December is panning out to include a new Yeezy release each weekend, and for good reason.

Kanye West

The Adidas and Kanye team understand that December is the month of gift-buying, and as an opportunistic company should, they are capitalizing almost every week.

Fresh off the Yeezy Yeezreel Glow release from last weekend, this week headlines belong to the Yeezy “Yecheil” model, another Yeezy 350 v2 rendition.

Yeezy Yecheil

The Yeezy Yecheil might be a better purchase-and-hold than the Yeezreels. and to be informed with similar crucial information, make sure you follow our Instagram page.

yeezy yecheil release dates

The Yeezy Yecheil will be releasing on Friday, December 20th at the usual selected stores.

In addition, the Yeezy Yecheils will be releasing in a full family size run from Adults to Infants.

yeezy yecheil site list

The Yecheils is another Yeezy 350 v2 edition that will be releasing on various platforms, including footsites and shopify stores.

Footlocker– Releases at 7am ET

Eastbay – Releases at 7am ET

Footaction – Releases at 7am ET

Finishline – Releases at 9am ET

Champs – Releases at 7am ET

Yeezy Supply – Releases at 10am ET (unconfirmed)

Other sites may be uploaded soon, so keep it locked to Six Figure Sneakerhead.

yeezy yecheil

Yeezy Yecheil

The Yeezy Yecheil details can only start with a question everyone is asking.

What exactly is a Yecheil?

In fact, it is actually Hebrew that means “May God live” or “God shall live.”

The Kanye West gospel phenomena has been one of the most gravitating headlines as of late.

What started with The Follow God rapper’s Sunday Church services led to bigger stage performances on Coachella.

Kanye in Coechella

Let’s not forget that Kanye West has been pushing the religion envelope since his minor days with hit-record “Jesus Walks” and his soul-filled instrumentals.

Kanye and Jay-Z

Those instrumentals are what impressed Jay-Z initially, thus starting a partnership that would change the landscape of hip hop forever with albums like “N*ggas in Paris.”

Just like most human beings, Kanye has evolved from the backpack-wearing, beat-making rapaholic he used to be, to a politically opinionated pious entertainer.

Kanye West

Oh by the way, his line with Adidas has reshaped sneaker culture by becoming a 1.5 billion revenue-generating mammoth.

All these facts, and then some, must come together to understand the significance of the newest Yeezy edition releasing this week.

yeezy yecheil details

The critically acclaimed Yeezy 350 v2 colorways have been meticulously mocked and ridiculed by me, however, boring and bland is the last description one could give the Yeezy Yechiel.

Yeezy Yechiel

Kanye West and Adidas have bored many sneaker enthusiasts with bland colorways, however, he’s also blessed us with straight heat.

The Yeezy Yecheil serves as a great example of West’s better take on the 350 v2 canvas.

In addition, it seems West will pander to his critics this time, by designing a shoe that can make any outfit pop.

Yeezy Yechiel

The all-too-common 350 v2 palate features a crowd-pleasing Black Primeknit upper that is adorned by white, red, and teal blue threads about the ankle collar.

Yeezy Yechiel

Sneakerheads will appreciate the red and yellow hues that provide Jordan-esque color blocking on the stripe.

Speaking of the stripe, it is featured in a translucent black that matches the black outsole.

Yeezy Yechiel

In addition, the black outsole is filled with the ever-popular and extremely comfortable boost technology.

Finally, the reflective shoelaces and other various reflective notes complete the look.

yeezy yecheil resale prediction

The Yeezy Yecheil, of which I can say with moderate confidence, should do well when it comes to resale due to a multitude of reasons.

The major reason that buffers this case is because of how well black Yeezy 350s perform in the resale market.

Yeezy 350 V2 Black via Stockx

Since Black Friday is still very recent in most of sneaker reseller minds, the Yeezy Black 350 v2 will pose as a prime example.

When the all-black edition of the Yeezy 350 released on June of this year, the price did not suffer an initial decline as it does with other shoes.

Obviously, the sneaker was at all-time highs prior to release, but post-release brought the price to reach the fair-market value that normally takes most shoes a month, at best, to reach.

That fair-market value was around $500 for money sizes, however, the overall performance of the all-black Yeezy has a stark difference than others.

Yeezy 350 V2 Cloud White via Stockx

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the Yeezy 350 v2 Cloud Whites, that released on September of this year.

After the release of this Yeezy, one can glimpse the chart to realize that purchasing this shoe with the intention of reselling immediately was not wise.

If you were a true sneaker reseller who was brave enough to hold the money sizes, which are the smaller sizes, you would have been able to cash in just a couple months later.

These two aforementioned instances were discussed to drive home the point that a black rendition of the Yeezy 350 normally does well.

This could have been due to its versatility with outfits, or because critics just hype all-black attire.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s causing the Yeezy Yecheil to trend upwards, which is only good news for members of the Six Figure Sneakerhead community.

Yeezy Yecheil via Stockx

The Yeezy Yecheil has formed a varying parabolic graph thus far, that has recently trended downwards as we arrive closer to the release date.

However, the fact that the money sizes are refusing to drift below $300 is paramount in the market analysis.

This reads that although the bears are dominating the market right now, the bulls are making headway.

The expected resale value of the Yecheil after just a month should drift back to at least $350.

If you have a chance to purchase a few of the smaller sizes and have enough capital to hold, it would be encouraged.

Kanye west chooses to appease his critics in the last days of December with an abstract colorway: The Yeezy 350 v2 Yecheil.

As his journey in God’s path is underway, the meaning behind the shoe is fitting.

As for sneaker resellers, this shoe should be on top of the list next to the Off White Dunks this weekend.

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Goodluck to everyone this weekend.



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