Adidas Yeezy Boost 700 V2 “Teal Blue”: Release and Resale Pricing Guide 

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2019 has been a hot year for culture and sneaker icon Kanye West.

Under his Yeezy alias, he has released many intriguing and sweet new ideas while keeping this brand very limited. 

This should sound like music to resellers ears. 

Unlike some past Yeezy flops, this one is looking like a release with lower risk and potential reward for another cool Yeezy 700 colorway. 

All of this hype and potential money sure leaves many people curious about how to buy this awesome sneaker. 

We will explain how to buy the Yeezy 700, when they release, history on the shoe, and recent prices for Yeezy 700.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Yeezy 700: A Brief History 

One thing that’s worth taking note of before actually learning the successful shopping tactics to cop this shoe, is to understand the history of the Yeezy and why this shoe is so hyped. 

Many people know about the Yeezy brand and the hype around all their shoes. This is great to hear from a reseller standpoint. 

The hype around these shoes starts with Kanye West, Grammy award winning musician and rapper, with many other celebrities seen wearing Yeezys. 

It all started with the now OG (original) 700 “Waverunner”, which reached heights of $1000 in the resale market and has since settled closer to the $500 range, which is still a nice profit.

Celebrity Influence and Hype

Image from Rex Shuterstock of Kourtney Kardashian rocking the 700’s.

Like many other shoe releases that sell out instantly and go for $500 plus dollars resell, the Yeezy 700 has been seen on the feet of many celebrities and fans alike. 

Many people such as Kim Kardashian, Chance the Rapper, and Hailey Baldwin have been seen wearing them to name a few. 

About the Yeezy 700 Teal Blue 

Yeezy 700s have many different crazy colors.

From the wave runners (orange, white and black) to the Muaves (black and green), we have seen many awesome color ways. 

With an upper blending of grey shades, the name for the shoe, “Teal Blue” comes from the toe of the shoe which has a blue panel. 

As you can see with the early on foot pic below, with orange laces, these shoes are expected to pop way more in person.

Early on foot photos from @kickwhoshow on IG.

The shoe is expected to drop with brown shoelaces–this was changed last minute by Adidas and Kanye. 

The sneaker community seems to welcome this colorway with open arms, garnering higher feedback ratings compared to the other 700s that ended up reselling for even less than retail at some point.

Yeezy 700 “Teal Blue”: Where and When to buy 

People who use advanced bots and some manual practices will have the best shot at grabbing these coveted kicks. 

Owners of the Yeezy 700 will benefit with having an awesome pair of shoes or immediate money on a resell opportunity.

The release date has been a confusing one on this one, with mixed news even from reputable sources like Yeezy Mafia and other blogs.

We were told a new release date of Saturday, October 19th 2019, but according to Adidas’ official page, there is still a release date on Saturday, October 26.

From Adidas. Check out the direct link here.


Sitelists include, and select retailers–our cook group has the low down on all of the details and exact retailers.

Although very advanced, sneaker bots can get you multiple pairs of sneakers and make enough profit to maybe even keep a pair for yourself.

Attaining this level of expertise isn’t easy, it takes skill and a little bit of luck, but the payoff is huge.

If you want to learn how to use bots check out the highly reviewed Hypemaster playbook .

This is a great guide for beginners or people looking to get more familiar with shoe bots and other details on becoming resale wise. Also, our private cook group will give and has given our users great success over the years. 

Resale value of Yeezy 700 “Teal Blue” 

One week before the release, there have been asks and bids as high as $700 in the smaller sizes such as 7.5 or under.

The higher sizes are not going for nearly as high so make sure to go low on the sneaker size. 

This is usually the case with Yeezy and many other shoes. You will usually always want to go low on the sneaker size, if you are looking to resell. 

Some prices on StockX 1 week before the drop.

Statistics above are from StockX

These shoes are going for slightly lower on GOAT but you are sure to obtain a profit from either site.

Expect an overall net profit of $50-$100, depending on what size you get, and how quickly you can sell them (having a network helps a lot).

Both platforms are great if you have never resold before–here’s a review of some of the top legit sneaker resale sites.

Drops like these have happened a ton in the past few months, showing the resell game isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and the billion dollar pie is set to keep rolling.

Good luck copping these guys and make sure to check out the cook group and the Hypemaster Playbook. 

Good Luck, JRM 

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