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Jerry Lorenzo and the Fear of God team have been wildly successful this past year. Nike and FoG launched their partnership early in 2019 and haven’t looked back.

Now in 2020, they’re looking to build on their achievements and add to their strong catalog.

The two powerhouse streetwear and sportswear brands are coming back to bring us their most powerful shoe by far, the Air Fear of God 1. Everyone should get a chance to hold one of these.

My personal opinion says it’s one of the best original sneakers to be made in a while. I’m excited to talk to you more about them.

If you just want to know where to buy these and how much they’ll sell for, you can skip to the end.

What has FoG Been up to?

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A Detailed Look

Jerry Lorenzo reveals that the toe box color blocking of the “String” Nike Fear of God 1 is inspired by Allen Iverson’s Reebok Question sneaker, giving them the secondary nickname of “The Question”.

J82534 QuestionMid BlueOG 2 2080x1000 1
Image via Nice Kicks

Lorenzo himself has mentioned ANOTHER moniker as the “Cream Toes.” As its latter nickname suggests, soft tones cover up the forefoot in two shades of “Oatmeal” with the lighter of the duo taking care of the luxe tumbled leather toe box; a darker beige differentiates the reinforced toe tip.

Nike Air Fear Of God 1 String AR4237 902 1
Image via Sneaker News

Down below, midsoles follow suit as they sport the tan scheme proudly, save for at the double-stacked Zoom Air units near the heel, which opt in for an icy-blue, translucent finish.

Side cages doubling-up as eye-stays round out the off-white palette, enclosing the most abrupt change of material to a ballistic, military like mesh.

Nike Air Fear Of God 1 String AR4237 902 3
Image via Sneaker News
Nike Air Fear Of God 1 String AR4237 902 4
Image via Sneaker News
nike air fear of god 1 question 1
Image via Sneaker News

The Fear of God Success

As I alluded to earlier, I don’t think it’s any secret that Nike and Fear of God have received a tremendous welcoming in a hyper critical sneaker world. Athletes, musicians, and other pop culture influencers have been quick to put the newest sneakers on feet.

Who knows what that seeding list looks like – Jerry might have put out some favors just so the cameras could see his sneakers on the some of the most popular names. You can use your imagination.

One thing that can’t be understated is the incredible line FoG and Nike shoes can tiptoe of being so sought after, but still somewhat accessible. I believe the team executed a perfect plan to offer something for everyone in the signature lineup.

If you didn’t get lucky or couldn’t justify spending $350+ for the FoG 1s, you could easily get the Skylon or Moc models for a fraction of the cost and still get a piece of the name.

awol raffle fearofgodshoes large
Image of Raid and Moc silhouettes via AWOL

Will it Resell?

Simply put, YES it will resell. Everyone should be trying to get their hands on a pair of these. Don’t let the high retail scare you away. Big up front cost usually comes with a decent payout and these should not disappoint, it’s shoes like these that create the growing self made billion dollar aftermarket.

As mentioned before, the Fear of God and Nike line has seen some interesting resale volatility and trends.

The good news for potential buyers of the String is that the Air Fear of God 1s have been the best performer in the line, in terms of resell profitability. 

The secondary market has had extremely high and sustainable growth when it comes to this particular sneaker.

While we’re seeing the early pairs circulate in the $600-$800 range, you can expect a sharp decline once the larger release happens and people get their pairs in hand a few days later. Based on previous Air Fear of God 1s, here is what we’re projecting for the String:

Retail Price: $350
Resale Value: ~$450-$600+
Potential Profit: $100-$250 per pair

The last FoG 1 to come out was the “Oatmeal”. I was actually lucky enough to get these on SNKRS so I’ve been sitting on them and checking the market pretty frequently.

Believe it or not there was a time where after fees, I wouldn’t have made any money if I had sold my pair. They’re on the rise now.

Screen Shot 2020 02 25 at 12.04.03 AM
FoG 1 Oatmeal Resale Performance via StockX

Release Info

While this new pair of Fear of God 1s had a super limited release during All-Star weekend in Chicago last week, we’re lucky enough to see a wider release. Word on the street is these will be featured on SNKRS, so mark your calendar. Look out as time gets closer for more retailers to unveil that they’ll be carrying the shoes. This is usually the case.

The “String” Fear of God 1s will be releasing this Friday, February 28th. The retail price tag is $350.

Nike Coming Soon
BSTN 9am CET/3am ET

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Will you rock these? Stock? Or flip immediately? Let us know.

Thank you for reading, hope everyone has a successful release day!

– Erik


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