Three of my favorite things in the world were birthed in the 80’s:

  • Nike Air Forces Ones. 
  • Nike Dunks. 
  • And Lil’ Wayne. 

It isn’t unusual for the global leader in footwear to bless us with a Halloween release and this year is no different.

/">If you’re interested in the 2021 Nike Dunk Low Halloween Resale Value, check out the full guide here.

Matter of fact, this time around, Nike absolutely crushes it.

But, before we dive in here, I want to be upfront with you – the shoe is already promising resale value. 

Keep reading cause we’re also going to touch upon Nike’s previous Halloween Dunk releases and their resale value.

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Now – there is absolutely no such thing as easy in business. But if you want it to make this venture easier – a whole lot easier – then you’ve got to seriously consider what you can do with this.

And these might be the kicks you want to start your venture with right here… so let’s kick this off.

Nike Dunk Low SB “Night of Mischief” Release Details

Nike Dunk Low SB “Night of Mischief” side view on the street

As of October 15th – the Dunk Lo’s that are dubbed “Night of Mischief”, was released to a small number of select skate shops, and come October 19th they’ll be available through the Nike “SNKRS” app and a few more retailers.

This certainly isn’t the first Nike Dunk to grace shelves just in time for Halloween, but it may be their flyest. 

The first October released Dunk was in 2005: Meet the slick Dunk Lo “Black Packs”.

nike sb dunk black pack og 2005
Nike Dunk Low “Black Packs”


 Hold on to your seats and peep this interesting fact – these kicks retailed for a whopping $60 back then. 

Just how much could things change in 9 short years?

Next up we have the 2014 Dunk Mid “Halloween”, retailing with a more relatable price tag of $93.

2014 Dunk Mid Halloween
Nike Dunk Mid “Halloween” released back in 2014 street view


As you can see, compared to Jordans and Yeezys, the retail price of $100 or less, even today, leaves a lot of room for profit in addition to lower fees.

Resale Value of Past Nike SB Halloween shoes

past nike SB halloween sneakers
Nike SB Halloween sneakers resale value on stockX ranging from $310-$660


History is always a good indicator of future projections, which is why we brought up these models in the first place so you can learn to think like a six figure sneakerhead.

StockX has the Black Packs at the lowest price of $250 to about $559 depending what size you need. 

This range doesn’t include the size 8.5 demanding $975.

I’m sorry to any size 8.5’s that want them now, I hope your bae is contending for girlfriend of the year, or you just got cash like that.

The 2014 Halloween Mids didn’t carry much resale value as the bids are closing in the $109-$120 range. 

As I mentioned this pair was rather humble and I honestly wasn’t surprised at the price but more so that people were selling them at all.

Resale Value: 2019 Nike Night of Mischief Halloween SB Dunks 

The retail price of these dunks checks in at a relatively thrifty $90, so anything above that is potential profit.

So – where does the Night of Mischief colorway find itself in terms of resale value?

The few hustlers who grabbed a pair on the 15th are asking anywhere from $220-$400 on StockX –and for good reason.

These Dunk Lo’s feature as much holiday spirit as my mother does and she is like the female Chris Kringle of every holiday. 

Check out the eBay listings of the lucky few that have these in hand before the wider release.

resale prices nike sb dunk low night of mischief halloween
Nike SB Dunk Low “Night Of Mischief Halloween” sale prices on stockX


Nike SB Halloween 2019 Dunks: Details

Nike has a flavor that isn’t corny or forced (Not saying my mother is either those things, but she is).

You’re in luck if you’re a sucker for detail like myself and buy something cause of one small subtlety, like special text on the insole or a small logo emblazing the side of a heel – then this is a pair you won’t want to pass up on.

Take this for example – When you burn the defense down court and go up for your Lebron jam, or breakdance on your skateboard like Rodney Mullen, these primarily black sneakers will assure any of the haters underneath you know to “squash” any beef they have as one sneaker has a photo of a carved pumpkin that consumes every bit of space there is on the sole. 

nike sb dunk low night of mischief halloween insert
Nike sb dunk low night of mischief Halloween insert


These are 100% the Red Bottoms of Halloween–0ne of many W’s for the subtlety people.

Now, how does Nike break up the black so that we don’t have another “Black Packs”? 

Nike SB Dunk Low Night of Mischief Halloween
Nike SB Dunk Low Night Of Mischief side details


They do so with a not-so-subtle purple spiderweb stitching, a bright orange check and toebox, topped off with a brilliantly simple “Trick” and “Treat” in a slime green on the heels.

The orange selected for the toe and the Nike stripe doesn’t just say “Halloween” – it’s soft and pastel-ish enough to represent the entire fall season.

nike sb dunk low night of mischief halloween heel view
Nike sb dunk low night of mischief Halloween heel view “trick or treat”


Featuring purple laces (which I’ll probably replace with a slime green) and a simple ghost inside the tongue, alternate of the size label. 

And then there’s this – my favorite Easter Egg on this shoe by far. Now, don’t dunks simply have 45 perforations on the toe? Well these – you just gotta’ see for yourself.

Nike sb dunk low night of mischief Halloween toe box face
Nike sb dunk low night of mischief Halloween toe box face

If you’re interested in a full blown history of the iconic Nike SB Dunks check it out here

Keep in mind, beyond genuine interest, knowing the history and patterns of classic sneakers like Dunks could only help you. 

How to Buy: Nike SB Dunk “Night of Mischief”

If you missed out on October 15th, you’re in the same boat as most people.

Look for a wider release on Saturday, October 19th in the US, with an even later date (and thus more time to read and prepare) for Europe.

As we stated earlier in this article, you’ll want to check out Nike’s Launch page and have the SNKRS app to catch these as they’re not yet currently listed: good news for educated resellers, bad news for the general public who can basically expect a big fat L.

There’s a lot of competition out there that you have to strategize and execute better than they do. 

Every bit of knowledge helps, especially if the knowledge was gained through trial and error, experience, and passion for the market – and those are just a few things that make the Hypemaster Playbook worthwhile. 

One example that insiders would have known is to search small boutique stores, in this case, a store in Mill Valley California that no one heard of called Proof Lab stocked and sold these on the 15th, resulting in high eBay prices and now even “early pair” status:


No matter what you decide to do or what you came here for, I want to first, thank you all for the time spent reading this. 

Now, I hope you have no need to search around for other articles–time to take some action!

Start building the budget so that you can afford the release you want to resell, and start cookin’ up branding ideas for your business IG and social channels.

You can browse our Instagram and kick back after you’ve gotten things off the ground, or in the meantime for inspiration and release info.

If you don’t plan on being spooky for Halloween, you might as well show up to whatever Halloween function you’re going to with kicks that are about as hot as a rocket. 

Lastly, if you decide to start your business now or do something else – enjoy what you’re doing. Always.

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