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Skate culture and sneakers have always had a close relationship. Skating and it’s popularity has had it’s ebbs and flows throughout the years. Now in 2019, it seems like skateboarding has had a major revival in mainstream pop culture. 

With skate brands like Supreme and Palace as hot as ever along with hit movies like Jonah Hill’s Mid90‘s, I think it’s safe to say this is true. Not to mention we’re seeing a massive amount of chunky shoes, that were regularly reserved to old skate silhouettes from DC, Lakai, Etnies, or of course Nike SBs.

Soulland, the label founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, is now on round 3 of it’s run with Nike and it’s skateboarding models. Soulland is putting it’s twist on a classic, the Nike SB Blazer. Earlier this summer, the Scandinavian brand revealed the collaboration at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The sneaker is given a nickname 03. Soulland delivers it with this name to celebrate the revitalizing vibes that arrive on Friday.

The Story of Soulland

Image of store front via

To me, it’s always important to know who the other side of the collaboration is. Let’s talk about Soulland and provide some background. 

Soulland opened up its first flagship store in Copenhagen in August 2013, which in addition to showcasing latest collections also is home to pop-up concerts and social events.

Soulland was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. Through Soulland, Silas Adler, Creative Director and Jacob Kampp Berliner, CEO, present their take on the modern clothing brand.

With design principles and aestethics deeply rooted in artisanship, Soulland produces high quality menswear with a timeless twist. Soulland strives to support independent manufacturers and believes that sourcing as locally as possible will create healthier local relationships and environments. We love this mission and it’s something we all can agree on.

“Soulland notably sources materials from production facilities in Italy, France and Portugal, increasingly focusing on GOTS certified factories and the idea of Sustainability. Soulland’s philosophy serves the goal of creating garments with a contemporary and cutting edge feel whilst putting emphasis on subtle touches, both with regards to design and materials.” (

Image of Soulland shop in Denmark via Pinterest @Linh Le
Details on the SB Blazer
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There’s a lot to unpack on this shoe – this isn’t the standard issue Blazer. An all snakeskin upper with a jewel swoosh is on top of the classic, textured sail midsole.

Hockey style patterned laces are thrown over the tongue which features the exposed foam we all have grown to love. A dark red Nike SB emblem is notched into the tongue tab.

Soulland Nike SB Blazer Mid 02 release date 1
Image via Sneaker News
Next we go to the back of the shoe. Large chenille swooshes wrap around the heel of the shoe giving off a luxe touch.

Additionally, FRI and DAY are embossed on the heel tab in a plush tumbled leather, a lovely contrast to the snakeskin. To wrap up, we see the bold Soulland logo stamped on the outsole.
soulland nike sb blazer mid snakeskin 2
Image via Sneaker News

History with Nike

As previously mentioned, this is not Soulland’s first time working with the Swoosh. In 2017, the Danish menswear brand put out SB Dunk highs and lows.

soulland nike sb dunk high friday part 0 2 collection
Image of the Soulland Dunk High via Sneaker Bar Detroit
soulland nike sb 15 years of dunk 6
Image of the Soulland Dunk Low via Sneaker News

If we go back to 2016, the first installment of the Friday collection had begun. Staying true to their skate roots, they teamed up with legendary skater Eric Koston to work some of his signature shoes. Soulland made a Koston 1 as well as a Koston 3 Hyperfeel.

soulland nike sb eric koston friday night collection 03
Image of the Soulland Koston 1 via Sneaker News
soulland nike sb eric koston friday night collection 01
Image of Soulland Koston 3 Hyperfeel via Sneaker News

The goal with this campaign was to make Eric Koston’s most iconic model and his latest signature model to transform into lifestyle ready wears while retaining the performance qualities that make them such regular skate standouts.

Resale Predictions

Soulland Nike SB Blazer Mid 02 release date 2
Image via Sneaker News

When it comes to cashing in on the sneaker market, what can we expect from this Blazer?

It’s tough to tell at this point. However, at $150 retail, it would be hard to imagine you wouldn’t at least get your money back on the secondary market.

We have seen the Dunk highs preform extremely well over there 2 years of tenure. Their counterpart, the low, hasn’t done as well. This wouldn’t worry me as this upcoming Blazer will undoubtably be the best sneaker that Soulland has done. Similarly, I feel good about these based on the trends we see right now – Blazers, snakeskin, misplaced swooshes. Can’t go wrong.

Retail Price: $150
Resale Value: ~$200-$300
Potential Profit: $50-$150 per pair

Initial Thoughts

To summarize, this is *subjectively a great sneaker. All hype aside I believe a lot of folks would want to get their hands on these, myself included. In an atmosphere where we are so influenced by hype, we also are seeing more and more big heads like DJ Clark Kent, Mayor, Wale, and more tell us to cop what we like.

To me, this is a pair of shoes a lot of people will like and enjoy – and to add, will look good the more wear they get. In conclusion, skate them, go get a latte in them, go to the movies in them, spill some beer on them, whatever.

Release Info and Sitelist

Release Date: Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Price: $150

As of now launch events will happen at Soulland’s store in Copenhagen and the legendary Mortar skate shop in Tokyo. It’ll also be available on Nike SNKRS in Europe, and at select retailers. We are hoping to get a larger, US release soon.

As always, members of the SFSH Cook group and readers of our Hypemaster Playbook will have the tools and resources they need to succeed and profit.

Hope you all enjoyed hearing about these sneaker. Is skateboarding back? Let us know how you feel about this skate culture resurgence and as always, enjoy your sneakers.

– Erik


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