Nike space hippie 04 mystic navy/cactus flower release details, estimated resell, and official images.

The Space Hippie 04 lineup has really taken off ever since its debut in early 2020 and this December, Nike is set to release two more brand new colorways! The Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy/Cactus Flower Release Date is December 8th with a price tag of $130 each.

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Coming back to Nike’s latest space hippie lineup, although they sell out fast, resale isn’t always profitable. Before we go into more details, let me walk you through some background!

Nike Space Hippie 04| Literal Trash

Nike Space Hippie Lineup Collection Moss and Fog
Moss and Fog

Although Nike has been keeping environmental sustainability in focus. They’ve never done it so aggressively as they have with the Space Hippie collection. These sneakers are literally trash that’s recycled into finely made running and lifestyle shoes.

Even before this collection was a thing, Nike has been leading to charge towards environmental sustainability among sportswear companies. The Nike Air VaporMax, for example, uses few recycled polyesters and fewer materials.

Then came the Space Hippie collection that revolutionized how sneakers are and should be made. With as small of a carbon footprint on the planet as possible.

These sneakers are made of at least 50% recycled materials in weight. The recycled raw materials are extracted from T-Shirts, waste yarn, and plastic bottles that are washed ashore. Not only does this create new products, but it also cleans up litter along shores and beaches.

Space Hippe 04 is the most environmentally friendly out of this entire collection. Sporting the lightest silhouette and made up of up to 85% recycled materials.

To estimate resale for the latest Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy and Cactus Flower, let’s head over to StockX.

Nike Space Hippie 04 Iron Grey

Nike Space Hippie 04 Iron Grey

Retail Price: $130

Peak Resell: $220

Release Date: 11/14/2020


The Nike Space Hippie 04 Iron Grey sneakers feature similar grey color tones to their predecessors, however, the grey is much darker. The rest of the sneaker also features very muted color tones, including a subtle Swoosh on the later sides. A speckled crater foam midsole and grey multi-colored outsole complete the look.

On StockX, they’ve been selling for an average price of $140 which is a gross profit of just $10. Although resellers have earned $90 in gross profits, it’s mostly just minor lunch money. The Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy/Cactus Flower will likely have a similar resale value.

Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy/Cactus Flower|Closer Look

Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy 1

Retail Price: $130

Estimated Resell: $130-$140

Release Date: December/08/2020

Colorway: Mystic Navy & Cactus Flower

First up is the Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy that comes in men’s exclusive sizing. This particular sneaker distinguishes itself with a richer use of blue shades that include Coastal blue, Mystic Navy, and Chambray Blue.

A blue lacing system and heel pull blend in perfectly and add a subtle contrast. A white midsole and speckled grey outsole finish off the look.

Then comes the Nike Space Hippie 04 Cactus Flower which drops on the same date in women’s sizing. The sneaker’s upper is reminiscent of its predecessor, featuring a grey knit upper with slightly more pink/purple stitching.

A blazing pink is featured on the heel pull while a purple lacing system further embellishes the look. A white midsole and grey outsole with pink hues finish off the design.

Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy 1

Estimated Resale Value

I believe these sneakers will sell out, however, don’t expect resale prices to be much higher than resale. If you need help copping the best sneakers and more, join our Winner’s Circle. You’ll be given valuable insider knowledge to help you along your reselling journey.

Using my estimated resell value of $140, expect profits of around $10 for the Mystic Navy colorway. The Cactus Flower will likely sit around retail prices.

Where to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and on December 8th. The retail price for both is set at $130 a pair.

You can also buy them today at reseller websites such as StockX.


Nike Space Hippie 04 Mystic Navy/Cactus Flower

Retail Price: $130

Estimated Resell: $130-$140

Release Date: December/08/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike

                      (Resale) StockX 

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In other news, Nike has also recently released the Space Hippie 04 Lemon Venom and Space Hippie 01 Black Wheat.

Have a great week everyone!


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