Buckle up sneakerheads, Ye is back at it again with the release of the Yeezy 350 v2 Sesame, and if you want a pair, you better bring you’re A game! Amidst all the Black Friday mayhem, this beautiful shoe is set to release on Friday November 23rd for a retail price of $220 at select adidas Originals retailers and online at adidas.com.

So yes, it’s safe to say that Yeezy season is upon us…again.

Yeezy V2 350 “Sesame”; The design

yeezy 350 sesame 2018 november
The Yeezy 350 dropping again on Black Friday, whether or not their resale value will drop a lot or not we don’t know yet. From adidas.com

Whether you love or hate Kayne, one glance at the shoes confirms that these are a staple in the wardrobe.

His shoes are the reason that there are people like the self made millionaire teenager Benjamin Kickz who, along with some ordinary individuals, makes up part of the massive billion dollar sneaker resale market.

While we thought Kayne was busy meeting the President at the Whitehouse and handing out Yeezys in Uganda, he has been working hard since December 2017 on all of the highly anticipated Yeezy Boost 350 V2 releases like this one–and his work shows in the shoe’s intricate design.

YEEZY 350 v2 sesame november 23
From Adidas.com, a view from the top

This neutral colored shoe can go with many different outfits and hues, and features a gum rubber outsole and light tan translucent midsole, home to the BOOST cushioning.

The adidas Primeknit upper boasts a washed khaki, making these shoes both easy to wear but still a statement shoe that will turn heads wherever you go.

The new “Sesame” might just be the most all around wardrobe friendly Yeezy Boost V2 release yet, so be sure not to sleep on these.

Will the “Sesame” resell for profit?

Yeezy 350 v2 sesame resale stockx price
Some date from StockX.com

Resale price for Yeezy 350 V2 “Sesame” Figures from StockX.com reveal people selling this shoe for $899 in October 2018.

However, these numbers have since stabilized at $499.

As we say in our ultimate list of all profitable shoe drops you need to know about in November 2018, we expect a sale price to be around $350-$400 for at least a $100 profit for those interested in reselling.

It’s worth knowing that many times in the past, including earlier on in the year, Kayne revealed that Yeezys would be released to the masses, which causes many to believe that Yeezy resale is dead, with examples like summer’s Butter 350 the recent 700 Wave Runner Mauve not selling for a whole lot above retail.

Part of this could be explained by the larger than normal amount of pairs released compared to previous Yeezy’s, or more interest in hotter, newer brands like Off-White.

If similar stock numbers and sentiment happen with the 350 v2 “Sesame” drop, there might be good resell potential–but also more skill in buying, which we’re getting to soon in this article we promise.

However, as the law of economics go, if the drop size is limited, the demand is higher than the numbers so you will make money off them.

For later readers of this article, this sneaker could be a good investment as the price is low now and subject to rise for collectors in the near future, as many other sneakers have.

Check out the current price of the Sesame’s on StockX here.

We’ll update you on stock numbers soon, just subscribe to our email list which includes a free preview of our Playbook.

Rest assured, the popularity of this shoe is unwavering so whether you’re buying to keep or buying to sell – you’re winning either way.

4 Step process: How to buy for retail: Yeezy 350 V2 “Sesame”

Yeezy 350 v2 sesame hands on image instagram 2018
Hands on. Picture from @dirtymoney823 on Instagram.

The basics:

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – Increase your chances of copping by using more than one technique.

That’s just simple probability right, the more methods you use to secure this shoe, the higher your chances are of taking a win.

Use your laptop, your phone, your desktop, use as many devices as you can!

But remember, don’t forget your proxies (more about this below).

2.  Put the release date in your calendar.

Get with the program people!

This advice sounds basic, but it will help you to NOT be that person who takes an L simply because they forgot the shoe was dropping.

Sticky notes, calendar, alarms; do whatever works for you!

If you really want these Sesame’s, you’ll remind yourself.

3. Be ready to come out swinging. Do your research and be prepared.

Make sure to do your research. Look everywhere and use all the tools possible. For those who are serious about not just flipping a pair or two of shoes, but about copping multiple pairs and building a real resale business, be sure to check out the Hypemaster Playbook which provides a comprehensive business guide to get you copping and making a profit.

4. Keep an eye out for trusted announcements and updates regarding the release date and sites.

Release dates can change, get rescheduled, kicked back, or even drop earlier, so make sure you’re checking daily.

Adidas typically make official announcements about one week prior to the drop.

Yeezy Mafia have developed a strong reputation for reliably predicting drops so be sure to follow them on twitter and turn on post notifications.

Additionally, these two links posted below are reliable and have built a fairly solid reputation for accurately predicting drops.

Sole Links

Just Fresh Kicks

Where to buy the Yeezy V2 350 “Sesame”

Now that you know how to buy them, you gotta go where they’re sold to get them.

It goes without saying that Adidas.com is a trusted website that is good to cop from.

But you have to be patient in the queue system.

As tempting as it is, don’t refresh. The site will be slow, there are thousands of people all trying to get Yeezy’s.

Refreshing will just boot you to the back of the line … So resist the urge.

Yeezy supply is often overlooked because of its long shipping times, but if you can bear the wait, then check this website out!

It’s obviously 100% reliable as its Kayne’s own website, and although you might take the occasional L, I’ve always had luck copping here.

If you’re lucky enough to have local sneaker boutiques, check them out.

Reserve your sneakers and pick them up on the day of the release.

If not, enter every in store raffle that you can and all other social media contests.

BONUS: Extra tips for experts

Ok in this section, we’re about to get really technical, but it’s for this reason that so many people end up empty handed–those who are willing to learn complicated tactics are going to win.

We’re just touching on a few of these things, but for a more broken down explanation with examples, check out our post here that talks about these techy things and more.

1. Get faster internet speed
Trust me, this can make all the difference.

Check your internet connection using tools like Speedtest.net to see how fast your internet is running.

Especially for those using sneaker bots, check your Internet provider to switch to faster internet for that month–or just forever if you want to keep buying limited shoes as they can be that profitable, your internet will more than pay for itself.

2. Invest in good proxies

Add proxies to your computer.

Make sure the location of your proxy server is close to the server of the sneaker site that you’re trying to cop from.

The more proxies you have, the better your chances for copping Yeezy’s for retail.

No idea what a proxy is?

Our post about sneaker bots here dives into them a bit.

3. Use Servers

Lots of people shy away from servers because they think they have to be serious gamers or crazy bot users to be able to use them.

This is a misconception!

Although they can appear complicated you can rent servers that are easy to use and pre-configurated.

But, be sure you use different credit cards so the sneaker sites don’t cancel your orders.

One random tip, because we want you to win

Use Google chrome.

It’s got a lot of extensions and features to help you cop Yeezy’s. Try to go for a size that you don’t think would be so popular, this may increase your chances.

One more time: Be prepared!

Set up your devices at least 4 hours before the release time.

Set your tasks on the bot and put your information into the auto fill and set your proxies.

Autofill is your friend! If you don’t have auto fill, type all the info on a word document or a sticky note and copy and paste.

Good luck

Ok we got pretty technical at the end there. But our Hypemaster Playbook breaks everything down for you all in one guide (you can get a free preview along with sneaker news by entering your email below).

We also have a private forum for Playbook buyers, full of serious and helpful people running a shoe operation, which includes (for free with membership payment) premium paid tools like a $225/month site monitor. We also have EVE and Cyber, the hottest bots in the game right now for select forum member use.

Thanks guys for reading, and if you read this all, be assured that you now have a huge advantage over the masses going after these Yeezy Sesames.

Check out more of our blog posts here.

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