Welcome back in to the Six Figure Sneakerhead look at the newest Supreme drop. We’re giving you insight into the droplist for Supreme Spring/Summer 21 week 10. Stay tuned for the hot picks for reselling, we’ll let you know what to cop.

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Recap from Week 9

Last week, South2 West8 did their thing on an adventure themed collection. Originating in 2003, and headed by Kaname Nagaoka, South2 West8 is a Japanese brand that is largely based on Tenkara fly fishing. The lineup included a River Trek Jacket, Bush Parka, Bush Vest, Fleece Jacket, River Trek Pant, Bush Pant, Belted Pant, L/S T-Shirt, Mesh Game Bag, Jungle Hat, Bush Balaclava, Bush Tulip Hat, and a Tenkara Fishing Rod. All of which have a small tick of the price for resale, everything is at either 30% price premium or higher.

There was a small handful of mainline items that sold out and have been preforming well like the Dog Work Shirt, Printed Stripe S/S Top, and the Seiko Marathon Clock.

A Look Ahead

Fresh off an impressive collaboration last week, it looks like Supreme will take a step back for Week 10 to allow your wallets to heal from the past couple of weeks but that’s not to say the week is a dud. While no official collaboration has been revealed for the week, it may be a lookbook week that will feature a variety of different pieces. The stars of the week that we know of now will be the Denim Frayed Logo jacket, Chain Lock, Small Box Tee, the Handstyle Hooded Sweatshirt, and perhaps a surprise deck.

Let’s cover the resale.


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        Image via Supreme

        Handstyle Hooded Sweatshirt

        Was listed for last week, but we’re getting it this week!

        • Retail: $168
        • Resale: $185
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        Image via Supreme Community

        Frayed Logos Denim Trucker Jacket

        I truly don’t know why, but all denim trucker jackets go bananas on the resale market. Look for this to be the hottest item of the drop.

          • Retail: $238
          • Resale: $300


            da209955e1074b23aac1588bfd7430b3 sqr
            Image via Supreme Community

            Cans Shirt

            Obsessed with this shirt. Should be an easy cop if you’re interested but I could see it gaining value for a long hold too. Matching pants will also be available.

            • Retail: $138
            • Resale: $150


            a06bb530c3cf40e699613d48f0a32166 sqr
            Image via Supreme Community

            Small Box Logo Tee

            Of course we’ve seen hundreds of these small box logo tees, they’re a dime a dozen. The bandana print ones should be interesting and could see good flips. Small and XL.

            • Retail: $58
            • Resale: $65+


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            Image via Supreme Community

            Frayed Logos Regular Jean

            • Retail: $188
            • Resale: $200


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              Image via Supreme Community

              Kryptonite Integrated Chain Bike Lock

              • Retail: $128
              • Resale: $150


              3076bd10af8644ae8e7cdbc567f93dcd sqr
              Image via Supreme Community

              Frayed Logos Denim Camp Cap

              • Retail: $48
              • Resale: $65

                Release Info

                When: Thursday, April 29th @11am EST/8am PST

                WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases May 1st.


                Retail prices are confirmed as of now! Let it be known there is also an Apes themed skate deck rumored to release. Artwork is unseen but think to the Apes tee from 2 weeks ago.

                Nothing crazy this week, I think a lot of people will be sleeping. That being said, there’s a few pieces that may fly under the radar and be easy to cop that could have good resale, a la the Denim Trucker Jacket. There’s a lot more to look forward to for the rest of the season so stay tuned and see what’s in store next week.

                Starting in Streetwear

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                And good luck copping everyone! Thanks as always and have a powerful week.

                – Erik

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