Mr. West may not have fans all around in the music world today as it’s now said that his old “secular”; music performances are now a thing of the past--if you want to see Ye live, you’ll literally have to go to church.

Thankfully for the sneakerheads of the world, he’s not made a crazy change when it comes to his Yeezy Boost line, other than perhaps pushing out a few too many of them.

December is a good sneaker resale month, in part thanks to a few Yeezy models, including new colorways of the 350’s as well as high top 500s.

The standout is of course the Yeezy 700 v3 “Azael”, which is selling as high as $2000 in early preorders, continuing to drive this crazy billion dollar sneaker pie.

Let’s dive in to see why this is such a special drop.

Details: Yeezy 700

yeezy 700 run restock adidas official august 2019
Official image from Adidas, the restock is including sizes for adults, children and infants.

In the summer of 2017 we saw a debut of the 700 line of the Yeezy, which unlike all of its predecessors, had a truly chunky, sans visible boost silhouette which may have single handedly set the trend for dad-shoes like Balenciaga’s $900+ “Triple S” and many cheaper copy cats to follow and crush in popularity.

ebay yeezy 700 wave runner 2018 sales
Sold listings in the middle of 2018 still remained high for the $300 retail Yeezy Wave Runner 700 “Grey”

Even after restocking multiple times over the past 2 years, resale value has held strong.

Like a top 40 song 4 weeks after it’s been out and you’ve heard it for the 400th time, Mr. West may have hit us a bit too hard and often with the OG: Resale value has now plummeted, but still holds profits around $100 per pair.

Yeezy 700 v2’s dropped in droves, some of them flopping super hard not just on the resale market but even in retail as they sat longer than expected.

It seems the v3 is set to reverse this trend and revive the heyday of Yeezy resale, as this is the most hype we’ve seen for Yeezys this holiday season.

The 700 v3 “Azael”

Mr. West rocking the Yeezy 700 Azael v3’s on feet at a recent Sunday service in Atlanta. From @freaky_mccav

The chunkiness has slimmed with this one, and combined with a more uniform color palatte throughout the sides, the 700 v3 has a slick futuristic look.

The Azaela in particular is noteworthy with a white/grey/slight light blue tint a la the past “Cloud Whites” that is cleanly contrasted with a black tongue and laces.


Our first best look at these was on DJ Khaled’s social media in which Kanye was seen gifting these to him back in September.

Adding nicely to a long roster of profitable shoe’s of 2019 including both this month and last,  the Yeezy Boost 700 v3 “Azael” is set to make waves in the resale market.

Resale Value

Via StockX, the current resale price of the 700 v3 Azaels.

Unsurprisingly, like any Yeezy debut, we are seeing a strong response in the resale market.

A low retail price tag of just $180 makes it basically the cheapest Yeezy to date.

We’re seeing resale projections as high as $1500 on StockX, however we expect the price to settle quite a bit.

If you use the correct techniques to sell your sneakers fast even on eBay,  you could be looking at a nice payday especially if you know what you’re doing on other platforms and have the hustle to build up a good client list.

How to Buy: Release Date and Sitelist

Official image via Adidas of the bottom of the Azaels, revealing where all the blue is.

With many millions (literally) going after these and just a few sites dropping them with a combined stock number likely just in the tens of thousands, getting your hands on a pair of these is much like winning the lottery.

To get among the pack, in addition to combining sneaker bot and manual methods, make sure you’re aware of the release date and time:

The expected release date is Monday, December 23rd, at a random time.

Based on the past, these could be due for an early morning EST drop.

Members of our private cook group winner’s circle have the latest live information.

As of now, the sitelist includes:

We will update this list as more retailers come out.

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How to Resell

A questionable pair of the Azaels on eBay going for $300 over the retail price. 1 person already bought these.

Once you get a pair of these, it shouldn’t be too hard to resell them.

The amount of shoe resale platforms to choose from may cause confusion, which is why we wrote up a free guide here on how to use GOAT.

The Hypemaster Playbook focuses on all aspects of building a sneaker business, most importantly including how to scale your business step-by-step to basically as high as you can hustle it.

If there’s one piece of general advice we can give that’ll help not just in the sneaker game but in life, just be bold and put yourself out there, and take every attempt (even if it’s an L) as a lesson.

You can always move forward, evolve and progress.

Selling sneakers remains one of the biggest opportunities right now , and the Yeezy 700 v3 “Azael” is a good first shoe to go after.

Apply all of the advice given, have patience and persistence, and eventually you’ll catch the W.

Good luck guys & take care,


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