The collaboration between German clothing giant Adidas and Kanye West’s YEEZY line continues to grow year on year – the YEEZY footwear line has proven to be incredibly popular since 2015/2016 with the release of the Adidas YEEZY 750 Boost Grey.

Since then, we have witnessed numerous silhouettes, colorways and technological growths in the footwear line –to date we have seen 9x silhouettes covering more than 20x differing palattes.

The full silhouette line-up includes the Boost 750, Boost 350, 950, 350 cleat, Boost 350 V2, Powerphase, Boost 700, YEEZY 500 and YEEZY 451 (yet to be released).

yeezy day kanye yeezy season restock 2019
Image from Forbes of Kanye with present, future and sample Yeezy models.

Those in the sneaker game would know the early releases in the YEEZY line had and still have an incredibly resale, however as the line grew in 2017/2018 the later silhouettes began to barely sell for 1.5x retail price, an incredible fluctuation when you consider the original YEEZY Boost 350 Pirate Black (released in 2016) has been consistently been reselling for nearly 5x its original retail price (current resell USD$1,151, size US 8). 

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YEEZY 500 “Bone White” Release Date

yeezy 500 bone colorway adidas official image
Official image from Adidas of the “Bone White” 500

Likely building on the hype of how many colourways of the 500’s released in the August restock drop, YEEZY is set to release in August this year a Bone White colorway of the 500 silhouette. 

We are expecting a release date of Saturday, August 24th 2019 (more on exactly where to buy these at the end of this article).

500 model drops have been noticeably absent in 2019 – but to add to an already established family of colorways for the YEEZY 500 (Utility Black, Salt, Blush, Super Moon Yellow and Shadow Black), the Bone White is an easy straight to foot pick up.   

Set to release in late August the YEEZY 500 Bone White will be the first 500 silhouette to be available in a full family size run – meaning that you, your toddler, your baby and your lady can each get a matching pair!

A common trend appearing in newer shoe releases of late (especially with YEEZY being a father of four now) the full family run has not only aided in couples/families having matching shoe’s but also adding extra opportunities for resellers to make a profit.

As seen below the overall silhouette of the 500 remains true to original 500 form. The uppers feature a tonal off-white/tan cow suede, premium leather/ lighter beige mesh lining and a cream outsole/sole.

Early leaks of the Bone White colorway indicated the out-sole might be releasing in gum, but confirmation has now come in that the out-sole will appear in an all bone white/cream color.

on feet yeezy mafia bone white 500
Yeezy Mafia giving one of the earliest confirmed on foot looks at the Bone White.

Unfortunately, we don’t see any REFLECTIVE interwoven into the 500 model to increase resale prices, but the full family run is a first for the YEEZY team and could prove to be profitable in certain sizes.

August 2019: A Historic YEEZY Countdown

While normally Yeezy releases like the Bone White 500’s are a once per month occurrence, August 2019 will make this drop the last of many, which could either positively or negatively affect its resale value–here’s why.

Starting on August 1st an ominous countdown clock was featured as a splash page on – within minutes this began a frenzy of speculation as to what the countdown could entail.

yeezy countdown clock yeezy day restock august 2019
A picture of the mysterious countdown clock.

Shortly after news broke that YEEZY would be treating fans to a release of deadstock pairs of  a whole slew of Yeezy models.

This event went down in history as Yeezy Day.

yeezy day mafia restock release date 2019 august
From@YeezyMafia, the many models that dropped on Yeezy day.

Not only were items offered at deadstock status, but a number of items were discounted including quite rare colorways – naturally as word broke pairs were snapped up incredibly quickly.

While most of the pairs offered weren’t highly exclusive or rare, the global offering and release at discounted prices has certainly increased the chatter and positive feedback of YEEZY in general across social media and the web.

One of the most interesting facts about the YEEZY deadstock drop was how many pairs and colorways of the popular YEEZY 500 silhouette were dropped –  the 500 silhouette, while not as ground-breaking or commanding a premium resale price tag as the 350’s has proven time and time again to be a popular purchase.

on feet yeezy 500 bone white instagram picture
From @cataloko_ on IG, an on foot look at the upcoming “Bone White” 500’s.

Resurgence of YEEZY?

Following Kanye’s initialpromise of “Yeezys for everyone” and resale prices on models like the “Butter” plummeting, there was a lot of fear regarding the brand being dead.

It hasn’t been until late 2018/early 2019 with the inclusion of ‘REFLECTIVE’ (uppers woven with 3M reflective material) silhouettes bundled along the varying 350 V2 colourways have we seen a resurgence in YEEZY resale prices overall. 

2019 yeezy static black reflective resale price stockx
Prices of the recently dropped in summer 2019 Reflective Black’s hovering around $2,000 on StockX.

The first of the REFLECTIVE silhouettes dropped was the YEEZY 350 V2 Static REFLECTIVE released in December 2018. Released alongside a non-reflective version both Static colourways sold out very quickly – however the REFLECTIVE models have proved to be the most sought after of the two drops, not only due to the scarcity in numbers but for the hype of how they actually look under light.

Both retailing for USD$220 and dropping on both and through worldwide YEEZY retailers the 350 V2 Static REFLECTIVE is currently reselling for close to USD$900 (US 10) proving how popular the REFLECTIVE models really area.  Since this initial drop we have seen a number of REFLECTIVE models drop – 350 V2 Synth, 350 V2 Lundmark, 350 V2 Antlia and the 350 V2 Static Black.

All REFLECTIVE models are currently going for a minimum of 3.5x – 4.0x retail, the REFLECTIVE colourways have paved the way for a YEEZY shoes in general starting to climb back up the ladder in resale prices. Building on this resurgence or by pure coincidence the team at YEEZY has begun to not only release more colourways of favoured models but also recently whet our appetites with an insane deadstock drop in early August.

YEEZY 500 Bone White’s Retail and Resale Value

yeezy 500 bone white stockx price preorder august 2019
Early orders of the Yeezy 500 “Bone White” going for a decent premium on StockX at the time of this writing the week before the drop.

Release date: Saturday, August 24th 2019

Retail price:$200 (adults),$130 (kids),$100 (infants)

Resell price:$280 – $300 (adults),$150 -$170 (kids),$130 -$160 (infants)

Resale on these as with the other 500’s won’t demand a huge premium like the 350’s or the 350 V2s – this is generally due to the overall silhouette being not as popular with the general public but also the stock levels that is usually attributed to the 500 releases.

Current resale for early pairs is strong, but as with other colors expect this to dip closer drop date once details of stock levels are confirmed. Smaller sizes in the adult lines as well as the smaller/larger sizes in the infants/kid lines will be the ones to target for resale. Adult sizes US 4 – US 6.5 have proven to be the most successful in terms of resale for the 500 colourways and based on 350 v2 kids’ resale prices 3Y/ 3.5Y or 10.5Y will be the best bets for resale in kids sizes.

Whether or not the Yeezy Day extravaganza will increase or decrease buyer and seller interest will remain to be seen, but there’s a good argument for a n increase as it primed a bunch of hungry Yeezy buyers who took L’s and need a W under their belt before the month ends.

The 700 Wave runner restock also happened this month, but this 500 is the last shot for fans of Ye in August 2019.

YEEZY 500 Bone White: Where to buy 

yeezy 500 bone white family sizes picture official
Adidas official picture of the bone white for each member of the family.

Getting yourself or your family a pair of the Bone White’s shouldn’t be overly hard as many retailers are expected to stock these.

Here is a site list with direct links of where the Bone White 500 is expected to drop online on August 24th 2019: 

These and a select few other YEEZY online retailers will make these shoes available through either a raffle system or first come first serve.

Some raffles are already live and each have different instructions, so for the easiest results and a team of people dedicated to copping all rare releases, make sure you get access to our SFSH cook group to get live notifications as they change of all exact raffles/online drop locations.

Getting the Yeezy Bone White 500 In Store

Additionally, you should see in-store availability at varying Adidas Originals/ YEEZY suppliers, so make sure you start hitting up your local stores for information of drop times to ensure you’ve got yourself covered if you don’t hit any online raffles.

If you happen to live in one of the best cities for reselling shoes you’re likely in luck and can grab these in person and be able to capitalize on the exciting physical market of reselling quicker than those buying online.


That’s it for this one, we wish you luck at this could very well be your first Yeezy W, and one that would be well served to throw straight to feet and own proudly as a retail buyer.

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