As part of Yeezy’s summer 2021 lineup, Kanye West is set to drop yet another colorway of the fan-favorite Yeezy Slide! The Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin release date is on April 26th (EU) for a retail price of £45.00 ($55). Keep reading for all the details!

The Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin will definitely be worth the cop for resale. However, before taking a detailed look at them, let me walk you through some history!

Adidas Yeezy Slides: A Brief History

Several Adidas Yeezy Slides" title="Several Adidas Yeezy Slides"/>
Several Adidas Yeezy Slides

Ever since Adidas partnered up with Kanye West, it appears as there’s no shortage of unique and sometimes peculiar-looking sneakers that many would never be caught wearing while others would kill for.

However, the novelty factor seems to be doing it for Kanye as he pumps out hit-after-hit. The Yeezy 450 Cloud White is a great example of how strange the sneaker designs can get.

The Slides, however, are in essence, quite normal.

Released in 2019, these sneakers may look mediocre but their resale values are far from it. Ever since they were revealed, the Slides were the butt of the joke all over the internet.

Although some admired them while others dubbed them as “toy-like” or a “bad idea”. However, as soon as the Slides released, they sold out instantly and are sitting golden on the reseller’s markets.

To estimate resale for the Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin, let’s head over to StockX.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Core

Adidas Yeezy Slide Core Side View Via Hypebeast
Adidas Yeezy Slide Core Side View Via Hypebeast
  • Adidas Yeezy Slide Core
  • Retail Price: £45.00 ($55)
  • Peak Resell: $600
  • Release Date: Friday, September 4th, 2020
  • Colorway: CORE/CORE/CORE
  • Style Code: G55492/GW5350

These Slides were released back in 2020 and were quite highly anticipated. Especially since the colorway for the “Core” was much darker than previous releases.

The Yeezy Slide Core features a dark earthy upper, reminiscent of the Yeezy 350 V2 Earth. An ultra-minimalistic upper is only disturbed by small Adidas branding on the insoles.

The average selling price for these slides no StockX is at a decent $230 and rising. It appears most slides are good items to hold as they appreciate in value quickly.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin: A Closer Look

  • Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin
  • Retail Price: £45.00 ($55)
  • Estimated Resell: $240
  • Release Date: Monday, April 26th, 2021 (EU)
  • Style Code: FX0494/GZ5551
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Quarter View Via GOAT
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Quarter View Via GOAT

These slides feature an ultra-minimalistic look while wearing a colorway that’s a shade of olive green. Likely inspired by its moniker which means a sticky organic substance that’s exuded by pine trees.

The entire sneaker, as with all Yeezy Slides, is constructed with one material that’s a single natural shade. The only divergence from the otherwise perfectly smooth upper is the swooping dent at the rear and Adidas logos on the footbeds.

Wavy shark-tooth outsoles finish off the design.

Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Side View
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Side View
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Rear View
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Rear View
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Sole View
Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin Sole View

Images via GOAT

How To Buy

You can expect this sneaker to drop in the EU on April 26th via The retail price is set at £45.00 ($55). A stateside release is yet to be confirmed.

To buy them today at resale prices, visit StockX.

Estimated Resell Prediction

Yeezy Slides are high in demand and they’ll likely sell out very quickly. These are great investments to hold as well so I defiantly recommend going for pairs.

Using my estimated resell value, expect gross profits of around $180 per pair. They will also likely gain value over time so I do recommend holding them.


HYPEMETER GOOD2 e1611117498839 Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin
  • Adidas Yeezy Slide Resin
  • Retail Price: £45.00 ($55)
  • Estimated Resell: $240
  • Release Date: April/26/2021 (EU)
  • Style Code: FX0494/GZ5551

Where to Buy: (Retail)


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Shop Yeezy Slides at GOAT and Flight Club

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FAQ On Yeezy

Are The Yeezy Slides Worth It?

This boils down to who you are as a person as it’s very much worth wearing the hype for some, and for others, you can get the same comfort for less money. Slides are very comfortable with a one-of-a-kind design, the best way to decide if it’s worth it or not is to go to a store and try them on.

Will Yeezy Slides Be Released Again?

Slides have been an instant hit despite the hate they got pre-release date. There are several colorways not yet released with slides, which makes it highly likely that there will be further releases down the line.

Can You Still Buy Yeezy Slides?

Yeezy slides are released in very limited pairs, which makes them almost impossible to buy for retail today. You can always get them at the secondary market at a markup price.

Is Yeezy Slide Legit?

If you buy Yeezy Slides directly from Adidas/Yeezy, you can be guaranteed that your Slides will be legit. You should be aware of secondary markets as some sites are flooded with fakes, you can usually tell by the price they are asking, especially if it’s below retail value. GOAT and Flight Club always legit check their pairs before sending them to the buyer.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

As a business student, Mohammad was thoroughly impressed with where the secondary market was heading for sneakers. He quickly realized that what used to be considered as a side hustle, was now the main income stream for many. He has studied the game ever since.


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