After the in between season shut down, Supreme New York has come back strong with a week 1 that sent up a storm for fans and resellers alike.

For week 2, the latest news is that two of the biggest powerhouses in the streetwear industry, Nike and Supreme, are joining again to satisfy seasonal collab cravings, this time with a long awaited retake of the Nike SB Dunk Low x Supreme.

Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low

Official image from Supreme New York of the newest Dunk Low SBs.

For the past 10 years, Supreme has collaborated with a multitude of large brand names ranging from technological to luxurious fashion houses.

But none are as easily recognizable or have the resale value as that of Nike.

Those with even a hint of streetwear knowledge know that when these two giants put their brains together, the result is nothing short of exceeding expectations. And this is why we’re patiently waiting to flip these shoes for gargantuan profits.

To give you an idea of how much of a deal Supreme x Nike Dunk SB can be, let’s take a look at some of the most successful launches between these two:

Nike Dunk SB Low Supreme Red Cement (2012)

Price info from

In order to celebrate 10 years of collaboration, Nike and Supreme launched an updated version of the beloved 2002 SB Dunk Low.

Now hold your breath before you read the following few lines: The retail price of these were just a mere $148 and in today’s market they can be sold for up to $1750.

The most recent pair that was sold went for $1400, so you can see that these products not only maintain their value, but they rise.

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+ Supreme (2013)

From StockX


In 2013, when the trend of brightly neon colored running shoes was at an all-time high, Supreme did what it does best- the opposite.

It worked with Nike on the Lunar 1+ and came out with a simple blackish grey outlook with a Supreme logo on the sides. While these were sold in retail for only $150, today you can find them, on the open market, for at least $700.

Now don’t get too heavy hearted because while you may have missed out on the chance to make a hefty profit in the past, the future still remains.

Yes, we’re talking about the September release of Nike x Supreme SB Dunk Lows.

So let’s get straight into the details.

September 2019 Nike SB Dunk Low x Supreme Release Details

An early leak from @user.thehypecollectorWe’re on IG too, follow us here

So from the leaked images we can see that Nike and Supreme will be releasing 3 different colors this fall; Metallic Silver, Varsity Red, and Metallic Gold. All of the designs obviously include the all-time classic Nike’s swoosh with a glossy finish on the side panels.

What makes these shoes particularly interesting for buyers is the fact that Supreme will be showing off its brand new star logo which will be embroidered on the heel.

The shoes will incorporate full-grain leather uppers, Foamposite-like toe box, and also an extra set of laces per pair. The laced aglets are dressed up with the words “World Famous”.

Judging from the leaked images, it seems Nike is taking the designs back to the early 2000s. A sort of an homage, if you will, to the Nike Sb Dunk Low of 2002.

The eye catching design has also garnered a nickname “Jewel Swoosh Silver”.

Release Date – Nike X Supreme SB Dunk

from @lil_john310

Now after months of anticipation we finally have the exact timeline for the drop.

Nike x Supreme SB Dunk will be releasing on Thursday, September 5th 2019, which is a week sooner than first expected with an original announcement of a September 12th drop date.

This means that we are short on time guys and so keep reading if you plan to buy them.

How to and where to buy Nike X Supreme SB Dunk

@Foamkicks IG early pic

Now given that Supreme is a partner with Nike on this, you can be sure that there will only be a limited amount which are bound to get sold out.

At this moment, all we can tell you is that Nike x Supreme SB Bunk will be available on, Supreme New York, and select skate shops.

You never know about the physical locations of the stores until the very last moment, so, you can keep up-to-date with the latest news, sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.

Once again, make sure that you set a reminder on your phone if you plan to buy these as I can assure you that they will easily be sold out.

Retail price: Nike x Supreme SB Dunk Low

First , I know you’re all wondering how much the SB Dunk are going to cost you in retail stores.

Well, according to our sources, the Nike X Supreme SB Dunk are going set you back $110 or £94.95- if you are in the UK.

For those of you planning to flip them for a profit, let’s take a look at some previous collabs between the two giants so we can have a better understanding.

In 2002, Nike and Supreme released the Dunk SB Low which went on to retail for approximately $80 – $100. In this current market, they are being sold on average for $1990.


The closest comparable pair to the ones being released on September 12th are the Nike Dunk SB Low Supreme which were released in 2012.

With a retail price of $148, these shoes are sold on average for $883. According to Stockx, the most recent selling price was $1400, which means that the prices are volatile and subject to consumer behavior.

If you’re a numbers guy, like I am, then the following statement will definitely pique your interest.

On average, all the Nike x Supreme SB Dunk Lows can be sold for $1592.

Price info from

With retail prices of less than $150, this means more than 10x money in your pocket.

How much can you sell Nike x Supreme SB Dunk For?

However, you need to pay attention to the recent trends.

With resale prices dropping for certain SB models likely, we should also look to recent drops that are more comparable like the Parra SBs. 

Considering the hype, history, but also recent trends, these shoes are projected to have a peak resale price around $300 for a profit of about double.

We don’t see any numbers on StockX, but on eBay, preorder asks are as high as $400 and live sales recently have been made at the $350 range.

supreme nike sb resale retail price ebay
From ebay on September 3 2019

Now keep in mind, these are only the rough estimates. The entire resale value of these pairs can only be determined once they’re out. We’ll have to see how the market reacts to them and whether or not they’re as highly sought after once people do get a feel for them.

Alright folks, that’s it for today. Remember, Nike x Supreme SB Dunk Low are dropping on an updated date of September 5th for $110.

If you’re planning on reselling them, you have to be quick and can try manual methods, but if you’re serious about making some real profits, take a look at the Hypemaster Playbook, which in addition to giving you a resale knowledge base, covers how to spot the latest trends before everyone else does and actually make yourself wealthy and build a real business in the process.

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That’s all, take care and happy flipping.

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