Alas, the wait is finally over. The Yeezy Boost 380 v1 Alien is coming.

">While many of the Yeezy 350 v2 colorways are still sought out, sneakerheads can all relate that the repeated Yeezy v2 releases have been tiring, to say the least.

This loss of interest has been evident in the resale market, as one of the most recent Yeezy v2, the Yeezy 350 Cloud Whites, are just a hair above retail price despite optimistic initial projections.

It’s very fitting then that these are now called the 380s rather than the 350 v3–these guys deserve a category of their own.

Get ready for a change though because this one is worth a real bag.

All Hail Mr. West, The Alien Himself

Ye rockin the Aliens.

Ye is a master multitasker that should not be overlooked in any category he dabbles in.

One would assume his time and energy was spent towards his Sunday services and music, but its official now that he’s ready to make a big splash in the sneaker world yet again with his new addition to the famed Yeezy Boost line: the Yeezy Boost 380.

Whether you love him, hate him—or just think he’s a little insane, you can’t deny Kanye West’s influential aura.

We can’t forget the time that people were out there paying up to $90,000 for a single pair of Yeezys.

From his revolutionary music in hip-hop that’s laced with soul and inspiration, to his successful Yeezy line with Adidas, he’s set to make another benchmark and icon in his next Yeezy production.

Since the 2016 debut of the Yeezy v2, 2019 will be another landmark year in the world of Adidas and Kanye in which the Yeezy Boost 380 “Alien” is set to finally release.

Release Date: Yeezy Boost 380 “Alien”

Official Adidas image

While the official release is not yet announced, Saturday, November 16th is the date that has been floating around.

Rumors of a slight chance of an earlier, in person release date on Saturday October 26th-Sunday the 27th.

Some potential pairs of the Yeezy Aliens were said to be released at Kanye’s Jesus is King pop-up in Los Angeles on October 27th celebrating his new album.

These kinds of rumors and updates will be something of the norm before any hyped shoe of this caliber has a solidified release.

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Resale value: Yeezy 380 Alien

With all that being said, it is important to note that the Yeezy Boost 380 Alien will retail at $230, a small bump to the Yeezy v2 collection’s retail of $225.

The release will absolutely come in limited quantities, and with a long-awaited shoe like this one, the profitability is a no-brainer.


Online sneaker reselling platforms like Stockx and Goat has already set the resale market value high for the shoe pre-release.

As expected, a limited release of this capacity will demand a resale value above $1,000.

We’ve seen these types of resale value only in higher-tier sneakers such as the Travis Scott and Jordan line and Virgil’s Off-White line. Enter Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 380 Alien, in which we see the value for a size 9 is starting at $1,200.

Price range from $1200 up to $2200 on StockX. Check the current price for the Aliens here.

Making Money by Flipping the 380 Alien

Ok this came up on Google and clearly no one’s gonna buy at this price, but the seller might get lucky, who knows.

As mentioned prior, the retail value of the shoe is just $230, with a potential profit of up to $1000+ per pair—so make sure you grab a pair when these drop.

In addition, grabbing a pair of these and holding on to them may be most beneficial as a stockmarket-beating sneaker investor.

This begs the question, why not just buy and sell these shoes immediately?

While that is always an option, it’s important to note that the first shoe of any long-term line almost always performs the best in the resale market.

For example let’s review the Yeezy 380’s cousin, the 350 v2, and one of its first releases back in 2016—the Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black.

The ever-classic Yeezy Boost Pirate Black colorway first hit the streets on February 19th of 2016 and is still being bought and sold at a high price point to this day in the resale market. Similar to the Yeezy Boost Aliens hype today, these shared a similar hype and resale value.

Late 2019 StockX stats

Just a couple days after the February 19th release, the resale market solidified the Pirate Black’s resale value range between $1,500 to $1,000—although it’s declined some, they still float around $1,000 today.

Compare this to the recently released Yeezy Boost 350 Cloud Whites poor resale value that was mentioned earlier.


Between 2016 and 2019, there was an abundant of different colorways that released before the Cloud Whites—as a result, the resale profit is minimal. 

This comparison was drawn to underscore the monetary significance of the 2019 Yeezy Boost 380 Aliens, and the extremely high resale value it will hold throughout time, as it will go down in history as the first shoe of Kanye’s long-awaited hyped 380 line. 

How and Where To Purchase: Sitelist for Yeezy 380 Alien

When it comes to Yeezy and Adidas releases, there are certain stores that you will be able to purchase at retail value.

While the official stores are yet to be announced, there are some stores that will most likely have these shoes in stock on the November 16th release day.

We will update this article as we find out more. Live, full site list and immediate news from our high end product monitors is available to members of our cook group.

Manual methods will give you an edge on this drop, and those with in depth bot knowledge can be in for a $5,000 weekend with multiple pairs.

Enough about the dollars! Let’s dive into the aesthetics and design of the shoe, and why it appeals the sneakerhead community.

Details: Yeezy Boost 380 Alien

Images from @kickwhoshow on IG

When images of the  Aliens first released, many critics spoke negatively about its design altogether.

Initial hate seems to be the norm, because as the release date is getting closer, the hype and its appeal has only increased.

The reason of the appeal is due to the refreshing silhouette’s stark difference in the tiresome and monotonous Yeezy Boost 350 design.

The new line being dubbed “380” makes sense, as the 350 v2’s had the 350 imprint on its midsole.

With that being absent, there lies a midsole that includes a sleek design of small holes.

via @kickwhoshow


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 There is a full prime-knit upper and unique gel in those said holes, presumably for shoe structure purposes—so it doesn’t just implode.

Here’s a very clear in person look from @koala_hsh



As you can see, the shoe boasts a unique gray and light gray design throughout the prime-knit that screams “outer-space”—fitting the “Alien” title.

The shoe bottom’s boost technology still remains for aesthetic and comfort purposes, consisting in a subtle lime-green colorway.

There was obviously a copious amount of ideas and details that were involved in the engineering of this shoe, and the results are evident.


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Thanks guys and take care!

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