A selected few of hyped Nike Blazer iterations have engulfed the sneaker resell market these past couple years, including the Sacai Blazer, Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage, and the Off-White Blazer All Hallow’s Eve.

Nike’s collaboration with Slam Jam earlier this year did their own magic on a stunning Blazer mid—the Slam Jam Nike Blazer “Class of 1977” in the white colorway—well, they’re back at it again.

Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer
Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer

Black Friday 2019 will bring another limited Blazer in the market—the Slam Jam 1977 Blazer in the black colorway—however, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any kind of Black Friday deals on them.

November 29th, aka Black Friday, could be a significant date for other limited sneakers as well. So, if you want to secure the bag follow our Instagram page and sign up to our email list for SFS release content.

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As mentioned, the Slam Jam 1977 Blazer High in the black colorway is to release on Black Friday, November 29th and expect the release to have limited pairs.


There are some retail locations that are already confirmed, however, be sure to constantly check this article, the SFS Instagram, and become apart of our email list to be alerted for any release changes and notifications so you don’t miss this drop.

SLAM JAM – If you go to their website between November 9th and November 28th, make sure to take your chance on their raffle for the kicks.

NIKE SNKRSAlthough it is not on their sneaker launch calendar yet, some sneakers should be available on their platform closer to the release date.

The release through Slam Jam will consist of an appropriate 1977 units, so be sure to get on their raffle immediately.


The Nike and Slam Jam team succeeded in a spectacular colorway and design on an iconic silhouette earlier this year, with their white Vintage Blazer Mid rendition.

The Blazer that released at the beginning of 2019 had a canvas that found a backward swoosh on a white leather upper boasting creativity and uniqueness.

The Italian boutique Slam Jam were celebrating their 30th birthday then, and they’re following it up with another 1977 vintage inspired style – by introducing a high-top version with a dramatic change in colorway.

Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer
Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer

Sporting the upside-down white Nike Swoosh again that drives sneakerheads to a frenzy, the rendition features a simple black on a deconstructed leather upper with suede on the toe.

Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer
Slam Jam Nike Class of 1977 Blazer

The rear brings in the branding—“Class of 1977” white imprint to showcase the collaboration. In addition to the exclusive retro and detailing, the collaboration is complete with a special packaging.


The Nike Blazer pioneered basketball sneakers.


Nike Blazer 1973
Nike Blazer 1973

The year 1973 brought the first release of the Nike Blazer, dubbed as Nike’s best basketball sneaker at the time. Obviously, a far cry from what we imagine the modern basketball sneaker to be today.

The shoe’s leather upper and mesh nylon tongue was the preferred attributes in the early 1970s and were deemed the best technology available at that “archaic” time.

That may surprise some of you now, but know this—the years prior to the 1970s and 1960s encompassed shoes of rubber soles for athletics.

The shoe was first worn by George “The Iceman” Gervin—a name only old heads are familiar with as Michael Jordan didn’t sign with Nike until 12 years later. To give you more perspective, soles didn’t get filled with air until 5 years later.

Aside from the Nike Blazer birth history lesson, the year of 1977 was a paramount year due to the Portland Trail Blazer’s lone championship in their franchise history.


Slam Jam Nike Blazer 77 Vintage Mids
Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage Slam Jam
Nike Blazer Mid 77 Vintage Slam Jam

It would be an understatement to merely say these limited sneakers will do well in terms of resale. In fact, we can compare their post-retail performance to sneakers like the Off-White Nike or the Jordan Travis Scott collaboration.

In other words, there some serious money to make if you score on multiple pairs.

Extrapolating data from Stockx of the prior Slam Jam Blazer Mids that released earlier this year will be key to project the resale performance of these sneakers.


These retailed at a price of $100, and the last sale for a size 9 was $700. In addition, due to the nature of limited shoes, the price has increased at a steep incline due to how rare it’s become to obtain the shoes present day.

Sacai Blazers
Nike Sacai Blazer
Nike Sacai Blazer

Another Nike collaboration that propelled the Nike Blazers at the forefront of the hype sneaker community are the Sacai Blazers. Not once, but two times has Sacai and Nike teamed up to drop an extremely hyped shoe in the year 2019.

The sneaker, bearing double laces, double padded toungues, double swoosh logos, and even double midsole mudguards, attracted the sneaker community by its unique design.

As a result, the Sacai team’s sneaker saw their sneaker rise from an immature $250 resale value at the time of their release to almost $800 at select sizes.

pic8 1

The resale value of these blazers, however, dropped slightly after the second release of Nike and Sacai’s blazers.

The reason for this information is to bolster the claim that the Slam Jam 1977 Resale value will bode well as this will be the first model of the Blazer High.

This begs the question: if the Slam Jam 1977 Blazer Mids already released, wouldn’t it affect the Blazer Highs?

Albeit, the Slam Jam 1977 Blazer Mids did already release, their High-Top counterpart’s resale value should be mutually exclusive from the Mids.

With that being said, we can check online streetwear reselling platform Stockx to see what value the market deems the sneaker.

  • pic9 2

As of right now, Slam Jam’s blazer have an extremely high asking price in the two-thousands. These prices won’t sustain and will plateau between $700 to $900 given its low stock and the resurgence of the Nike Blazer’s popularity.

The remaining days of November and December are turning into weeks after weeks of profitable and hyped sneakers.

Kanye and Travis Scott, arguably on top of the streetwear food chain, dropped the Yeezy Alien 380 and the Travis Scott Air Force 1, and the hyped sneaker releases train isn’t slowing down any time soon–check out the highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook if you need the ultimate all in one guide on how to build a sneaker business.

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Until next time, take care.


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