With the Fourth of July just around on corner, many sneaker companies especially Reebok are getting into the spirit with USA themed releases. The Reebok Shaqnosis USA drops on the 27th of June along with the Kamikaze II USA.

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So far, we’re getting various USA themed drops ahead of fourth of July such as the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA and the Nike Sky Force 3/4 Red and Blue. Luckily American Reebok fans won’t be disappointed with their latest 2 drops including the Reebok Shaqnosis USA.

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Reebok/A Walk Through Time

Reebok Logo Red White Blue

Reebok’s a pretty old company and we’re talking 1800’s old. Yet they’re still in the game and as strong as ever.

That however, wasn’t without providing excellent quality along with exceptional performance when it came to sports-wear.

They started off in 1980 Bolton when Joseph William Foster, a massive sports enthusiast, recognized a market opportunity in the sports world. Particularly, the performance sneaker niche.

He came up with a superior sneaker design to enable better traction and the ability to run faster. The introduction of spikes on the out-sole was revolutionary and massively changed how performance shoes were designed.

Reebok came from a local name in South Africa for the antelope which is an extremely fast mammal that roams the African savannas.

In 1979 after being introduced into the US, they were the most expensive sneakers on the market. That did help in its popularity however as it didn’t sell as well at first.

Then in 1982, things really kicked off when they introduced the Reebok Freestyle. A women’s exclusive sneaker made for a popular new exercise called the “Aerobic Dance”.

Since then, Reebok really hit the spot light and are one of the most popular performance-wear companies in the world.

Reebok x Shaq


A common phrase in the basketball sneaker industry goes “Big men can’t sell sneakers”. Well that’s far from the truth when it comes to the great Shaquille O’Neil.

Even when it comes to being a center player, there aren’t many signature sneakers out there. You only find forward and guard ones such as LeBron and Jordan. Shaq was perhaps the first center to get the love that he deserved from certain brands.

He was however, an exceptional center player with stellar performances back to back in 1992. That’s when Reebok took notice and quickly signed him, giving Shaq his own signature sneaker.

At the time he wasn’t as big of a star but he quickly rose to stardom. The gamble paid off for Reebok as he became an extremely marketable personality on and off the court.

Shaq arguably placed Reebok as a serious contender in the basketball sneaker world for the first time.

His first sneaker, the Shaq Attack debuted in 1992 which saw massive success. Reebok made various models with Shaq which although don’t have the same legacy as the Air Jordan, it still proved a lot of people wrong and became Reebok’s golden ticket to success in that niche.

When it comes to the resale, they’ve been pretty mediocre in most cases. To estimate the resale value of the Reebok Shaqnosis USA, let’s asses how similar models are doing on the market.

Reebok Pump Shaqnosis Royal

Reebok Shaqnosis Pump Royal 1

Retail Price: $150

Peak Resale: $170

Release Date: 07/10/2015

Colorway: Grey-White/Reebok Royal

This sneaker comes dressed in a grey, blue, white and, orange color scheme. A similar color tone to the Reebok Shaqnosis USA.

The upper consists of a striped leather in white and blue. It also has a 5 mm Hexalite mid-sole in white and a herringbone out-sole.

The market for these are pretty unsubstantial with only 4 sales on StockX. Furthermore, the resale prices are also pretty low with an average of $101 per pair. At peak resale, gross profit is $20 but not much of it is left after tax and resale.

Reebok Shaqnosis Black White (2020)

Reebok Shaqnosis White Black

Retail Price: $140

Peak Resale: $350

Release Date: 01/13/2020

Colorway: Black/White

This sneaker features a black & white striped leather upper with matching white laces. It has the same mid-sole as well as a herringbone out-sole.

The resale value on the other hand is slightly better than the aforementioned colorway. The trade range is between $119-$152 with the average price being $151. That’s a gross profit of $11 before tax and service fee.

AT peak resale however, gross profit is at $210 per pair which is pretty good. Over all, resale is mediocre at best even though this is an OG colorway.

Reebok Shaqnosis Orlando Magic

Reebok Shaqnosis Orlando magic

Retail Price: $115

Peak Resale: $165

Release Date: 08/09/2013

Colorway: Black/True Blue

This colorway features a striped blue and black striped leather with matching black laces. It also has silver/grey hits throughout, noticeably the branding on the lateral side and heel.

The sneaker also has the same the same blue 3mm mid-sole and a herringbone out-sole.

The resale once again is pretty much dead for these sneakers. With a total of only 14 sneakers sold on StockX, the average price is just $108. Meaning in very few cases are these kicks profitable.

Reebok Shaqnosis USA

Reebok Shaqnosis USA 1

Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resale: $130

Release Date: 06/27/2020

Colorway: Vector Navy/White-Vector Red

The Reebok Shaqnosis USA arrives right before independence day in a patriotic color tone.

It sports a Vector blue, white and Vector red leather and synthetic nubuck upper in its signature stripes. The signature Shaqnosis circle starts with a navy blue that branches out into a red and white.

The Reebok Shaqnosis USA features white “Reebok” branding on the tongue and a Jump-Man on the rear heel. Navy interior, mid-sole and out-sole finishes off the design.

While the release is subject to change, take a moment to enjoy these high definition shots.




Resale Value

After analyzing the resale of the aforementioned colorways, I’m expecting a resale that’s not too different for the Reebok Shaqnosis USA.

It appears that the majority of the Reebok Shoqnosis lineup is not a very good sell on the resale market. Even the slightly different Reebok Shaq Attack has better resale value.

However, that’s not to say that this is a bad sneaker by any means. Good resale just has a lot of factors that effect it and this sneaker seemingly doesn’t check a lot of boxes.

A quick look over at StockX shows that re-sellers are already asking for prices lower than retail.


Via StockX

If you’re feeling patriotic and want to rock them anyway, go ahead! Just don’t expect them to make you any money.

Where to Cop

The Reebok Shaqnosis USA drops ahead of independence day at select retailers and Reebok.com. You can expect them to drop on the 27th of June.

You can get them today from re-seller websites such as StockX and eBay. They’re going below retail already on StockX so copping for personal sizes should be easy.


Reebok Shaqnosis USA

Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resell: $130

Release Date: 06/27/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) Reebok.com

                           (Resale) StockX, eBay

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