Thursday, August 30,  is the release date of the Supreme Nike SB Gato.

This is yet another example of how profit is nearly always made by both Supreme and its resellers who take advantage of the margin between the retail and resale price of items that sell out quickly.

It̵7;s no wonder then that sneaker and streetwear fans as well as resellers are going after this hyped release, which is an indoor soccer shoe, and are wondering how to buy the Supreme Nike SB Gato, as well as the many others that have released in the past, like the many Supreme New York clothing items that made up this $10,000+ profit streetwear month.

If you’re new to Supreme, you might be wondering…


Why is Supreme New York releasing an Indoor Soccer Shoe, and how is it so successful at doing crazy stuff like this?

Although Supreme is a skateboard brand, it has branched out everywhere, from suitcases with Rimowa (which have had resale value that meant thousands of dollars in profit) and an extravagant partnership with Louis Vuitton with $8,000 resale pricetags (double its $3500 retail price).

If you want to learn how to flip Supreme for cash, check out our Supreme Resale Bible which has actionable steps for highly increased success rate at copping rare items this season.

Supreme Rimowa Profit margins 2018 stockx
Supreme Rimowa Profit margins 2018 from

Branching off to other items seems to have been profitable in the past for Supreme, and this time they are leaking into the world of indoor soccer and still creating hype.

What to expect with the release of the Supreme x Nike SB Gato

With a retail price of $110, the Supreme x Nike SB Gato is on the cheaper end compared to Nike Air Jordans, and for resellers, this means a smaller investment with easier margins to be made.

This shoe is coming out in 4 colors: white, red, blue and black, so you have up to 4 chances to get at least one pair of each of this envied shoe release, one of the first in Supreme New York’s Fall/Winter 2018 collection.

Not only is the Nike SB Gato created for comfort, it’s well crafted for performance on both the soccer field and even for skateboarding with its flat and wide gum sole that gives it grip and stability.

A leather constructions with a splash of colors and subtle Supreme branding are all part of what makes this shoe a winner.

At the time of this writing before the Gato release date, these Supreme Nikes are reselling at above a $100 profit at up to $250 per pair paid as preorders before the seller even has the shoes:

Supreme SB Gato 2018 Nike
The Supreme Nike SB Gato 2018 release is currently selling for double its retail price on eBay. These are recently paid for listings.

Supreme x Nike SB Gato 2018 

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resale Value: $250

Potential Profit: $140 per pair.

With numbers like this, many sneakerheads and hypebeasts are wondering how to get their hands on this Supreme shoe, as well as the many Supreme New York items that come out almost every week.

Our Supreme Resale Bible goes into this topic in depth, but as a starter for those who are new to this game, here are a few easy to remember tips:

Mark your calendars for Thursday at 11:00AM EST

Most weeks out of the year, during 2 seasons (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer), Supreme releases a small batch of items that often have high aftermarket value.

Each item, including this Supreme x Nike SB Gato (which is releasing on Thursday, August 30 2018), is available on at 11:00AM in its New York local time, which is the Easter Standard Time (EST) Zone, or GMT -4.

So be sure to set a reminder for yourself, whether it’s an alarm on your iPhone, something in your Google Calendar or your actual physical calendar, that a Supreme release happens every Thursday and that money can be made from it every week.

Be Speedy 

You have to be quick to grab a Supreme item, which often sell out in seconds.

If you’re a fast typer, and you combine this with knowing the release date and time beforehand, you now have a high chance of securing a pair of shoes like these SB Gato’s.

The Supreme Resale Bible goes through more clever tips that have proven profitable for many of its readers.

Have an eBay and PayPal Account made in advance 

For those who want to keep the shoes to own without paying resale, that’s totally cool, but If it’s your intention to sell and profit off of these Supreme Nike Gatos, you’ll need the actual tools to do so.

Be sure to create your seller account on eBay beforehand in advance so you can sell the shoes straight away and compete with other sellers out there.


With all of these tips in place, you should now be geared up to act on one of the hottest soccer shoes of the season, the Supreme x Nike SB Gato.


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