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It’s February in 2020 already. The Sneaker of the Year conversations have come and gone and we’re on to the building blocks for the next. What’s coming up will be the 6th and 7th iteration of the LD Waffle by Nike with Sacai.

Nike and Sacai have been on a hot streak, securing a place in the hearts of many for one of the best shoes to come out last year. The whacky, eccentric, brilliant LD Waffle hit shelves (not for long) and created an uproar in the sneaker community. Despite hype potentially exaggerating the popularity, it’s an objectively beautiful shoe. Recently I got to examine a pair in hand for the first time and I’ll say it’s one I hope to add to my collection some day.

I wrote about Sacai what seems like so long ago. Before anyone knew the hype that would surround the name. Since then there’s been a tremendous welcome and a large number of sales on the secondary market. We’ll talk about the upcoming release as well as what we’ve seen historically.

Further Sacai Background

To share some background on the Japanese high fashion label, Sacai: The founder/creator Chitose Abe found her calling from maternity leave matter of factly. The designer conceptualized something that had shockingly never been done before – or done well, rather.

This concept could be coined as hybridization—clothes that have unique look coming and going, and combining, for example, a shirt with a jacket. This became her trademark style. All of this occurred whilst home tending to her baby daughter at the time, Tohko.

Fast forward to 1999 and she started her own label and called it Sacai. This was inspiration from her maiden name, Sakai. Her collection was a small group of knits from her home. Abe began marketing her line in Europe and the U.S. in the early stages. By 2009, she was presenting Sacai in Paris. The brand launched its first menswear collection to the public also in ’09. Since then the label has skyrocketed and well its way to being a household name.

What’s up Next

Now we’ll discuss what you’re all here for, the Nylon LD Waffles. As the name suggests, we’re seeing a spin on what materials are used. No vibrant colors, no mesh bases, not even any discernible contrast. But rather, the Sacai designer is offering up the silhouette as itself with nylon unders outfitting with her now signature doubled, hybridized motifs.

This white colorway, a likely favorite next to the all black, is of a minimal palette composed solely of its most definitive shade of white as well as one just barely grey-tinged. The latter acts as more of an accent note as it backs the most outward elements, creating dimension by way of tonal difference and long hair suede texture. Elsewhere, the tongue branding is given neutral lettering in compliment, leading to the laces whose once standard flat form is swapped out for elegant ribboning. Very cool and avant-garde.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the details.

sacai Nike LDWaffle White Nylon BV0073 101 7
Image via Sneaker News
sacai Nike LDWaffle Black Nylon BV0073 002 Release Date 2
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
sacai Nike LDWaffle White Nylon BV0073 101 6
Image via Sneaker News
sacai Nike LDWaffle Black Nylon BV0073 002 Release Date 3
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
sacai Nike LDWaffle White Nylon BV0073 101 4
Image via Sneaker News
sacai Nike LDWaffle Black Nylon BV0073 002 Release Date 5
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
sacai Nike LDWaffle White Nylon BV0073 101 2
Image via Sneaker News
sacai Nike LDWaffle Black Nylon BV0073 002 Release Date 7
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Resale History

The LD Waffle from Nike and Sacai undeniably shook up the recent sneaker release calendar. Every release has been bookmarked and sought after by enthusiasts and resellers alike. So far the partnership is considered far from being watered down after a handful of shoes to be released, which is not always the case. We’ve seen recent Off White sneakers resell for around retail. There will always be an echo chamber and rumbles of certain shoes becoming stale but we have not seen that yet from Sacai.

With all that being said it’s unquestionable that these Nylon LD Waffles will be a slam on the reselling market. Even the most recent releases have shown strong resale abilities and have survived an initial wave of hype that some sneakers fall victim too.

sacai nike ldwaffle black white multi release info 1
Image via Sneaker News – Black, Summit White and Pine Green

As we’ll mention, we don’t have the most granular info about this release. Word on the web is slated for end of February. Before now, there’s been a list of 5 heavy hitter LD Waffles. In chronological order of release – The blue multicolor, green multicolor, black, summit white, and pine green. All successful.

Image via Complex Sneakers – Green and Blue Multi

We’ve seen prices in recent bottom out in the $500 range. That’s pretty good for a sneaker that only costs $160 at a retailer.

Release Info

So far there is no official release date, time, or site list/distribution. Keep it locked here for up to date information. Check out the SNKRS release calendar whenever you get the chance and see if they’re added.

These LD Waffles will be considered a tier 0 shoe. This means higher end retailers like END, Kith, Concepts, SSENSE, and SNS will have them in stock.

We’re fairly confident that the release will take place sometime at the end of February.

Look out on Twitter and set reminders to check back in with SFS so you don’t miss out. Hope on the hype train now because there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Retail should most likely be $160, following the trend from previous models.

Check out a full list of the drops to pay attention for in February – we make lists like these every month.

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Thanks y’all.

– Erik


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