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Today the sneaker we will be taking a look at is the Nike Air Force 1 ‘White Tiger’

**Please skip to the conclusion for the need-to-know about the release**

Releasing on June 24th for $130, this sneaker is a must-cop for the summer season!

Previously known as the Nike Air Force 1 Low Korea, this special rendition of Air Force 1 has officially been unveiled by Nike which has been dubbed “White Tiger.”

Celebrate the release of the new South Korean football kits with this White Tiger edition of the Nike Air Force 1 Low. The team’s crest appears on the tongue, and two sets of laces let you choose between home or away looks.

Coloring on the heel, Swoosh, and outsole feature reflective elements with one shoe glowing pink and the other blue.

Untitled design 2

In order to get a better understanding of the sneaker, we will be taking a look at some other similar pairs.

First up, the Air Force 1 Low World Cup South Korea.

Nike commemorated the 2006 World Cup with a serious of team-inspired color palettes, including the Air Force 1 ‘South Korea World Cup,’ which appears in South Korea’s team colors.

Featuring a white leather upper with Deep Royal tones on the patent leather heel and around the laces, the shoe also implements bright red accents on the Swoosh, laces, and outsole.

The insole features a unique graphic that showcases the team’s uniform.

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 10.00.30 AM

Despite having no sales on StockX, this sneaker proves to be profitable. Releasing in 2006 for (probably) $110, their value primarily lies on the eBay marketplace.

After reading some old sneaker forums from 2006, I found that this collection of Air Forces was actually quite limited. Because they released 14 years ago, there are only a few pairs on the market (less than 10 on eBay).

However, the pairs that are on eBay are selling from anywhere between $180 and $250.

If you or someone you know was lucky enough to get their hands on a pair of these, it is a sneaker that certainly has a lot of history.

It is a shame that South Korea didn’t win the 2006 Cup as it most definitely would have boosted the resale price.

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 9.48.03 AM

The next shoe we will be taking a look at is the Nike Air Presto South Korea. 

Prior to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo being pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, Nike certainly had a few regional-specific releases on deck for the event—including a new “South Korea” colorway of the Air Presto.

The official imagery of the style reveals that a zebra graphic graces the neoprene upper that has been found on the country’s Nike soccer jerseys.

Mismatching red and blue lacing cages are seen on the sides along with the South Korean flag decorating the heel.

US sportswear giant Nike remains the KFA’s (Korean Football Association)  most lucrative partner. The two have been working together since 1996, with a new 12-year deal through to 2032 including a clause that sees the soccer body take a cut of earnings if sales of KFA-related products on Nike’s Korean retail website exceed a certain level.

As you’ll see from the image below, both the Presto and the AF1 that we will be talking about closely resemble the South Korean uniforms.

tkcovPgIn terms of resale for the presto, we have seen over 1,800 sales since May 15th, 2020 (release date) on StockX. 

The interesting thing about this sneaker is that it does not come in standard sizing. Instead, the shoes sizing is as follows:

XS = US M’s 5-7 & W’s 6.5-8.5
S = US M’s 7-9 & W’s 8.5-10.5
M = US M’s 9-11 & W’s 10.5-12.5
L = US M’s 11-13
XL = US M’s 13-15

Despite the unusual sizing, the sneakers have resold for an average price of $183, proving to be profitable when compared with the $130 retail price.

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 12.21.48 PM

The final shoe we will be talking about is one most of you probably wouldn’t expect: the Yeezy 350 Zebra.

Not only do the colorways match in both shoes, but the Yeezy 350 Zebra is actually restocking on June 27th.

I felt it would be fitting to discuss the Yeezy because, given the fact that it is releasing around the same time as the AF1, it might provide some insight as to how the resell value might look.

If you want to learn more about the restock of the Zebra, click here. 

The zebra accents on all of the shoes that we have talked about are all very similar. The white and black allow for the colors to be worn in all weathers.

I would say that the Air Force is generally a sneaker that can be worn in all seasons, unlike the Yeezy, where I would say spring and summer are the best times.

Obviously the Yeezy has a lot more hype around it and will bring in more customers, but for those just looking for similar characteristics, this Air Force has them.


When deciding if this Air Force 1 would be profitable, I had to look at a multitude of things.

The first thing is that the Olympics are not taking place at this time, and these shoes may have been something that South Korean Football Association fans were looking forward to.

The next thing is the colorway. Personally I think this is a great colorway for this time of year. Whites and other bright colors allow the shoes to be easily worn with shorts and a t-shirt.

Although the Air Force 1 looks like a heavier shoe, the holes on the toebox actually allow a lot of breathability, easing the weight of the sneaker.

And finally, I looked at the other similar pairs that we looked at in this guide. I came to the conclusion that, yes, this shoe will be profitable. Taking everything into account, this is a high-quality sneaker with a really nice colorway.


Release Date: June 24th
Retail Price: $130
Average Resale Value: $170 – $190
Retailers: Nike and other select articles

For a more detailed look at the Nike Air Force 1 ‘White Tiger’, take a look at these photos:

Nike Air Force 1 Low White Tiger Korea CW3919 100 Release Date

Nike Air Force 1 Low White Tiger Korea CW3919 100 Release Date 3

Screen Shot 2020 06 19 at 9.39.19 AM

Nike Air Force 1 Low White Tiger Korea CW3919 100 Release Date 2




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