With hot brands like Sacai putting their mark on its silhouette, the Nike Daybreak shoe model is in the spotlight in 2019 .

One of the hottest drops of the summer is the Undercover Nike Daybreak, which is coming out in three colors for men, and four for women.

The Daybreak is one of the earlier among the hype shoes of June 2019, but certainly one not to miss.

nike daybreak black nike official image
An official image from Nike’s press release which looks a little bit like the frenzy that resellers are gonna make when this drop happens.

To better understand the hype behind this drop, which is slated for a Friday, June 7th release date, let’s check out the history behind these two brands.

We’ll wrap up with some on foot looks, as well as tips for how to buy a pair from this collection for those who want to participate in the huge resale aftermarket (each of these shoes are projected to post a $100 profit per pair).

Undercover by Jun Takahashi

undercover takahashi flicker
We make noise, not clothes. An apt way to describe the rebel spirit of Undercover. Image from Flickr

Born in the now trending early 90’s, just 1 year earlier than Supreme New York, Japanese label Undercover came to the world in 1993.

Designer Jun Takahashi brought the brand to life as a high end streetwear label–a tough feat to pull off, but one that Takahashi certainly did.

Now equally at home on both high end Paris Fashion Week runways and on the backs of Brooklyn millenials, Undercover is a brand that strikes a chord in culture and fashion in the subtle hype realm.

This sort of rare success was one to attract Nike, whose most hyped and expensive collaborations to date are with similar unicorns like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and Cynthia Lu’s Cactus Plant Flea Market.

A recent win that emerged from the marriage between the two brands was the Nike React 87 Element “Undercover”, which came out in September 2018 in 4 different colorways, all of which had resale value up to $500 over its retail of $180 on Flight Club. Today the “Green Mist” colorway is most valuable, with current aftermarkets on StockX still over $300.

nike react element 87 undercover mist stockx price
A current price of $338-$450 with many recent sales in the $400 makes this version of the Undercover x React Element 87 the most valuable.

Nike Daybreak

1984 original nike daybreak design
A picture of the original Nike Daybreak as worn by Benoit. Source: Nike

The 80’s was a time of huge growth and innovation for Nike. In this decade came the Air Max and Air Jordans. The lesser known Daybreak was born in 1984, and is making a comeback in 2019 as somewhat of a 35th anniversary, intentional or not.

The Daybreak was made for a female marathon runner Joan Benoit Samuelson, whose time posted in these shoes beat more than half of the mens’ winners and put her solidly at number 1 by 400 meters in the women’s.

Not unlike the classic and fan favorite Cortez, the Daybreak is a fashion staple that is wearable in almost any situation.

Unveiling of the Undercover x Nike Daybreak

Since the shoe has a historic debut with a female athlete, four of the colorways are coming out in women’s sizes: Black/Sail, Lucky Green/University Red-Sail, Obsidian/Gold Dart-Sail, and University Red/Black-Spruce Aura.

The men will see: Blue Jay/Summit White-Black, Black/White, and Bright Citron/Black-Summit White.

An eye catching, Undercover exclusive accented flare, similar to a spoiler on a sports car, gives this version of the Nike Daybreak a progressive look but still respects the history of the 1984 model.

Speckles throughout each colorway give these kicks a nicely worn look even when brand new.

Touches like this are what make Takahashi a genius, and Nike is lucky to have such a synergy of brilliant minds to outfit the feet of fashion lovers worldwide.

Resale value of the Undercover x Nike Daybreak

stadium stockx goat resale price daybreak
A variety of prices between platforms Stadium Goods, StockX and GOAT. The bright citron is showing the highest resale value with an over $300 profit per pair.

As many of the limited past Nike works of art, these Undercover Daybreaks are expected to have resale value.

The retail price for all colorways is set at $160. 

Current prices on StockX, Stadium Goods, Flight Club and GOAT reflect a resale value of $250 up to $500, but only for the three mens’ colorways for now.

blue black daybreak nike undercover price stockx
Current prices of the Blue and Black variations on StockX as of June 4 2019.

The black will likely have the lowest resale value, followed by the Blue, and the highest but hardest to get will be the Bright citron.

We expect the women’s colorways to command similar resale value, but more likely in the bigger sizes for men who want to wear these brighter colors.

The “Black” and “Blue Jay” men’s colors are the most popular, but have the highest availability and stock numbers but should still hold a profit of about $50-$100 with an average resale price of around $250.

Undercover x Nike Daybreak : Where and When to Buy

nike launch undercover daybreak june 2019
From Nike’s Launch portion of their website, an official announcement of the release date and time of the Black Daybreak.

The official release date of the seven Undercover x Nike Daybreak is on Friday, June 7th 2019.

More information is available regarding the three mens models than the four womens, which don’t officially have a confirmed release date and might come out some time later in summer 2019.

Two of the mens colorways, the Black and Blue Jay, are confirmed to release on the Nike SNKRS app at 10:00AM EST/ NYC time.

Sites like Sneakersnstuff and BSTN are holding raffles (we linked straight to the sites right there in their names) for these colorways as well.

All colorways will be available on Undercover’s website. 

On foot and exclusive pictures 

citron yellow color daybreak nike undercover on foot
An exclusive on foot picture form Hypebeast of the Nike Daybreak x Undercover in Bright Citron / Yellow
Screen Shot 2019 06 04 at 4.57.01 PM
Official image of the Blue Undercover colorway from Nike.com
 "Lucky Green/University Red/Sail," "Obsidian/Gold Dart/Sail," and "University Red/Black/Spruce Aura" daybreak womens colorways nike
A closer look at three of the women’s colorways, “Lucky Green/University Red/Sail,” “Obsidian/Gold Dart/Sail,” and “University Red/Black/Spruce Aura”
exclusive nike official image daybreak undercover black
A nice on foot look from Nike of the black undercover daybreak

Keep your eyes peeled for any updates, and be sure to follow all sneaker news resources out there for your best chance at getting these insanely desirable shoes.

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Thank you all, and take care!


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