primitive

Nike SB Dunk Low Paul Rodriguez Primitive Walmart
Via Walmart

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resell: $440

Release Date: 06/20/2015


This Nike SB Dunk Low was released back in 2015 in a lifestyle-friendly design. Black overlays are contrasted by perforated suede red Swooshes and grey underlays. White midsoles and black outsoles complete the look.

The average selling price on StockX is $300, a gross profit of almost $200 per pair. The Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod will likely have a higher resale value as it resembles a “What The” SB Dunk that’s significantly more valuable.

Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod | A Closer Look


Retail Price: N/A

Estimated Resell: $800+

Release Date: May 22nd/2021 (EU)


This SB Dunk Low features a design that’s a mashup of various Paul Rodriguez-designed sneakers with Nike, presented as a fitting tribute to the famed skateboarder’s history with the Swoosh.

As chaotic in its use of colors as the left, the right sneaker features a lace “World Champion” dubrae found in last year’s PR Dunk High. The rest of this sneaker features a profusion of colors and patterns ranging from vibrant yellow laces to colorful toe boxes.

The right sneaker takes inspiration from the Hyperfuse Max with its elephant patterns on the scuff-guards.

Furthermore, differences also appear on the soles, the right featuring a plan tan rubber sole while the left rocks a red/green/white outsole which finishes off the design.

Grab a closer look at these images via Hanzuying.

Nike SB Dunk Low What The P Rod Release Date 2






Nike SB Dunk Low What The P Rod Release Date 9

How To Buy For Retail

These sneakers are expected to launch this May with various European retailers pointing towards a release date of May 22nd. The retail price is still to be confirmed via Nike.

Resale Value

Since this is a special colorway with a “What The”-twist, I believe these sneakers will be extremely profitable and recommend going for all sizes.

Using my estimated resell value, expect gross profits of over $700. However, I’d take this with a grain of salt as there’s very limited information currently available.


HYPEMETER HYPE2 e1611117417532

Nike SB Dunk Low What The P-Rod

Retail Price: N/A

Estimated Resell: $800+

Release Date: May 22nd/2021 (EU)

Where to Buy: Stadium Goods



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