The fashion house Juun.J and the sneaker giant Reebok are coming together to release a winter collection of the Juun.J Reebok Pump Court in four different colorways: White, Black, Green, and Grey. The collection will be available on November 5th for a retail price of $280 / sneaker.

Reebok, the brand almost always associated with CrossFit, is known in the sneaker world for its out of the box designs that are supposed to inspire a sense of being transported into the future. Especially with the collaboration with Juun.J, Reebok̵7;s Pump Court sneakers are massive and have reflective tones on them which makes them easily noticeable and differentiated from others in the market.

Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court – Details

The Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court sneakers come in metallic leather and mesh crafted upper with a retro look alongside a TPU molded piece. There aren’t many words that define the sneaker but the one word that does come out of your mouth when you first take a look at them is “interesting”. Now, whether or not the word “interesting” is said in a good way or a bad way, depends on the speaker. Look at the pictures below to decide for yourself.

Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court – Where to Buy

The Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court sneakers will be available on the Reebok Webstore on November 5th for a retail price of $280.

Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court – Resale Price

With a high retail price of $280 (courtesy of Juun.J), resellers need a premium resale price to even get interested in this sneaker. Unfortunately, at the moment, we are not seeing any Bids on StockX for any of the colorways – thus revealing the low interest of buyers. Even though the Ask prices are at $500, I do not see them reselling at this point.

Therefore, at the very most, the resale price of the Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court sneakers will have a resale price of around $320-$340.


Sneaker: Juun.J x Reebok Pump Court

Release Date: 5th November 2020

Retail Price: $280

Resale Price: $320-$340


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