Nike is dropping a new Women’s Dunk Low featuring an Olive colorway, just in time for fall. The sneaker will definitely be a hit among women and may even turn out to be profitable in the resell market. We̵7;ll check out one similar pair of women’s sneakers and predict how the Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ will do on the resell market!

Image of Nike Dunk Low sneakers via Unsplash.
Image of Nike Dunk Low sneakers via Unsplash.

Before we take a look at the Nike Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ we are going to check out one similar pair:

Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Rose Whisper’

  • Retail Price: $100
  • Average Resell Price: $170
  • Colorway: White, Rose Whisper
  • Release Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2022
  • Style Code: DD1503-118
Official image of the Nike Women's Dunk Low 'Rose Whisper' via GOAT.
Official image of the Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Rose Whisper’ via GOAT.

“The women’s Nike Dunk Low Rose Whisper arrives in a classic two-tone color-blocked look similar to the original Nike Dunks of the 1980s.

This Dunk offers a warm palette primed for the summer weather, with a white and Rose Whisper leather construction. Matching woven tongue labels contribute to the design’s retro feel, while an EVA foam sole provides cushioning.”

The sneaker is identical to the Medium Olive that we’re taking a look at today, just with a different colorway.

Nike Women’s sneakers have taken off in the last few years as more and more women become involved with the sneaker game. Of course, this has benefited the resell game as it opens a new door for profitability.

This pair will allow you to make about $50 in profit, which are actually great margins. Imagine you could purchase multiple pairs, and you could be in for hundreds!

Not sure how to cop multiple pairs? Check out our Hypemaster Playbook or our Cook Group for the latest info on how to become a high-level reseller!

Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’

  • Retail Price: $110
  • Sneaker Flippers’ Estimated Resell Price: $180
  • Colorway: White, Medium Olive
  • Release Date: Tuesday, September 20th, 2022
  • Style Code: DD1503 120
Official image of the Nike Women's Dunk Low 'Medium Olive' via GOAT.
Official image of the Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ via GOAT.

The Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ dresses the archival hoops shoe in traditional two-tone color blocking redolent of the model’s introductory ‘Be True to Your School’ series from 1985. The all-leather upper merges a crisp white base with olive green overlays and a color-matched Swoosh. Underpinning the sneaker is a traditional rubber cupsole, featuring white sidewalls that contain a lightweight foam wedge for a cushioned ride. Underfoot, the olive rubber outsole utilizes a traction pattern designed to grip the hardwood in all directions.

GOAT Description

This is a go-to colorway for fall for obvious reasons. Olive is going to be a huge hit this fall/winter and especially with women.

We believe that with the increase in women who are interested in sneakers, along with the fact that the colorway matches perfectly with the upcoming season, the Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ will resell for about $180.

Where to buy the Nike Women’s Dunk Low ‘Medium Olive’ for resell

If you are not able to purchase for retail, definitely check out two of the most trusted reselling sources in the game:

  • GOAT: An online app where sellers can list their sneakers for market prices, and buyers can either place bids or accept the seller’s price. Sellers ship their pairs to the GOAT warehouse, where they are then authenticated and shipped out to the buyers.
  • Flight Club: Both a website and physical store(s) where sellers can give their shoes in to be sold in consignment, where Flight Club will take a percentage off of the sale.


hypemeter profit 5 Women's Dunk Low 'Medium Olive'

With a retail price of $110 and an estimated resell price of $180 we believe you should be able to clear about $50 profit off of this sneaker!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Dunks comfortable?

They are comfortable but not for all-day wear. If you’re just out and about for an hour or two it’s the perfect shoe, but for a long walk around a city, this shoe doesn’t offer the support like its newer Nike counterparts.

How do Dunks fit?

Generally, you should get your Dunks true to size since they’re naturally roomy, whether high or low. You know, the Dunk toe box is bigger than your average pair of kicks. However, if you want a tighter fit or have slimmer feet, you can go half a size down.

Who designed Nike Dunks?

Nike designer Peter Moore, who already had a hit on his hands with the Air Jordan 1, took inspiration from three existing models when he put together the initial sketches of what would become the Dunk High.

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