If you’re after a fresh new pair of Converse sneakers, Tyler the Creator is dropping something special for you. While everyone has probably heard of Converse, Tyler̵7;s brand, GOLF le FLEUR is a bit less-known.

The two brands have had numerous other collaborations in the past, many of which have helped teenagers make a huge profit by reselling sneakers online.

For example, the “Converse One Star Ox Tyler the Creator Golf Le Fleur Jade Lime” (picture above) has had a retail price of $100, while being resold for $350 for a long time. That’s almost 400% profit! Lately, the price has dropped as it does with most sneakers after rereleases. However, when you got the well reviewed Hypermaster Playbook on your hands, you’ll know how to buy and sell shoes at the right moment to hit the highest available resale value.

Why is this important? On Saturday, October 12th, GOLF le FLEUR x Converse “Flames” are supposed to drop. The fans are already hyping these shoes to insanity and the resale prices usually skyrocket when such a huge amount of hype is generated over something.

Golf Le Fleur Converse Chuck 70 Flame 167279C Release Date 1
Tyler the Creator x Converse “Flames” first look. Image from SneakerBarDetroit.com

Without further ado, let’s take a look at “Flames” which we also featured on our list of October 2019’s hottest shoe releases.

Release Details: Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames”

As of now, there hasn’t been any mention of release delays on “Flames” Also, Tyler the Creators’ previous shoe and clothes releases haven’t suffered from delays or any date/time inaccuracies.

With that being said, the official release date is October 12th, Saturday. That’s pretty consistent with other Converse release dates, as they tend to release their most anticipated models over the weekend.

Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames”

The first release mention known of, made by the Goat Magazine. The image was posted on September 16th, almost a full month ago. As you can imagine, the hottest sneakerheads out there have had a lot of time to prepare for the release and get the shoes by preordering them at a retail price.

Finally, mentioning the retail price, the “Flames” will be available for $100 when they drop. Compared to other shoes released in collaboration with famous rappers and other celebrities, we can consider this an extremely carefree price.

Detailed Photos: Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames”

Let’s have a short glimpse at how the “Flames” are going to look, regarding their design and quality.

tyler the creator golf wang converse chuck 70 flames
Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames” top & side view. Image from sneakerfreaker.com

As you’ve probably noticed, the cartoonish design of these sneakers goes very well with the overall vibe of Tyler the Creator’s music. The main color is blue, with orange flames outlined in black appearing randomly on sides and top.  Additionally, the “Flames” have white shoelaces including the popular Converse logo on the innermost sides of both sneakers.

Tyler the Creator's Golf le Fleur x Converse "Flames" heel view
Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames” heel view via Complex

Now here’s what I absolutely love about this model. The outsole is bright red with white flowers all over it. While this is something I definitely didn’t expect to see, I was pleasantly surprised when I was first introduced to this angle of “Flames”.

Tyler the Creator's Golf le Fleur x Converse "Flames" sole view
Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames” sole view via Hypebeast

Leave reselling outside, I’m definitely starting to consider buying Tyler’s latest release to simply wear it and have it for myself.

The “throat” of Converse x GOLF le FLEUR “Flames” looks in line with the rest of the shoe. These are pretty high, almost like basketball shoes, so you might need more time than usual to interchange the shoelaces or tie them when leaving home.

Also, the white stitching goes well in hand with bright blue which predominates the color scheme.

Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames” throat zoomed-in view. Image from Complex.com

We already mentioned the Converse “All-Star” logo on the inner sides of sneakers. It’s not exactly noticeable, thanks to it’s positioning, but different people might consider this either a pro or a con. Overall, I love the looks.

Resale Value Guide: Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames”

tyler the creator golf le fleur converse flames shoe for resale rapper collaboration high value
Converse x GOLF le FLEUR “Flames”

Sadly, there isn’t much data to go on regarding the reselling of “Flames” since there’s only been one purchase as of now. The good news is that the said resale brought the seller a profit of 140% which is not bad by any means.

While the price will go higher as we get closer to the release date, it’s impossible to say exactly what these will get you on average after the release. My personal opinion is that the price will settle close to $290 on average.

This is also in line with how other GOLF le FLEUR releases performed in the last year. If you manage to get your hands on a pair for the retail price of $100, I recommend holding on to them until November before trying to sell.

Where to Buy Tyler the Creator’s Golf le Fleur x Converse “Flames”?

As far as I know (and I know a lot about these things) the “Flames” will only be available for purchases on two websites. Official Converse store and Tyler’s official GOLF market.

Here are the links to both product pages:

If you visited both links, you have probably noticed that “Flames” have already been sold out (preorder) on Converse’s websites. GOLF hasn’t made them available for preorders but you can expect them to be out of stock within minutes of the release.

If you’d like be notified instantly about the release and prerelease happenings of Tyler x Converse “Flames”, I recommend you subscribe to our email list below

Other than online purchases, you can always try your luck with your local retailers. Depending on where you’re based in, you can grab a pair of “Flames” with less hassle than competing for them online. Sadly, this may be impossible if you’re outside of the US.

By following my instructions or consulting the Hypermaster Playbook, you’re bound to get these shoes for a modest price and then resell them for a giant profit.

Good luck on your hunt!

Alex P.

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