Adidas is one of the biggest sneaker producers on the planet with sneakers that are only second to Nike when it comes to hype of most of their models. In this article, we go through the best Adidas fashion sneakers for reselling.

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Although Adidas reselling right now is slipping compared to other brands due to Ye leaving the building, they still do have a lot of sneakers that are great to resell.

Let’s check out the best models they have to offer for reselling.

Adidas Yeezy

The relationship between Kanye and Adidas just started in 2015, after a falling out between the two parties over royalties and creative control issues with Nike.

Kanye had the idea to revolutionize sneaker culture, so when Adidas signed Ye, the world of shoes changed forever. For instance, the Yeezy 350 Dove was an extremely well-resold and well-liked pair of sneakers. The shoe’s many hues all immediately sold out.

After that, the Yeezy 350 V2 established the Yeezy brand as a household name and quickly rose to the position of one of the most recognized shoes of all time. Particularly the Yeezy 350 V2 produced famous colors that fetch several times its original cost.

Luckily, there are still several really popular Yeezys that are likely to hold their worth. We go through some of the top Yeezy Boosts to resell today below.

The Best Adidas Fashion Sneakers For Reselling

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Black

Retail Price: $350
Average Resell: $1,080
Release Date: Saturday, December 19th, 2015
Colorway: Triple Black
Style Code: BB1839

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Triple Black

Kanye West and Adidas debuted the Yeezy Boost 750 on February 14, 2015, to introduce his Yeezy line. The “OG,” or original colorway, made its debut in a Light Brown hue. High-quality suede is used for the upper, and there are velcro straps, perforated vamps, and side panel zippers for easy slip-on access.

A TPU midsole resting on top of a Boost-cushioned sole completed the design. The Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost’s “Triple Black” colorway was the second time the shoe has ever been made available. It came totally covered in black, revealing its unusual structure. Looking back at the two colors, which do you believe was the better release?

These items fetch upwards of $1,000 a pair on the secondary market, and a select few lucky buyers who acquired numerous pairs and are still holding them are sitting on a gold mine. Maybe the greatest Yeezy to resale is the Yeezy Boost 750.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 Turtledove

  • Retail Price: $200
  • Average Resell: $1,300
  • Release Date: Saturday, June 27th, 2015
  • Style Code: AQ4832
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V1 Turtledove

A little under seven years ago, Ye (then Kanye West) introduced Adidas Yeezy with the popular Yeezy Boost 750, whose introduction increased public favorability of the Three Stripes. The Yeezy Boost 350 would go on to characterize the line-up, and its whole run quickly climbed to legendary status, despite the fact that the shape is legendary in and of itself.

 In 2022, the familiar “Turtle Dove” color is returned for the first time in a very long time. The “Turtle Dove” of 2022 is almost similar to the original, even offering the same style code. The grey Primeknit upper, which complements the adjacent laces’ color scheme, has the 350’s trademark black design.

After that, the white finish of the ankle piping diverges from the white finish that closely mimics the color of the midsole and heel pull. The latter, as is typical, is completed with a red line and a dot to give it a more polished appearance and to accurately recreate what is perhaps Adidas Yeezy’s best design.

In the secondary market, these shoes are going for over $1,300, and even the restocking was quite lucrative.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Green Glow

  • Retail Price: $250
  • Average Resell: $675
  • Release Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2019
  • Colorway: GLOW
  • Style Code: EG5293
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Green Glow 1

This version of the popular design has a bioluminescent midsole shell that surrounds a full-length BOOST sole system. After being subjected to UV radiation, the unique single unit will produce a characteristic light in a dark environment.

The Primeknit on the shoe’s top is high-visibility neon green to complement the sole, and it has matching piping and a side overlay of transparent mesh. The heel tabs and laces are also a vivid neon green, which blends in wonderfully. The only faint contrast is offered by the side stripe that runs horizontally and has a hint of yellow. The design is completed with rubber outsoles and light green transparent midsoles.

These sneakers are a gold mine if you have a few pairs laying around since they sell for north of $650 per pair on the secondary market. They will probably appreciate in value as well and are definitely one of the best Adidas fashion sneakers for reselling.

Adidas NMD

Adidas NMD

On December 9, 2015, a special launch event was held in New York City to officially introduce the NMD.

Building on the legendary success of the UltraBOOST, the new Adidas design, overseen by adi’s VP of Global Design, Nic Galway, was able to combine elements from iconic Three Stripes models like the Boston Super, Rising Star, and Micropacer with the German sportswear giant’s premier Primeknit and BOOST systems.

In contrast to some of the most well-liked sneakers of the last ten years, the final design was the ideal synthesis of the old and the modern. The NMD is a design-driven achievement at a time when celebrity endorsements, influencer co-signs, and limited-edition partnerships are crucial to a shoe’s success.

It is heritage-inspired without being a derivative retread. Any recent silhouette that can match the NMD’s position as an “instant classic” would be difficult to discover as these are some of the best Adidas fashion sneakers for reselling.

The NMD In Modern Sneaker Culture

Adidas fully committed to the NMD in 2018, capitalizing on the success of several sold-out releases with fresh iterations of the original model with a midsole plug. Whether it’s a trail-ready Pharrell-designed version or a laceless mid-top, NMD has seen it all and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The first NMD R1, made of Primeknit and unveiled on December 9 before going on sale a few days later, served as the model for all subsequent versions. The shoes had enough technical features to be a runner’s go-to but were still subtle enough for daily casual wear.

They featured an all-black Primeknit upper, a white BOOST midsole, a black rubber outsole, and red and blue midsole plugs.   Individuals wear it in a variety of ways, often not in the manner Adidas may have anticipated. Adidas created a special “Friends and Family” edition of the style to coincide with its release, which had a knit upper that was a blend of black and grey.

The NMD’s Legacy

The extremely limited pair would eventually pave the way for the “Camo” NMDs that appeared in 2016 as well as the highly sought-after “Pitch Black” F&F colorway, which was produced in just 500 pairs and sold for more than $5,000 USD on the secondary market. Of those, 100 pairs were given away via Snapchat.

The same day, Adidas unveiled a mesh variation of the design in addition to the Primeknit variations. In all, the three pairs paved the way for the numerous R1s that would come after, including joint ventures with brands like Sneakersnstuff, Nice Kicks, BAPE, Overkill, and Hender Scheme.

Adidas NMD R1 Bape Olive Camo

  • Retail Price: $150
  • Average Resell: $630
  • Release Date: 11/26/2016
  • Colorway: Olive
  • Style Code: BA7326
Adidas NMD R1 Bape Olive Camo

The Boost-soled shoe, which came in two “1st camo” colors of olive and black, went on sale to the general public on November 26, the day after Black Friday.

With the NMD model’s widespread appeal and BAPE’s devoted global following, both incarnations did sell out relatively immediately. With a side panel with white Three Stripes and a lightweight mesh structure.

These sneakers have been highly profitable as expected and have been sold for as high as $630 per pair which is incredible.

Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Y.O.U. N.E.R.D

  • Retail Price: $240
  • Average Resell: $800
  • Release Date: 11/04/2017
  • Colorway: CORE BLACK
  • Style Code: BB7603
Adidas NMD HU Pharrell Y.O.U. N.E.R.D

Skateboard P was photographed in Shanghai, China with his close buddy and creator of BAPE Nigo wearing an even more fascinating NMD: an N.E.R.D. colorway in all-black, barely a week after being caught at an Adidas tennis event in NYC sporting a “multicolor” variation of his famous NMD design.

Closer inspection,  reveals the shoe to be the NMD Hu Trail, with “Y.O.U.” clearly visible on the right shoe and “N.E.R.D.” on the left shoe, both in reflective silver. Also, the sneaker was available in very small numbers via an exclusive debut at the following Complex Con.

Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith

The first leather sneaker and adidas tennis shoe were both created in 1963. They had no idea that this was simply the first in a long series of iconic adidas sneakers. White leather made up the top portion, while rubber covered the studded outsole. In addition, where the traditional three stripes had been on the earlier models, there were now perforated holes. This first leather tennis shoe was the brainchild of Horst Dassler, the son of Adidas original creator.

The 1965 model, however, was given Robert Haillet’s name in honor of the French tennis player. Immediately after Haillet announced his retirement from the sport of tennis, Adidas made the decision to find a replacement. None other than Stan Smith was there. The tennis pro rose fast to the top of the sport in the 1970s. In 1971, he won the US Open, and the following year, at Wimbledon. Today, these too are some of the best Adidas fashion sneakers for reselling.

Stan Smith Signs With Adidas

Stan Smith thus signed his deal with Adidas in 1973, and as a consequence, the three stripes are now ranked number 13 on Sneaker Report’s list of the 50 most significant shoe sponsorships in sports history. But, the company couldn’t determine whether to keep calling the product the Haillet for whatever reason. From 1974 through 1978, the sneaker with Smith’s likeness and Haillet’s signature was available for purchase.

The Adidas Stan Smith model wasn’t given its current moniker until 1978. The US market was subsequently made accessible via the partnership with the US tennis pro. Over the years, hyped collaborations and limited sneakers have made this one of Adidas’ non-Yeezy top resellers.

Balenciaga x Adidas Stan Smith White

  • Retail Price: $850
  • Average Resell: $1,000+
  • Release Date: 11/03/2022
  • Colorway: Core Black
  • Style Code: HP6779
Balenciaga X Adidas Stan Smith White

The attraction of high fashion has long been the subject of vehement discussion, with many criticizing the excessive prices and sometimes unorthodox designs. Even among the most contentious houses on the market, Balenciaga is the most polarizing because of its partnerships with Adidas, which have drawn even more criticism.

The Stan Smith collection’s intricacies, which were merely made more clear a few years ago, perhaps added gasoline to the fire. The Balenciaga x adidas Stan Smith is a more distorted rendition of the shape it is reinventing than the complementary Triple S and Sock Runner.

The original shoe has been thoroughly worn down by designer Demna and his crew, making the sneaker’s general form look flat. Together with the chiseled and distressed leathers used across the upper, the effect is a much older (and more costly) rendition of a well-loved tennis classic.

These sneakers are very rare and although they are expensive, their retail prices are even higher as they resell for north of $1,000! Stan Smith sneakers have also been the canvas for other collaborations that are also very lucrative. With that, we finish off our picks for the best Adidas fashion sneakers for reselling.

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