Whether you like it or not, Ye is still going strong and high volume with the drops, but this time around with a release date on Saturday October 27 2018, he’ll be releasing one of his hottest current shoe models, the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner, in a brand new colorway in a limited quantity.

The Mauve version of the Yeezy 700 has been anticipated by many sources earlier this year, with an original rumored release slated for November.

We’re happy to see these shoes come earlier than expected, next Saturday the 27th, as the Wave Runner is contemporary a streetwear staple. Since these dad shoes hit the scene late last year, they were met with high resale pricetags of $1,000+ but with mixed reviews.

It seems now that the model has grown on some people after seeing similarly shaped models like the Yung 1 (particularly the Dragon Ball Z iteration).

The Design

yeezy 700 mauve on feet
An on feet look for the upcoming Yeezy 700 Mauve, from @yankeekicks on Instagram

Muted tones of purplish brown (that’s what the color mauve is, for those of you unaware) with tasteful splashes of green to contrast the grey make for an awesome shoe that’s perfect for the fall season.

However, as you can see from the Instagram comments above, it remains a controversial design, but it’s hard not to like how unique these kicks are and how head turning they will be because they really don’t look like anything else walking around out there.

For those who don’t own them yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that these shoes are incredibly comfortable and breathable, so unlike a women’s pair of heels, these things feel good and look good at the same damn time.

Expected resale price for the Yeezy 700 “Mauve”

It seems like everyone wants to learn how to buy Yeezy’s for retail and not many people know how, and those in the know are cashing in big time.

According to pricing resource StockX.com, people were paying $1,000 a piece on average to secure pairs before the release date:

Yeezy resale stockx price mauve 700
Some pricing data for the Yeezy 700 Mauve Wave Runner, from StockX.com

Although there were sky high prices at first, we are expecting the market value to settle quite a bit with a 50% cut or so from its peaks.

During the day of the release, the actual resale price will be around $450-$500, for a $100-$150 profit over retail.

Check out our post here which includes every profitable release happening this month in October.

It’s basically guaranteed that if you get a pair of these for retail, you will make money if that’s your intention…although rumors and speculation of Yeezy resale dying may cause some to hold back on going after these.

Even better if you buy to keep, you won’t have to pay the resale price now that you learned how to get these shoes for retail. You can hold them knowing that you’ve made a solid investment that you can sell eventually, or you can flip straight away for a few bucks.

Either way, if you get a pair, you’ve won. We sure hope you do–now let’s get into how to actually buy these things.follow us on instagram

How to buy for retail: Yeezy 700 Wave Runner “Mauve”

1. Use a combination of techniques for increased success

If you have only one shot at something that’s hard to get, it’s a total Hail Mary that often results in missing out.

Instead of being frustrated by losing every time you take a shot, realize that it’s part of the game to expect to lose if you’re only trying using one method.

Just like if you were trying to win the lottery and buying more tickets to increase your chances of winning, attempting to buy these Yeezy 700 Muave’s using more than one method is absolutely key if you want to save a few hundred dollars on the resale price tag and to get for the retail price of $350 in stores.

We’ve written a few tips regarding how to get Yeezy’s before they sell out using both sneaker bots and bot-free techniques, including specific techniques regarding Adidas.com, which many people found helpful to secure their pair and save on the sky high resale price tags.

2. Make reminders about the Yeezy Release Date: Saturday October 27

We’ve said this before but we’ll say this again because I can’t count the amount of times myself or my friends have missed out on a hot shoe release simply because we didn’t make notes of the release date and saved them in a way that would remind us no matter what.

Don’t be stupid and forget that the drop even happened after the fact!

Nothing is worse than knowing that you didn’t even have one chance to try.

Do research of the many sites, especially lesser known ones, that will stock and release these Yeezy 700 Mauve Wave Runners, and put reminders in your phone in addition to writing them down so that you can apply all of the techniques you’ve learned.

3. Get educated. Fortune favors those who have knowledge and preparation.

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