Travis Scott is back at it again, and this time on the trendy Nike SB Dunks that have become rising stars since late last year.

Without a doubt, there will be immense hype surrounding this SB Dunk Low rendition by the rapper Travis Scott, as there has been on his previous collaboration with Nike and Jordan.

Travis Scott Rocking Jordan 1s via Nice Kicks

You’ve been clearly living under a rock if this is new information, and if you’re reading this article right now, there’s a high probability you already knew this.

Travis and Nike are well aware of the SB Dunk Low’s comeback to becoming one of the more popular models, naturally, they’ll going to be opportunistic.

Although it seems Travis Scott will never be able to partner with a shoe that will top his classic and heavily sought-after Jordan 1 collaboration, each shoe he collaborates with instills superior hype.


The Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk collaboration is set to release on Saturday, February 29th for a retail price of $150.


Travis Scott’s new sneaker will most likely release on its usual sites.

Travis Scott’s Site: Random Release


Remember, release times are due to change so check back for any updates.


Travis’s take on the Nike SB Dunk is nothing short of abstract and intricate, as every part and panel of the shoe consists of a pattern or design.

Travis Scott SB Dunk Low via Sneaker Bar Detroit

The toe consists of a creamy hue on the mudguard pattern. In addition, the rear panel includes a corduroy plaid underneath a dark navy colored Nike swoosh.

Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low via Kicks on Fire

Furthermore, shoe-laces appear in a rope-like texture that meets the Travis Scott Cactus Jack branding on the creamy brown colored tongue.

Just behind the quarter panel is the design you’d find on many bandanas that infuses this shoe with culture and life. It sits just below the collar lining in a khaki brown colorway.

Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low via Sneaker Freaker

Rounding out the shoe is the heel collar that finds the Nike imprint. The upper construction in totality sits on a light brown midsole, then on a similar creamy brown hue.

Overall, the shoe does not find any shortcomings on its construction’s expression and Travis Scott’s usual grimy colorway.


Gone are the days where Travis Scott would apply the first-come-first-serve tactic that many Shopify sites still do.

However, that method of selling was dominated by the botting sneaker community as bots with multiple tasks running simultaneously would almost always triumph over human users.

As a result, Travis and his online store have assessed a raffle system as a way to address the botting issue.

Travis Scott Password Page via SNKR_TWTR

This was in large part due to a fan who expressed his frustration via twitter about his inability to purchase any of his idol’s merchandise.

Although, this raffle system may have been something that was coming sooner than later regardless of the fan’s comment.

The raffle system isn’t anything new, Yeezy Supply and Adidas use the same splash raffle system as well. Thus, making it much more difficult for bots to overpower manual users.

Nonetheless, Travis Scott’s new way of selling online demands a buyer to sit on the computer for an hour hoping the computer selects them for a buying opportunity, however, it’s been on record people saying that they prefer this than the old method.

The splash release of sneakers are trending towards becoming the way many online retailers are opting to do their releases, we will see how many retailers turn towards this in the future years.

TRAVIS SCOTT x nike sb dunk resale projection

The sneakerhead community knows when the Cactus Jack brand and Nike partner together, special and creative things come to fruition.

The Highest in the Room rapper has continuously proven that his take and makeover on classic sneakers has successfully aroused the sneaker community with high anticipation and hype.

Travis Scott Cactus Jack via Complex

The collaboration on the Nike SB Dunk is no different as it has been anticipated since the new year came about. However, the aforementioned shoe may not do as well as its predecessors and especially not his Jordan 1.

Let’s take a dive into the Cactus Jack memory lane to discuss and project the resale value of the new Travis Scott makeover.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

This sneaker will live on throughout sneaker history due to the extreme popularity of the classic Jordan 1 model with the grungy alteration from Travis Scott brand.

In addition, the brown upper construction contrasts aesthetically with the pink laces that radiate creativity and a much-desired streetwear look.

Travis Scott Jordan 1 via Stockx

The sneaker released earlier in the year of 2019 and set a standard irrationally high for the following Travis Scott iterations, as we have not seen another Travis Scott collaboration resale value any higher than these.

Not only did the backward swoosh steal the show, but a creative location on the shoe to serve as a pocket, and a mocha-white colorway has also immortalized the legendary sneaker.

It’s evident to see how well the Jordan 1’s resale value has done, reselling for a whopping $2,000–it’s shoes like this that are contributing to the growing billion dollar self made sneaker reseller aftermarket.

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low via Stockx

The Jordan 1 Low arrived after the Jordan 1 High, although it did not come close to the Jordan 1 High’s value, however, it’s unfair to compare most sneakers to the Jordan 1 Highs.

Reselling for almost $1,000 was anticipated, as it resembles everything about the Jordan 1 High colorway and most of its structure, with an absent heel collar.

Travis Scott Jordan 6 via Stockx

The Travis Scott Jordan 6, a disappointment in most people’s eyes on how it performed after release. In fact, it seemed they would do as well as the Jordan 1 Low, however, the price plummetted soon after the release.

Nonetheless, the value is still over $500 which sets it apart from most hype shoes.

Travis Scott SB Dunk via Stockx

The Travis Scott SB Dunk Low is showing resale of over $1,000 but it’s too early to crystallize that value. Based on past performance and popularity of the SB Dunks, we should see a resale projection range between $600 to $800.

The Cactus Jack Brand is here to stay and were fortunate that the brand does not stop producing quality streetwear.

If you’re new to reselling, this blog has everything you need and more, including the Hypemaster Playbook that is an all-in-one package to begin sneaker reselling.

Finally, remember to check out our February list of most profitable sneakers as two big weekends still remain.

Good luck to everyone this weekend.


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