Ladies and Gentlemen, the dunks are making a comeback! Now that my excitement is out of the way, let’s get to the news.

To make a new shoe in time for valentine’s day, Nike has officially collaborated with Strangelove.


Strangelove is an American based company that makes well respected skateboards for a certain Niche in places like California. Their founder, Sean Cliver is also the artist and is no stranger at Nike.

Sean and Nike have worked together before on shoes as Sean, being also the artist, has helped out with certain articles.

Sean is considered a legend to skateboarders everywhere as his outspoken art spoke directly to the hearts of skaters.Sean Cliver Bowie Skull0" height="772" />

It all started when a young Sean won a drawing contest that basically was so significant (according to him) that it initiated his life of skateboard art.Sean Cliver The Hundreds

For all skateboard fans, this sure sounds like a treat. A legend in skateboard artwork working with arguably the best shoes on the streets? What more could you ask for?

This may also be nostalgic for some as this collaboration has happened before with the Nike Krampus.Nike SB Krampus Dunk

Release date: 5th December 2012

Retail price: $112

Colors: Black/Gym Red

These kicks are a quite the head turners, with their striking red/black contrast and the unorthodox tongue tag. The upper is made of horse hair while the heel tab is crafted from leather.

The insole also has an interesting image of Santa holding Krampus’ tongue. While the black mid sole looks like it has red blood dotted on it.  A pair of free laces also came with the shoe!

They were obviously well received, and history may just repeat itself with the new Strangelove SB Dunk.

SB Dunk

In 2002, the SB Dunk division was formed by Nike along with a collaboration with Supreme. It was very well received as the shoe needs of skaters were met well by the slam Dunks.

Praised for their low profile mid sole and the same functionality which made it a good basketball shoe. Such as comfortable cushioning, lateral support and traction, all these qualities also make it fit well with the skaters.

The original Nike SB Dunk was born to be a functional master piece that translated well into street fashion. The sole purpose (no pun intended) was to make athletes better, when the first Nike Dunk was launched in 1985.Nike SB Dunk 1985


Released: 1985

Colors: Yellow/white Blue/white Red/white

The first Nike dunk was inspired by the Air Jordan 1 which released just months before.

It released in a suitable time as it energized the basketball world and as it was at a time where Sports and fashion were merging and Nike was the bridge.

After becoming an instant hit, the Nike Dunk was organically adopted by skaters as well as becoming a fashion staple.

It was originally designed by peter Moore and was first called the Nike Color high. The Nike Dunk was a design combination of different shoes which was a common practice in the 80’s.

The Nike Terminator and the Air Jordan 1 are what inspired the first Nike Dunk. The sole is the same as the Air Jordan 1 while the last was from the Nike Legend.

Another interesting fact about the original Nike Dunk is its motto “Be true to your school”.Nike Be True To Your School SB Dunk

Fans were allowed to do so by Nike through the various color combinations that represented certain schools. Kentucky, Georgetown, Syracuse and others connected to Nike are included in these color combinations.

Since it was introduced 30 years ago, Decades have been survived by the iconic Nike SB Dunk. It has crossed over sports and also entered the realm of fashion, making it a beautiful success story.

Strangelove SB Dunk

The legacy continues, just in time for valentine’s day. Strangelove and Nike have collaborated yet again for their latest article, the SB Dunk Low Strangelove.Nike SB Strangelove 1

This new addition goes well with the others in the collection such as the Nike Krampus in 2012 (see above) and the Nike SB Dunk Low Disposable in 2014.

The Dunk Low disposable was released along with the book which is pretty much a must buy if you’re a skater. It also had the same color combinations as the book cover.

Now moving on to the latest release of the Nike SB Strangelove. Though Sean has worked with Nike before, this is Nike’s first official collaboration with Strangelove.

It has a special Valentines vibe to it due to the colors used which are red, pink and white. It comes in a normal box as well as a special box that resembles a Valentine’s gift.

The material used is a smooth velvet covering the upper of the shoe as well as velvet interior lining.

It has red rope laces, a pure white mid sole and a translucent out sole (pink). There is also Sean’s “Heart skull” logo at the base of the shoe.Nike SB Strangelove 2


Release date: 7th February 2020 (skateboard shops)

8th February 2020 (

Retail price: $100

 Colors:  Pink/red/white

On a side note, the initial release on 1st February was cancelled. They were to be sold first online however due to bots causing problems, the release was cancelled.

Resale value

The Nike SB Strangelove’s resale value seems promising at the least. There are a few reasons why I would make this conclusion, all include how well similar products have done in the past.

Some may claim the resale value may not be as impressive due to the amount of impressive launches this year.

However, In the past, Shoes like the SB Strangelove have done well, especially those that are art work based. For example:

Nike SB Low What the DunkNike What The Dunk

Release date: 10/01/2007

Retail price: $120

Color: White/college blue-chrome-deep red

These shoes can now be sold from $3900 to $8200! These is a massive appreciation in its value and quite profitable to those that got their hands on it.

Nike SB Dunk Low ParisNike SB Dunk Low Paris

Release date: 03/01/2002

Color: Rope/cardinal

For an incredible $28000, you can buy this shoe today. Or anywhere between that and $14000.

Nike SB Dunk Yellow lobsterNike SB Dunk Low Yellow Lobster

Release date: 07/27/2009

Color: Yellow ochre/ Terra brown

This shoe today can now be sold for a whopping $15000 or anywhere between that and $7000.

Furthermore, if you have the special box variant, you may be even more in luck as they can be sold for way more. They have been sold for as high as $1200 already due to the box being limited edition.Nike SB Dunk Low StrangeLove Skateboards Special


This year sure is busy in the sneaker world, so be sure to save up and try investing in one of these hot new releases. In my opinion, the special box edition is one of the top picks.

The graphics on the shoe coupled with the limited edition box may earn you a hefty profit, and then some!

That’s all for now sneakerheads! For more information, visit us at Also be sure to check out The Hypemaster Playbook to take your shoe selling game to the next level.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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