Supreme has been around since 1994, and every year since it has had incredibly expensive releases, and 2018 is no exclusion.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 pieces of Supreme gear that could have made you a small fortune.

For those who are just hearing this the first time, there’s a lot of cash to be made for those who flip this hyped New York bassed clothing brand: you can make a million bucks selling Supreme, according to Wealth Simple.

We also wrote about our $14,000 month in 2017 which had a chunk of its profits attributed to a notable Supreme drop.

2018 did incredibly well, with many resellable Supreme items. We’ve simply picked 11 of the best.

The average retail price for the 11 items was $1528, with an average resale price of $7312, for a whopping average profit of over $5,000 per item.

…Ok that’s not a realistic estimate because we included one drop in the average that would have made you a profit of over $50,000, but even when you take that out, the average profit per item is still nearly $1000, which is a pretty penny to make in one single clothing flip.

Without further ado, let’s kick off this list of 12 most expensive Supreme New York drops of 2018 according to their resale prices:

1. Supreme pinball machine

pinball supreme stern
Some people were paying up to $70,000 for this $11,000 Supreme Pinball Machine

Release date: May 2018

$11,000 retail

$70,000 peak resale

$59,000 profit

Best first.

Here’s insanely expensive drop, one that went for the same price as a brand new Mercedes C Class to be up there with the priciest Supreme items to release of all time.

Of all things, Supreme chose to slap its brand name across a retro pinball machine by famous maker Stern.

Stern is known to collaborate with bands like AC/DC and Metallica in the pass and to have made pinball machines with their names, but none had the hype of Supreme.

Since there were only 100 of these made and the demand and pockets were huge for those truly interested, the money resellers made was crazy: up to $60,000 in one sale.

It’s hard to beat this profit that was just above the annual salary of the average US citizen, which means if you knew what you were doing and you got this Supreme Pinball machine and flipped it you could chill for a year (or spend a crazy weekend in Vegas).

2. Supreme Rimowa Suitcase

rimowa suitcase supreme
One expensive piece of luggage. The Supreme Rimowa suitcase going on eBay for $5000+.

Release date: April 2018

$5500 peak resale

$1600 retail (45L)

$4000 profit

Supreme is no stranger to putting its brand name on random items made by other brands and demanding huge dollar amounts when doing so.

It’s hard to predict who they will collaborate with next, but it’s always good when we see that they are slapping their brand on a quality product.

Rich people love to travel a lot, and how else can you prove you’re rich on top of travelling a lot?

Well, flex with the suitcase, of course.

So it wasn’t too surprising that when were able to partner with high quality luggage manufacturer Rimowa that the resale prices hit $6,000 at one point.

3. Supreme Studded Arc Logo Leather Jacket

supreme arc jacket leather
Would you know this is Supreme if you saw this? Most people would confuse this with a regular vintage jacket their grandpa would wear.

Release date: March 2018

$2000 peak resale

$698 retail

$1400 profit

Supreme New York has rebel roots that it continues today, so this edgy leather jacket fit right in with the spirit.

Perhaps it drew such attention because it pushed the boundary of what would normally be considered tacky,  but for some reason they were able to pull it off with this one.

Over $1,000 was to be made at its peak resale price.

4. Supreme Comme Des Garçons Split Box Logo Hoodie

supreme comme des garcons split hoodie 2018
This Black and White CDG Split Hoodie was a hot item on eBay this year.

Release date:  September 2018

$750 resale

$178 Retail

$600 Profit

Hoodies always sell quite well from Supreme, with plenty that generate $100+ profit, but this particular hoodie made resellers who knew what they were doing over $500 in profit.

French high end fashion brand Comme Des Garçons partnered up with Supreme to make this simple yet loud design which brought out the wallets of hypebeasts worldwide whose lavish spending profited an opportunistic handful of people.

5. Supreme Commes Des Garçons Painted Perfecto Leather Jacket

comme des garcons supreme painted
Painted to perfection and worth over $1,000. Data from StockX.

Release date:  September 2018

$2000 peak resale

$998 Retail

$1000 Profit

Doubling your money is always fun, but unlike the casino, doing it with an item like this leather jacket is basically a sure bet and in this case, double means you could have made $1000 in profit.

This “work of art” apparently resonated with enough people that it sold out quickly and immediately its price went way above the original retail price.

6. Supreme Faux Repeater Jacket

supreme repeat faux bomber 2018 teal

The 2018 Supreme Faux Repeater Jacket was questionable in fashion but sure on a high price tag.

Release date: March 2018

$850 Peak Resale

$398 Retail

$450 Profit

Again with being edgy and rebellious while expanding the boundaries of tacky or too loud, this printed faux fur jacket is something that would fly off the shelves only if the Supreme brand were slapped on it.

Mixed opinions didn’t stop this Faux fur jacket which came out in weird shades of brown and green from selling out quickly and then reselling for more than twice its already high retail price of almost $400.

7. Supreme/The North Face Leather Mountain Parka

north face leather parka
Lambskin leather and subtle-but-not-so-subtle branding is the highlight of this jacket.

Release date: October 2018

$2000 Peak Resale

$1098 Retail

$1000 profit

You’re probably noticing a surprising trend now of weird jackets by Supreme selling for sky high dollar amounts on the aftermarket.

Most parkas are made with synthetic outshells, especially those by the California born manufacturer The North Face.

The two brands combining together with such a strange item, a lamb leather mountain parka in colors like orange, was novel enough that people threw big chunks of change towards it.

8. Supreme NBA Team Warm Up Jacket

supreme nba warm up jacket
Collectors are going crazy for this jacket on eBay.

Release date: March 2018

$800 Peak Resale

$328 Retail

$500 Profit

Let’s be clear, before anything, Supreme is a skateboarding brand.

For some reason though, the brand has infiltrated so many aspects and corners of culture, and done so in a big way.

Given that basketball is a huge part of the urban community, it is fitting that a Supreme New York x NBA collaboration would generate tons of hype.

This jacket is one piece from the collection whose profit landed it on this year’s best of list.

9. Supreme Mike Kelley AhhYouth! Work Jacket

supreme nba warm up jacket
Ahh Youth! was a famed painting by Mike kelley, immortalized on this jacket.

Release date: September 2018

$750 Peak Resale

$288 Retail

$500 Profit

Mike Kelley an American artist that is relatively unknown to the general population, but just because he isn’t a household name doesn’t mean that his art isn’t valuable.

One of his more notable paintings, entitled Ahh Youth, is currently with the elite fine art auction house Christie’s for $700,000. 

Apparently Supreme has good taste because they chose this painting as the image to be printed on this work jacket in September 2018.

We’re not sure if the high price on the aftermarket is because people actually knew that this picture is from a fine work of art or if kids just thought it was cool.

11. Supreme Fox Racing Helmet

Supreme fox racing
How many people actually wear this on a motorcycle or dirtbike?

Release date: May 2018

$1000 Peak Resale

$298 Retail

$700 Profit

For another piece of ‘Preme gear whose extreme price defies logic, we present the unlikely success of the Supreme New York Fox Racing Helmet which is basically unwearable in public.

People have rocked the goggles and even the protective racing vest around the city but the helmet, which is rarely seen in the wild remains on top as one of the more expensive items from the collab despite the inability to flex with it.

12. Supreme x The North Face Expedition Jacket

supreme new york north face expedition jacket november
A recently sold eBay listing for more than double the $498 pricetag for the Supreme New York x North Face Expedition Jacket

Release date: November 2018

$1100 Peak Resale

$498 Retail

$600 Profit

Money-making Supreme drops extend all the way to the end of the year.

Here’s a cold weather drop that had red hot pricetags.

This expedition jacket is a highly functional piece of clothing with subtle Supreme branding, which seems to be the exact opposite of everything else on this list which are flashy and impractical.

This shows how unpredictable the brand can be. For the record, not every Supreme New York piece resell for profit or sell out at all.

Sometimes items that sell out don’t even resell for a higher price, and sometimes pieces go for the best price immediately and other times they rise in value over time.

Getting educated on Supreme can make you tons of money, but it will take a lot of time, dedication and resources.

Of course Google is at your disposal, but we also have put together a resource that will save you hours of research, our Supreme Resale Bible.

Thanks guys and take care


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