After being announced what felt like years prior. Nike is all set to release the Nike Space Hippie Collection on the 3rd of July for $130, $150 and $180 respectively for 01, 02 and, 03. Keep reading for everything you need to know about it!

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The decade is off to a good start in terms of decreasing the negative impact of plastic. The Nike Space Hippie collection marks a milestone for Nike in terms of conservation efforts.

Various fashion companies are coming to the realization that they need to produce shoes that leave a smaller carbon foot print. Nike has been doing this for decades however, not at the level of the Nike Space Hippie Collection.

Sneakers/Why How They’re Made Needs to Change

Nike sneaker washed ashore

Nike sneakers polluting the oceans Via BBC

According to a report by BBC, sneakers washing ashore is a common sight. The plastics that they’re made of are actively polluting the oceans which is harmful to wildlife.

Why is plastic even used in sneakers you ask? Well it started with the race to produce the best sneakers ever. A sneaker that had to be as light as air. Ring a bell?

Tinker Hatfield came up with the idea of the Nike Air Max. Considered to be one of the most important sneakers in history, it revolutionized how sneakers were made. Only plastic was light and durable enough to be used most effectively in basketball sneakers.

In 2019 alone, over 20 billion shoes had been sold world-wide. Over 4 billion were sold in the US alone which is almost a closet full of shoes for each person.

Those shoes unfortunately, end up in the oceans and seas. The stitches and glue included in the production process is also a problem.

They’re extremely difficult to recycle and they are not biodegradable.  In other words, it’s like a zombie that just keeps coming back unless properly disposed of.

The Solution/Environmentally Friendly Sneakers

Nike FlyKit technology

Nike FlyKnit technology

Before the 1800s, non-synthetic rubber and natural products were used to make shoes. Such as leather, wood and many other biodegradable materials that didn’t choke the planet.

After a lot of efforts put in by various organizations, sneakers are beginning to use better materials. Better for the environment at least as current recyclable material still can’t emulate plastic. It is however, a very small price to pay for saving the planet.

Nike FlyKnit sneakers for example, uses much fewer materials per sneaker. Now this may be an economic decision but there is no doubt that these leave a smaller carbon foot print.

Other companies such as Parley take an even more effective approach. They collect plastics from tropical beaches and use them in production of their sneakers.

The Nike Space Hippie collection is perhaps the most progressive way of countering sneaker pollution. It is the first time Nike has attempted to make sneakers made almost entirely of recycled materials.

Today I’m going to estimate their resale value by assessing other similar sneakers. Since they’re basically the first of their kind, let’s check out some other environmentally friendly sneakers.

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Adidas Terrex Hiker Parley Grey

Adidas Terrex Free Hiker Parely Grey

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $149

Release date: 03/03/2020

Colorway: Dash Grey/Cloud White/True Orange

Parley and Adidas are leading the way when it comes to environmentally friendly sneakers. Parley has been striving since inception to combat ocean plastic waste through its production methods.

They collect plastic from the oceans such as Maldives and use it to make yarn. That is used in production instead of virgin plastic and this reduces the over-all negative environmental impact.

They aim to completely eliminate the use of plastic by 2025. See our article for release and resale details on their latest sneakers.

They don’t seem to resell well however. Most Parley x Adidas sneakers resale for under retail prices. The average selling price is $149 while current bids are even lower.

Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit 3 Dark Grey Total Orange

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3 Dark Grey Total Orange

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $245

Release Date: 01/01/2019

Colorway: Dark Grey/Metallic Silver/Total Orange

Nike has continued to push the boundaries of innovation with all their sneakers. Although performance is considered crucial at the Nike headquarters, sustainability also plays a role.

From 2010-2018, Nike eradicated 6.4 Billion plastic bottles by using them in their sneakers. These efforts were recognized by Textile Exchange after Nike used the most recycled materials in sneakers for 3 years in row.

Nike’s FlyKnit until now has been leading the charge of sustainable production. FlyKnit technology uses recyclable materials on the upper however,that’s not all. They’ve also begun using sustainable leather known as Flyleather.

Flyleather uses 50 % recyclable materials than normal leather which will be used in more Nike sneakers in the future.

The Nike Air VaporMax FlyKnit 3 Grey has somewhat similar color tones to the Nike Space Hippie Collection.

According to StockX, trade range is between $163-$207 with the average price being $177. On average they’re not profitable but they have been sold for as high as $245. Over all however, these kicks won’t make you much money.

Nike Air Vapor Max FlyKnit 3 Aviator Grey Metallic Pewter

Nike Air VaporMax Flyknit 3 Dark Aviator Grey Metallic Pewter

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $275

Release Date: 05/01/2019

Colorway: Aviator Grey/Vast Grey-Light Silver-Metallic Pewter

These also look very similar in terms of color tones to the Nike Space Hippie Collection. They rock a light grey upper with orange hits throughout the sneaker. A translucent sole with an orange heel finishes off the design.

According to StockX, these are pretty profitable. The trade range is between $221-$289 however, it’s only recently being sold for profits as before they bricked pretty hard.

Had you sold them at peak resale, profit would have been $85 before tax and service fees. Over-all, they’re currently profitable which is a good indication.

Nike Space Hippie Collection 01, 02 & 03

Nike all 4 of the space hippie collection

Retail Price: 01: $130, 02: $150, 03: $180

Estimated Resell: 01: $220+

                                 02: $200+

                                 03: $300

Release Date: 07/03/2020

Colorway: Vast Grey/Hyper Crimson-White-Ice Blue

These sneakers are trash. Literally! Nike has just revolutionized sneaker production by making them almost completely out of trash.

The Nike Space Hippie Collection comes in 4 models. 01, 02, 03 and 04 which we have already covered. You can check it out here.

Each shoe comes in unisex and extended sizes with a special box. The box is almost completely non descriptive with a “Trash is treasure” tag-line inside.

The 01 is the most average looking running shoe with a low cut design. The ins-ole is a full length ZoomX for extra comfort while the out-sole is made of crater foam.

The 02 replaces the lacing design and has a more elevated structure. This models sports the Nike “Swoosh” on the forefoot unlike on the 01. It also features a snugger fit while the ankle includes thicker padding.

The 03 is said to be the most limited due to the “Flyease” system involved in production. It also features a pull tab and heel release for a tighter and adjustable fit.

They too, are made up of recycled materials. This sneaker is basically a high-top version of the 01 in some aspects. Take a closer look with these detailed shots.

Nike Space Hippie 01

Nike Space Hippie Collection 01 side view

Nike space hippie collection 01 hover view

Nike Space Hippie Collection 01 rear view

Nike Space Hippie 02

Nike space hippie 02 side view

Nike space hippie 02 hover view

Nike space hippie 02 rear view

Nike Space Hippie 03

Nike space hippie collection 03

Nike Space Hippie 03 2

Nike Space Hippie Collection 03 Rear View

Resale Estimate

These kicks are straight up freaky looking. However, a lot of you seem to dig that and I suspect all 3 pairs will be profitable.

Lowest ask for the Nike Space Hippie Collection on StockX

Via Stockx

The 01 seems to have the lowest retail price meaning the highest profit margins. To get your money back you will need to sell the Nike space Hippie 01 for at least $155. You’re looking at around $65 in pure profits.

The 02 seems to be the runt of the litter. The lowest ask on StockX is also worse than the 01 and 03. To break even, you will need to sell these for at least $178. That would earn you an estimated profit of around $22.

The 03 is said to be the most limited and that just means better resale. You will need to sell the 03 for around $215 to get your money back. Thus you’re looking at an estimated profit of around $85.

How to Cop

The Nike Space Hippie Collection will be pretty hyped so you have to be fast to snatch one. The Nike Space Hippie 03 seems to be the hardest cop so I suggest using a bot. Using multiple accounts is also ideal.

The Space Hippie 01 will also be difficult so I recommend doing the same if you want to cop at retail. Furthermore, the 02 seems to be the easiest to cop however I still suggest using a bot or multiple accounts.

You can get these from select retailers the Nike SNKRS app. You can also find them at re-seller websites such as StockX however, they are going for much higher prices.


Nike Space Hippie Collection 01, 02 & 03

Retail Price: 01: $130, 02: $150, 03: $180

Estimated Resell 01: $220+

                                02: $200+

                                03: $300

Release Date: 07/03/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) SNKRS app, Select Retailers

                           (Resale) StockX, GOAT

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