Undefeated (UNDFTD) a store based out of LA just shy of 20 years old, has already cemented themselves as a streetwear staple.

Their past collabs like the UNDFTD x Kobe 1 Protro command resale prices of thousands of dollars, so almost anything with their name on it is worth keeping your eye on, including this month’s Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1.

Let’s get into their latest collab, a unique mashup pack including Nike’s  AF1 and Dunk silhouettes, from which each shoe model takes on the other’s past classic colorway.(Shoe images used are official from UNDFTD)

Nike Dunk Low Canteen / On Your Feet Kid

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Expected Resale: $220+
  • Release Date: Friday, June 18th, 2021
dunk af1 canteen undftd Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1
This Canteen colorway of the UNDFTD Nike Dunk Low will have around an 80% expected premium on retail price on the resale aftermarket


In recent years, Nike Dunks have been red hot on the aftermarket, going for as high as $500+ per pair consistently with models like the 2020 University Red.

It’s not super often that we see a streetwear collab with a Dunk low, so this UNDFTD collab is on the radar for many sneakerheads and resellers alike.

Originally rumored to have “On Your Feet Kid” scribbled in the middle of the sole, it seems the production model will just have Undefeated brand stitching on the heel and tongue on a textured earthy colorway that was previously seen on the Air Force 1 in 2006.

Nike Air Force 1 Ballistic

  • Retail Price: $160
  • Expected Resale: $200
  • Release Date: Friday, June 18th, 2021
ballistic nike af1 Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1
This Nike Air Force 1 UNDFTD is expected to resell at around a 30% premium on the aftermarket

Completing the pack is the Nike Air Force 1 in a classic Ballistic colorway, which we first saw on a 2003 Nike Dunk High.

The black swoosh on army green and utility brown are a welcome look on the AF1.

Just like the Dunk of this pack, this shoe will feature UNDFTD stitching on both the heel and tongue.

Where to Buy

nike af1 vs dunk undftd pack Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1
Both shoes release Friday June 18th and should hold some moderate resale value

To buy both shoes on this pack, check out Undefeated’s webstore here on Friday, June 18th.

If you happen to live in Los Angeles, you can visit one of the UNFTD store’s physical locations to try your luck there, which will likely be a raffle.

How to Resell

stockx price dunk undftd af1 Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1
The UNDFTD Dunk Low Canteen currently holds a $100+ premium on StockX
af 1 ballistic undftd resale Undefeated Nike Dunk vs AF1
The AF1 Ballistic UNDFTD currently has around a $40 premium on StockX

Although both of these shoes didn’t make our cut to be one of the hottest shoes of June, they shouldn’t be passed up on for resale if you know how to sell quickly and for the right price.

We offer the best tools and tips within our exclusive Winner’s Circle, where we offer site links with our high end monitors that track shoes like this UNDFTD pack, as well as assistance on sneaker botting and more–you can check if it’s in stock here.

Having a good knowledge base with the Hypemaster Playbook is one way to identify opportunities like these in the future and to learn how to level up and become a sneaker plug.

Knowledge is power, so keep browsing our blog to see the best past and upcoming shoes on our radar, and follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already.


That’s it for this one

Best of luck copping these and any other of the many limited sneakers coming out in 2021, including a bunch of Yeezys this month.


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