The start to a new decade is marked by quite an unconventional collaboration between Gucci, a fashion powerhouse, and Disney, a conglomerate which has its hands in almost everything.

">Disney and Gucci have collabed on a Mickey-Mouse themed fashion line that you can purchase online or in-stores.

There’s a lot to look at from accessories to shirts to sneakers. But we all know what you’re here for right? You’re here to know whether these sneakers will be able to make you a hefty profit or not. Well, for that you have to keep reading.

Gucci has released five pairs of footwear, each customized with a mickey motif. So let’s get into each sneaker.

1. Gucci x Disney Mickey Rython

All images are official from Gucci

The Rython is available in it’s all time signature “Ivory Leather” color and has a massive mickey-mouse graphic on the midpanels with “Gucci” imprinted on the back panel of the pair. The pair currently sells for $890 on Gucci’s website and within its boutique.

2. Gucci x Disney Mickey Distressed Ace

The pre-distressed Gucci Ace

Moving on to the second pair: the distressed Ace sneaker. The Ace sneaker has become synonymous with Gucci branding. Their simplicity is what ignites demand for it.

Therefore, it is no surprise that they launched a distressed version of the Ace sneaker with the Mickey motif on the mid panels along with an Orange leather detail at the back. Like the Rython, the Ace also sport an “Ivory Leather” color. The current price of this pair is $790.

3. Gucci x Disney Mickey Print Mini GG SUPREME CANVAS

Classics collide in an interesting contrast.

The third pair: a mini GG Supreme Canvas with a Mickey Mouse print along with Green leather detail at the back sets very easy on the eyes. The color scheme is, dare I say, perfect? Even the Mickey Mouse print compliments the whole vibe. These pairs will set you back $670.

4. Gucci x Disney Mickey Print Mini GG SUPREME CANVAS Slip On

Mickey all over Gucci

Moving on to the fourth. We have a mini GG Supreme Canvas with a Mickey Mouse print on a slip-on sneaker. A brown leather trim accompanied with a green and red Web loop at the heel is somewhat a niche demand. The cost of the slip-on is $630.

5. Gucci x Disney Mickey GG Slides

Cozy af.

Finally, the fifth pair are the slides. The slides sport a beige mini GG Supreme Canvas with Mickey graphics. The slides themselves are in a brown leather color which creates a splendid monotonous color scheme with the Supreme Canvas. Anyone who wants to pick these up, can buy them for $370.


Now let’s talk about making money rather than spending it. Now you know as they say, a penny saved is a penny earned. Therefore, before spending hundreds of dollars on these latest releases let’s take a peek into the history books.

Supreme X Gucci:


Any self-acclaimed reputable sneaker head is well aware of Supreme. We all know it’s market power is driven by its scarcity and whenever it collaborates with a big luxurious powerhouse, things are bound to get shaken.

However, although there were no official Supreme New York x Gucci collabs, the brand does share a few models with the Supreme name. 

Let’s take a look at these classics:

Gucci Ace GG Supreme Bees

gucci ace gg supreme bees pic

The Ace, a staple in any sneakerhead’s closet. The mini GG canvas has become synonymous with luxury sneakers all around. However, for anyone looking to make a profit off of these, please stay away. The shoes retail for $650 and are sold for a profit margin of only $20. This is not well worth the time and effort.

Gucci Common GG Supreme Black


Whilst the all black look may sweep your hearts, the profit margins definitely won’t. The shoes retail for around $550 and they resell for the same amount.

Gucci Dublin GG Surpreme Black


The Supreme X Gucci saw the release of this slip-on pair. The shoe has a mini GG black Supreme Canvas. Whilst these may have caused a spark in demand the moment they were launched, the markets quickly stabilized themselves soon after. What this means is that there is potentially no resale value of these slip-ons.

Is there any re-sale value of Gucci X Disney? Ah yes, the “thousands of dollars’ question. Is it worth investing in this launch? Well we have to consider a few things:

Disney ≠ Streetwear

No one associates Mickey Mouse and his playhouse with streetwear and rightly so. Disney is not in the fashion industry and its branding is exclusively towards the younger pre-teen audience. The demand for these pairs will mostly be linked to diehard Disney fans but I don’t see it reaching the masses (where the money is).

Previous Collaborations

The purpose of reviewing past Gucci models was to get a historical perspective on how well Gucci does in reselling.

And from the results of it we don’t have much to be hopeful about as most of the sneakers are resold for either their cost or for bare minimum profits.

A glimmer of Hope: Resale on the Gucci Rython


Now now, it’s not all doom and gloom. If you have your heart set on this collection, then I would recommend you to purchase the “Rython” sneaker.

Here’s why:

Gucci Rython Vintage Logo (W)


The Gucci Rython is probably the most profitable Gucci Sneaker out there. This version, instead of a Mickey Mouse graphic, includes a massive Gucci logo on the mid-panel. These retail for $890 but can be resold for almost $1000.

The Gucci X Disney Rython retails for the same price, $890 and if the past is anything to learn from then you can probably make a few hundred bucks from reselling the pair.

Remember sneakerheads, that the price of any commodity depends on largely it’s supply. The fashion houses know this fact. That’s why Supreme is so infamous with regards to its launches, because they use scarcity as an opportunity to raise prices. Therefore, always be on the lookout for scarce items.

Alright that’s all for today sneakerheads.

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That’s all, take care and happy flipping.

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