Supreme S/S 21 Week 9 – Droplist and What to Cop


Hello and welcome Supreme fam. You’re tuning in to the SFS weekly look at the Supreme droplist. This is the Spring/Summer 21 week 9. Stay tuned for the hot picks for reselling.

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Recap from Week 8

Last week was Spring Tee week – ultra exciting. A few of the tees to do well on the resale market were the Anna Nicole Smith, Toy Pile, Apes, and Dunk shirts. Mainly the outlandish colors like yellow, teal or purple preform the best. The collection of Bandana Tarp bags did just ok but the piece I think most people slept on was the Mitchell & Ness Varsity Jacket. Resale profits are doing pretty well right out of the gate and they’re sure to hold value. Perhaps look into getting one if you can secure for a good price.

A Look Ahead

South2 West8 hasn’t been around for too long but the brand has already solidified a spot with Supreme New York for an invasive collaboration. Originating in 2003, and headed by Kaname Nagaoka, South2 West8 is a Japanese brand that is largely based on Tenkara fly fishing. Based in the northern Japan region, the climate calls for a huge fishing culture which the brand has tapped into while applying streetwear and futuristic vibes to the outdoor attire. Presenting pieces that are designed with technical details specifically to be worn during fishing excursions and more city-friendly options inspired by the outdoors.

Below you can see the entirety of the drop. The lineup includes a River Trek Jacket, Bush Parka, Bush Vest, Fleece Jacket, River Trek Pant, Bush Pant, Belted Pant, L/S T-Shirt, Mesh Game Bag, Jungle Hat, Bush Balaclava, Bush Tulip Hat, and a Tenkara Fishing Rod.

Let’s cover the resale.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks


        Image via Supreme

        Handstyle Hooded Sweatshirt

        • Retail: $168
        • Resale: $185


          Image via Supreme

          SOUTH2 WEST8 Long Sleeve Pocket Tee

          • Retail: $60
          • Resale: $80
          Image via Supreme
          Dog Work Shirt
          Love this piece! It’s got that classic mechanic style patch on the front and totally fits that workwear aesthetic that’s hot right now.
          • Retail: $78
          • Resale: $100


            Image via Supreme

            SOUTH2 WEST8 Tenkara Fishing Rod

            • Retail: $448
            • Resale: $???
            Image via Supreme

            Seiko Marathon Clock

            Very mid-century modern style piece here. Awesome, useful collectors accessory.

            • Retail: $48
            • Resale: $75+


            Image via Supreme

            SOUTH2 WEST8 Jungle Hat

            • Retail: $68
            • Resale: $85

              Release Info

              When: Thursday, April 22nd @11am EST/8am PST
              WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases April 24th.


              Retail is confirmed! Full confidence to buy at these prices.

              I like this collection from SOUTH2 WEST8. It caters to the outdoorsy Supreme heads and while resale might not be sky high, I think there’s still power in the uniqueness of this capsule and how it stands out from the rest. Even a few of the mainline Supreme pieces are wonderful like the Dog Work shirt and the Handstyle hoodie. Overall this week gets a passing grade from me.

              Starting in Streetwear

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              And good luck copping everyone! Thanks as always and have a powerful week.

              – Erik

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