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Cactus Plant Flea Market took the 2019 market by storm in May by dropping one of the hottest releases of the year, the CPFM x Air Vapormax, which we have a guide here that also gives you a bit of history about the otherwise elusive brand.

We’re happy to see that in August 2019, there is a return of the brand with another standout silhouette entitled the “Sponge By You” x Nike CPFM.

Although this is a big name drop, the resale market on this exact pair is a bit tricky and won’t hit in the same way that previous models by Cactus Plant Flea Market did.

Above all, if you do manage to get your hands on these, you’ll be proud to know you likely have a one-off, highly collectible work of Nike art.

One of a Kind

sponge cactus plant flea market on foot nike picture

While browsing release details, (official Nike news page here) you will find it hard to come across many pictures other than those provided by Nike which we used here, and for good reason: the consumer is in charge of the design process and what the final shoe will turn out like.

These official Nike images simply show the basic canvas.

rear view nike official sponge cpfm image
An official rear shot of the blank canvas for the Sponge CPFMs.

In these on feet pictures, you can see different hues of pink on each pair around the lace holes, yellow checks on one pair and green on the other, and different laces.

It appears that the beige corduroy shade is standard for the body of the shoe, and we’re won’t know if you can customize these colors as well until these shoes are stocked on the Nike By You builder.

nike cactus plant flea market sponge custom by you color picture
Light and fun hues.

Pastel tones seem to be the options you’ll be able to trick out these kicks with, so this will definitely make for a colorful army of sneakerheads rocking these custom built kicks.

Nike ID / By You Custom Shoes Builder

nike by you designer builder tool
A look at some options the By You builder offers.

Around a decade ago, Nike put design in the power of the people with the NikeID customizer, starting with customizable classics like the Air Force 1 and the Hyperdunk, and expanding out into various models of Kobes, KDs, Lebron’s and more.

These are a hit among the people, with fan tributes including videos like this one from Solecollector how the NikeID was being embraced by sneaker and hip hop culture.

Over the past few years, Nike has rebranded the ID to be called “By You” , further reflecting the pride in the individual design and unique ownership of these kicks.

nike by you color choices builder
A look at different areas you can customize for the Zoom Force 1 Basketball shoe.

The shoe builder allows for a preset range of colors to be used, albeit one that is somewhat limited, so as much as one would like, Nike of course is not allowing you to make a color copy of a limited colorway of the same model.

These limitations don’t stop creative people from pumping out insane creation like these seen below that are truly unique and desirable.

Nike x CPFM “Sponge” Release Date

The Nike CPFM “Sponge” will debut on Tuesday, August 27th, wrapping up a month of massive restocks and a solid lineup of resellable kicks.

Unlike most other Nike “By You” releases, the CPFM model is set to have an army of people going after them where the demand will almost definitely outweigh the supply.

Where to Buy

nike by you customizer tools
Nike By You

If it’s not apparent already, the only place you can buy these right now is on Nike’s By You Builder official page.

Here is the link for their newest releases where you will find the Sponge Cactus Plant Flea Market on the drop date.

One tip: Be fast!

When you get to the page, ideally you should have a design already in mind, or at least whip something up super fast because there’s a chance that their stock will sell out if you get too tied up and delayed by your creative flow, which would absolutely suck.

If you do miss out, your best bet would be to head over to the sneaker aftermarket, but you’re likely to pay a premium.

Resale Value?

Although the supply is lower than the massive demand, and the shoes will sell out super quickly, which traditionally makes up the basic recipe for understanding whether or not a sneaker will resell, the nature of these shoes means that many people who buy these only want the shoes as they would design them.

cactus plant flea market jordan stockx nike vapormax price resale
Prices for the CPFM  Vapormax on StockX in May 2019

Unlike the previous CPFM Vapormax, which went for over $1000 consistently at one point on the resale market, the Sponge CPFM is in a different league.

These shoes are nowhere to be found on any of the big name traditional platforms like StockX, GOAT and FlightClub because each of the final products will be too unique to categorize and sell.

You’ll have to go to eBay if you want to sell or buy these.

Historically, Nike IDs have been listed and successfully sold on eBay, sometimes at prices that make for hefty profits.

nike id price ebay
Some past made NikeID shoes fetching big numbers on eBay.

The most recent comparison was a recent drop of the Levi’s x Air Force 1 Denim “By You”, which had similarly hyped collaborations with Nike and the Jordan brand in the past, particularly with the Air Jordan 4’s that still scrape $1000 in resale in some cases even several months after its release date.

The Levi’s “By You” Air Force sold out insanely quickly, and although there are very few pairs floating around for resale on eBay, if you search hard in local buy/sell groups you’ll probably come across a pair that’s going for at least $100 above retail.

nike air force 1 levis low hi by you
Pic from of the low and high Air Force 1 x Levi’s “By You”

We expect the resale value of the Cactus Plant Flea Market x Nike “Sponge” to hold a the least a value of $100 over retail, but if your intention is to buy these just to flip them, either stick to the basic colors like the pictures in Nike’s press release, or just don’t worry about flipping these and just buy them to keep.

You might get lucky and find that you share the same taste with a buyer over a weird combo that you like, but odds are, the more you play with the customizing, the more likely you should just wear them yourself.

Either way, good luck copping these and any other sneaker out there.


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