Yeezy season in June 2019 is strong.

With a whopping 11 different v2 models dropping on different release dates in one month, Ye is setting the tone for hype shoes of the summer.

A word of caution: Not every Yeezy drop this month will be profitable. Like all of Kanye̵7;s recent models, if your intention is to flip, you have to do so with the correct expertise, knowing that there will be some winners and some losers.

We’re here to educate you and to make sure you know which of these v2 collection are worth buying and which are not.

There are really just 7 release dates, but with 4 that include both reflective and non reflective models. For Yeezys, the reflective iterations are the same price at $220, but more limited and thus higher in resale value.

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One of the most expensive recent Yeezy releases was a reflective mode of the 350 v2 “Static”, which resold consistently at the $1000 level and still hold a $750 median market value (our cook group had solid success with these back in December 2018).

Included in this list of 2019 Yeezys are retail prices, release dates, and price projections, all of which we do our best to keep accurate but are subject to change. We’ll update the article accordingly if needed and notify all of our subscribers of any changes.


Certain Yeezy Releases, like the US/Americas “Lundmark” colorway in both reflective and non reflective have been delayed, perhaps because of import tariff issues, or just because Ye wants to surprise us.

Scroll down to see the updated release dates for these Yeezys, some of which are now dropping in July.

Let’s get this complete June Yeezy release list started!

1.Yeezy 700 v2 “Vanta”-Release date: Thursday, June 6

yeezy 700v2 manta release date 2019 april
Image of the “Vanta” Black Yeezys from @Yeezymafia on Twitter


Retail Price: $300

Peak Resale: $350-$400

Potential Profit: $50-$100 per pair

With a pre-sale release of May 31 and a widespread drop on  Thursday June 6th, Yeezy 700 v2 “Vanta” is a drop that has people talking.

A simple all black color scheme is contrasted only by reflective 3M strips.

700’s debuted with the Wave Runners which in a way revived Yeezy resale with $1000 initial prices, but since many different colors and variations have since been birthed, we don’t expect these to be huge winners.  Although these look good on feet, they won’t flip for much, so definitely pass if that’s your intention.

2. Yeezy 350 v2 black Release date: Friday, June 7 (Reflective)

yeezy v2 black 350 reflective 2019 official release
Official image from Adidas of the reflective black 350 v2’s

Retail Price:  $220

Peak Resale: $700

Potential Profit: $480 per pair


One of the biggest winners of this list, and definitely one with resale value, the Yeezy 350 v2 Black “Reflective” is dropping right the day after the previous release. If you’re like most people, get used to taking L’s back to back this month. It’s likely only those who know how to use sneaker bots that can get their hands on these.

A reason that these are the most valuable among the bunch is that these are basically re-done Pirate Blacks, which are still among the most desirable Yeezys of all time. Dropped in 2016, these are now historic and are going for over $1,000 on StockX as seen below.

yeezy pirate black 2016 resale price stockx
The price of the Pirate Black 350’s on StockX

These reflective Yeezy 350 v2’s are similar to the uber hyped Statics of last year but in black.

Expert knowledge from our Playbook or from our exclusive Cook Group can make the difference in getting these or missing out on a $500+ opportunity. 

The non reflectives are still going to generate interest especially because some people won’t even be able to tell the difference between them.

3. Yeezy 350 v2 Black Non-Reflective Release date: Saturday June 8

yeezy 350 v2 black non reflective on foot look
An on foot look of the black 350 v2 non reflectives from Hypebeast.

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resale: $450

Potential Profit: $230 per pair

Go for these as a pity cop if you miss out on the reflectives. They’ll still have some resale value to them. 

4.Yeezy 700 v2 Tephra Release date: Saturday June 15 

official yeezy v2 700 vanta image
The official image of the 700 v2 “Vanta” from Adidas

Retail Price: $300

Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $50 per pair

Another 700 with the intent of making waves, this interesting colorway (which was initially called “Cement”) is basically multiple shades of grey set on a gum accented sole. 

Because of a high retail price of $300 and some flops of similar looking models in the past, the Tephra overall  is one of the losers on this list. Smaller sizes between 4.5-6 are still limited and are going for a premium currently on the resale market.

Low resale value doesn’t necessarily mean that these will be an easy W: don’t be surprised if you still strike out on these.

EDIT: There was a surprise drop on the morning of June 11th 2019 on Yeezysupply. Don’t be surprised if this happens for other Yeezys on this list.

Worldwide Yeezy Drop: Friday June 21 2019

yeezy worldwide release 2019 june 21
A worldwide debut of 3 different Yeezys on Friday June 21

The following shoes on the list are all coming out on the same day: Adidas decided to simultaneously release different colors worldwide, all in spring/summer pastel tones.

It will be interesting to see which performs the best, as it will have a bit to say about the popularity of the region it is in.

5. Yeezy 350 v2 Antlia Reflective Release date: Friday June 21 UPDATE delayed release date: Thursday, June 27th 

hanzuying instagram antila reflective exclusive picture
From @hanzuying on IG, an exclusive look at the reflective Antilas

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resale: $600-$700

Potential Profit: $380-$480 per pair

The third week of June will have a worldwide frenzy for Yeezys. For the first time ever, regional exclusives of three different colorways will be made available in every continent around the world.

For Europe, the light green “Antila” pair will be exclusively available. EU Citizens should rejoice because this colorway is one of the more hyped of the collection. Advanced techniques like being able to buy region exclusive drops (whether a specific city or country) are discussed in the Hypemaster Playbook.


6.Yeezy 350 v2 Antlia Non-Reflective Release date: Saturday June 22

non reflective antila yeezy look
Also from @hanzuying, a look at the non-reflectives

Like every other release in this worldwide trio, you’ll have the next day to get the less valuable but still hype non reflective iteration of these Yeezys.

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resale: $350-$450

Potential Profit: $130-$230 per pair

 7. Yeezy 350 v2 Synth Reflective Release date: Friday June 21

wavegod_thelegend instagram synth yeezy reflective picture
Picture from @wavegod_thelegend on Instagram. The Yeezy 350 v2 “Synth” Reflective.

Retail Price:  $220

Peak Resale: $600-$650

Potential Profit: $380-$430 per pair

This pinkish “Synth” color is available on the three of the A continents: Africa, Asia, and Australia.

The brightest of the bunch, this will be equally as limited as its accompanying models. Despite it being the hardest color to match with fits, expect this to fly off the shelves.

8. Yeezy 350 v2 Synth Non Reflective Release date: Saturday June 22

yeezy mafia non reflective synth yeezy 350 v2
The non reflective Synth as seen on @Yeezymafia’s Twitter

Retail Price: $220

Peak Resale: $400-$450

Potential Profit: $180-$270 per pair


9. Yeezy 350 v2 Lundmark Reflective Release date: Friday June 21 

UPDATE: Delayed release date Thurday, July 11th


yeezy v2 350 lundmark reflective hanzuying
From @hanzuying, a detailed look at the reflective Lundmark.


Retail Price:  $220

Peak Resale: $550- $600

Potential Profit: $320-$380 per pair

The Americas (North and South) are blessed with getting the most neutral and easy to rock color of the bunch. 


10. Yeezy 350 v2 Lundmark Non Reflective Release date: Saturday, June 22

UPDATE: Delayed release date Saturday, July 13th


yeezy mafia non reflective lundmark yeezy 350 v2
A look at the non reflective version of the 350 v2 Lundmark from Yeezymafia

Retail Price:  $220

Peak Resale: $400- $450

Potential Profit: $180-$230 per pair

The Lundmark Yeezy 350 v2 is marked by a light beige colorway. In their non reflective version, they are reminiscent of the 2016 350 Oxford Tans, which are now going for about $800.

11. Yeezy 700 v2 “Utility Black”-Release date: Saturday, June 29

official adidas utility black yeezy release photo 700 v2
Official image from Adidas of the Utility Black 700 v2

Retail Price: $300

Peak Resale: $350-$400

Potential Profit: $50-$100 per pair

Basically a hybrid of the other two 700 v2’s of the Yeezy-packed June, the Utility Black colorway is nothing new but at the same time perhaps the most desirable of the three 700s of the month.

A gum sole is basically the only difference between these and the Vantas, other than subtle color changes. 

If you happened to take an L on all 10 previous drops, you should go for theses. Check out our post here on some manual tips for Adidas to increase your odds.

That wraps up the list.

It’s obvious the Yeezy brand is going for quality and quantity: they want every shoe of June to be equally hyped and desirable.

The speed and prices that the entire collection sells at will determine the resellable future of the brand. Since 2018, it’s been diluted with drops like the Butters that were underwhelming. Sources expect the brand to be in a revival right now, and so far the hype seems to be holding up.

A summary of our list:

yeezy mafia release date june 2019 yeezy full list
Infographic from Yeezy Mafia

As a wrap up and reminder, the two dates worth remembering for resellers are Friday June 7th for the black reflectives, and Friday June 21st for the Antila, Lundmark, and Synth reflective drops.

Be on the lookout for the other profitable shoes of June 2019. The full list is live now here, subscribe to our email list to stay in the know with our sneaker tip where we’ll notify you if any of this info changes.

Thanks all,


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