We have a new Yeezy alert! The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen” releases on the 18th of April which is just weeks away. Stay tuned for more details.

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Experts believe that sneaker sales may actually increase due to the current pandemic. This keeps this Multi-Billion Dollar market on track to value over $6 Billion by 2025!

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The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen” is expected to have small but good profits. However, Let’s get into more details before we talk about the resale value!


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Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Spring Collection

The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 is just one of the long line of releases by Yeezy himself.

He just doesn’t get tired of all the new colorways. And neither do we as the demand for them has proven time and time again that sneaker heads will continue to buy.

For those who don’t know the story. Kanye had always been into designing even as a kid. The Yeezy sneaker is a manifestation of Kanye’s fashion sense and all he believes in.

In 2007, he helped design his first sneaker the bapesta. Then after a break up with Nike, Kanye West signed with Adidas in 2015. Which would turn the Yeezy into a billion Dollar Empire.

After the Yeezy Boost 750 and Adidas Yeezy 350. Kanye released the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 which added a bit to the already classic 350. It was an instant hit and made the Yeezy brand a house hold name.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 wasn’t just an insanely comfortable gym sneaker, but also fresh looking street fashion!

Kanye graces us with multiple colorways every year and this is how similar models to the Yeezy 350 Linen have recently done on the market.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Marsh”

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Marsh

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resell: $344

Release Date: 02/01/2020


This variant continues after the Antlia colorway with a yellowish/olive color tone. The yellow has been a very common color tone with many other Yeezys as well.

It features a yellowish prime knit upper as always and with silver-ish lateral stripes and a tan lining, outlining the collar. A translucent sole as well as golden interior finishes off the design.

This was a yeezy supply exclusive and for more details you can check out our article.

According to stockX, the trade range is between $240-$250 with the average price being $263. That would have been you an average profit of $43 and a peak profit of $124.

In the long run however, it shows to reduce in value.

adidas Yeezy 350 V2 Marsh Resale

Via StockX

Just as expected it gives off a nice small profit. Good money is possible though if you cop enough pairs!

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Flax”

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Flax 4

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resell: $449

Release Date: 02/22/2020


Similar to the Linen and Marsh, these dropped recently as part of the spring releases. This was an exclusive release to the African and Asian regions.

It features a prime knit upper, a translucent sole and light brown interior to complete the design. You can view our article for more details on this colorway.

The resale did quite better than the marsh colorway. According to StockX, the trade range is between $317-$391 with the average price being $354.

That’s a respectable average profit of $134 and a peak potential profit of $220 per pair! Now that’s much better than the marsh and it held its value so far too.

Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen”

Yeezy Boost 350 Linen Font shot

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resell (GOAT): $450

Release Date: 04/18/2020


The long line of V2s continue, this time with the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen” that drops this summers. Yeezy continues to knock it out of the park with almost every release being sold out.

Recently the Adidas Yeezy boost 380 quantum Reflective and Non- Reflective sold out fast. They also did well on the resale side as did the spring releases of the Yeezy 350 V2s.

This time, the Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen” rocks a light brownish prime knit upper. It’s kind of a mix between the “Marsh” and the “Earth” in that regard.

Yeezy 350 V2 Linen side shot

It also has a reflective side note in a blueish hue which is also present along the sock liner.

Furthermore, the sneaker features a translucent light brownish sole, very similar to previous models. As always it comes with the usual boost technology as well.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Linen 3

Finally, the gum-rubber out-sole has various ridges in white for added traction and the “boost” logo.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Bottom view

Resale Value

As you may already know, kanye has stated on various occasions that’s he wants everyone to be able to buy a Yeezy. That is not too good for its resale value. Scarcity=value

However, even after the endless drops they still sell out like hot cakes. According to GOAT, the peak potential profit to earn here is $230. However, after taxes and service fee this will be lower.

Over all, a small average profit should be expected as with most similar colorways. If you can cop one, I suggest a quick flip as resale value tends to take a sharp decline after release date.

Moreover, I suggest going for sizes 6-7.5 as they are usually most profitable.

How to Cop

As usual you can get these from the Adidas official website as well as select retailers near you.

You can also get these at re-seller websites such as StockX or GOAT.

If you really want to cop at retail prices, I suggest joining the SFSH cook group. You’ll never miss out and potentially score large profits!


The Adidas Yeezy 350 V2 “Linen” releases on the 18th of April for $220. You can expect a potential profit of $230 before taxes and service fees. I suggest sizes 6-7.5.

You can cop these at Select Retailers and at the Adidas official website. You can also cop these from re-seller websites such as StockX and GOAT.

That’s all for today folks. Make sure you follow our instagram for quick snaps and info on hot new releases. Also, if you’re thinking of re-selling sneakers, the Hypemaster Playbook is your all in one guide.

Stay safe everyone!

Signing off.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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