Ladies and Gentlemen, today we are bringing you a rather unorthodox sneaker release. Believe me, no one was expecting this – least of all, us. I mean who could’ve thought that these two brands would come together. I mean, to me, it just didn’t make sense. But now that the release date is getting closer, we have to cover it for you lot! 341983":0,"335551550":1,"335551620":1,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> 

On August 8th, Clarks Originals and BAPE will be releasing a FALL 2020 collection featuring the classic Wallabee and Desert Boot. At the moment, we do not have the prices but expect them to range between $150-$200. 

In this article, we will cover how Clarks became a desert boot phenomenon, the formation of BAPE, and the resale value (if any) of the two brands collaboration.  

Feel free to skip to the end of the article to find out the resale value of the BAPE x CLARKS Fall/Winter collection 2020.  

Clarks Desert Boots 

Clarks is known for its classic suede desert boot and that all started 70 years ago when a young Nathan Clark was stationed in Burma as a member of the British army. Clark noticed that when some of the officers were off-duty, they would take off their issued boots and wear some interesting and rather comfortable ankle boots.  

Upon further investigation, our Nathan Clark found out that those boots were from Cairo’s Khan elKhalili bazaar. The officers would wear them because they were more suited to the climate of Burma’s desert. These boots were based on the South African veldskoen. 

After going back home, Nathan had the bright idea of introducing similar shoes to the rest of the world. He started creating prototypes our of newsprint in hopes that this would complement his family’s shoe business.  

Clark would experiment with materials on his new booth design and after thorough experimentation, Clark settle with suede on the upper. This was a bit of deviation from the traditional leather. For the sole, Clark would use crepe rubber in order to give the wearer additional comfort.  

Finally, in 1949, Clark unveiled his innovative desert boot at the Chicago Shoe Fair. This simple yet unorthodox silhouette swept the attention of the critics. The style editors were raving about this new design and the rest as they say – is history.  

If you’re wondering what the difference is between a desert and a chukka boot, well there are two. Firstly, the desert boot has a suede upper and secondly, it has a crepe rubber sole. 

 A little style advice for all you out there, if you’re planning on buying a desert boot for personal wear then opt for a neutral colorway. You can pair it up with a nice pair of denim jeans – and you’ll be good to go!  

Clarks X BAPE Fall/Winter Collection 2020 


Both the brands are coming together to release something the fans could not have had fathomed.  

The key features of this release include the iconic Wallabee which boasts a signature BAPE camo textile on the premium suede vamp, while the Desert Boot features laser-printed BAPE artwork and Clarks’ signature crepe sole. Both models are lined in leather and arrive in two colorways. 

The most respectable thing about this release is that Clarks is sticking true to its roots even in this wacky release.  

Where To Buy?  

You will be able to buy the Clarks X Bape Fall/Winter Collection 2020 at BAPE stores, BAPE online, Clarks Originals Berwick Street store in London, and select retailers worldwide 

Resale Value  

Unfortunately, we do not have the shoes listed on StockX at the moment therefore we will need help from the previous releases.  

The Wallabee release between Clarks and Supreme resulted in good profit margins for sellers. On average, each Wallabee resold for $300. Unfortunately, we do not have the retail price data to be able to give you the exact profit number.  

Similarly, we believe that the Clarks x BAPE Wallabee will resell for on average between $250-$300. That’s an average profit margin of $100 considering the range of retail price that we have listed above.  

We expect the Clarks x BAPE Desert boot to be on the lower end of the resale spectrum therefore we do not expect them to get you higher profit margins. We would recommend you to skip them and stick with the Clarks x BAPE Wallabee  


Sneaker: Clarks x BAPE Fall/Winter Collection 2020 

Silhouette: Wallabee and Desert Boots  

Release Date: August 8th  

Retail Price: ($150-$200) TBC  

Resale Value: Wallabee – $250-$300 

          Desert Boot – Not profitable 


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Looking forward to speaking to you again, 

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