Kanye’s thrown many weird things at us throughout his life and career, 9-freestyle-jesus-is-king-debut/">especially in music, but also in footwear.

The unpredictable nature of Ye and his creations are polarizing in nature, meaning some of us love it, and others just straight up hate them.

As seen by the big Yeezy day restock in August, some of his footwear are absolute flops while others are winners.

An eye catching addition to the slew of Yeezys of Holiday Season 2019 is the Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision”.

From @kickwhoshow on IG, a nice look at these upcoming 500’s.

There’s nothing soft about the color pop these have, and despite funny nicknames on social media including “the Pepto Bismol”, these are resonating with sneakerheads, both old and new, meaning that they’ll have resale value.

In addition to a breakdown of how to buy rare sneakers like this, let’s take a detailed look at the shoe then jump into an evaluation of the potentially lucrative aftermarket pricing. 

On Foot look: Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision”

Official image from Adidas.

Sometimes it takes seeing something in person to understand whether or not it’s worth buying, which is why getting on foot photos is so important.

In the case of these pink “Soft Vision” 500’s, this couldn’t be more true.

The official Adidas image above makes the pink seem way more subtle than it actually is IRL–check the image below on feet:

@solebyjc on IG with an on foot look.

The pink is nicely contrasted with a gum sole that, unlike normal “gum” color, has the pop and tone to match the bright hue.

“The Pepto Bismols”

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These “Pepto Bismol” Yeezys are definitely sick in a good way.

Stock should be limited, and given the hype and past (and growing present) performance of the 500 line, these will definitely resell–it’s just a matter of how much.

Below is our best projection on the dough you can pocket.

Resale Pricing and Value of the Soft Vision Yeezys

The past indicates the future in many ways, and this is likely true with the similarly named “Blush” Yeezy.

Ironically, if the name of the Blush and Soft Vision were switched, it would’ve made more sense, because the latter is definitely pinker than the actual “Blush”, but hey, that’s just a Ye thing…


Color-name-nitpicking aside, the “Blush” is definitely contributing a nice chunk to the billion dollar sneaker aftermarket, as it is growing in popularity and has actually risen in price.

The actual blush colored Yeezy, the pink “Soft Vision”, is set to have similar resale value as the Blush.

As you can see in the smaller sizes of the Blush 500 above, the resale value is as high as $500+ profit per pair.

The sneaker resale market can be weird but once you know what you’re doing, you can actually crush the stock market by a surprising amount with it.


StockX stats (check current numbers here).

As for these Soft Vision 500’s, the initial resale price is looking like about $80-$200 in profit above retail value, per pair, depending on size.

From eBay

Preorders are already on eBay for $140-$200 above the retail price of the sneakers, which even after the platform fees and shipping allows for profit of about $100+ currently.

Pretty nice side cash if you ask me.

For those dedicated enough to build a full-fledged business out of this, the Hypemaster Playbook is for you.

Of course we’ll actually want to know how to buy these so we’re not totally dreaming when it comes to these profit numbers, so let’s dive into that.

How to Buy: Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision”

The release date of the Pink Soft Vision Yeezy 500’s is set to be on Saturday, November 2nd 2019.

Mark your calendars for that date and be ready for anything.

It may be common sense, but it’s worth saying again: the reason these shoes resell in the first place is because tons of people try to buy them and they miss out.

You need a competitive edge, and honestly when you’re educated, it puts you ahead of at least 90% of the general public, and although nothing is guaranteed, over the course of time you will definitely catch a big W.

We break down some strategies on winning on Yeezy Supply, the main site to stock these shoes, in this post here about successfully buying manually.

Using sneaker bots can be intimidating at first, but once you know what you’re doing it is definitely worth it (although the danger is that even if you have one, you really have to know what you’re doing for them to work).

One thing that some people don’t know is the full sitelist that will drop these Yeezys , in addition to the official website.

Complete sitelist

The first obvious place to look for Yeezy’s is Yeezysupply.com.

However, the Pink Yeezy 500 “Soft Vision” are also available on Adidas’ Yeezy section of their website–check it as the date approaches to be notified.

Further stores expected to stock include:

As the release date approaches, we will get further confirmation of the exact links of where to purchase these Yeezys.

Members of our private cook group will get the most up to date info and direct purchase links in addition to many other features on top of one of the best communities to be in for high level sneaker resellers.

Flipping shoes can be a mysterious game, but we’re here to lay it out for those dedicated enough to listen.

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That’s it for this one, take care and good luck out there,



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