Welcome back readers, this time I bring you news of the hyped Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack. Releasing on the 20th of May for $190 each.

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This month may has been slow with the sneaker drops but certain releases are very profitable. Now is a better time than any to earn thousands which is just a tiny piece of this Billion Dollar Market.

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You never know, this may just be a gold mine waiting to be struck. Especially during these uncertain economic times. However, the 2020 sneaker market still seems to be going strong.

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Before we get started on the resale value, Let’s look at a little history first.

Air Jordan 4/Background

Air Jordan 4 Metallic pack inspired by Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 4 has quite an interesting bit of history to it. Tinker Hatfield returned to top the Air Jordan 3 and focus on a more performance sneaker this time.

The Air Jordan 4 was just that with an over-molded mesh. They dipped it in soft plastic and blew air through it to clear out any plastic in between. This was done so the sneaker didn’t look cheap.

The resulting shoe was considered ugly but it started to grow on people thus becoming a popular silhouette.

One of its specialties was you could tie the laces in 18 different ways. Enabling a certain degree of personalization to the sneaker which was greatly appreciated. It retailed for $110 in 1989.

After that, various colorways released for the Air Jordan 4 and it grew in popularity. A few very similar colorways can be used to assess the resale value for the Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Classic Green

Jordan 4 Retro Classic Green 2004

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $798

Release Date: 07/24/2004

Colorway: White/Chrome-Classic Green

This was a hot release back in 2004 and praised as a very clean looking sneaker. It has a white leather upper with green accents on the lace tabs, tongue and air unit on the heel.

The laces as well as the collar and interior are also all white. Finally, a chrome “Jump-Man” logo finishes off the design.

Quite pleasing to the eyes however, it’s not as memorable as some other Jordan 4 colorways. On the resale side, it did well over time if not initially.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $551-$789. That’s an average price of $442 which gives an average profit of $342 before taxes and service fees.

You’d be lucky to have copped and held onto these as they proved to be quite profitable. You may also have earned a maximum profit of $698. Pretty good!

Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money (2006)

Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money 2006

Retail Price: $115

Peak Resell: $538

Release Date: 05/20/2006

Colorway: White/Metallic-Silver

These released 2 years after the classic green and came with minor differences.

It featured and all white upper but replaces the green accents with silver. Particularly on the heel, lace tabs and tongue. There is also a “Pure $” stitching on the rear of the sneaker.

According to StockX, the resale wasn’t too good but it picked up over time. The trade range is between $200-$300 with the average price being $240.

That’s an average profit of $125 before taxes and service fees. Similarly, if you had sold these at peak resale the profit would be $423. Overall that’s below average resale value considering how old they are.

The Air Jordan 4 Metallic pack’s resale value may be most accurately predicted by the next sneaker.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Pure Money (2017)

Air Jordan 4 Retro pure money

Retail Price: $190

Peak Resell: $625

Release date: 05/13/2017

Colorway: White/Metallic-Silver

These are almost identical to the Air Jordan 4 pure money (2004) version. The resale however looks to be a bit better.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $302-$448 with the average price being $293. That’s an average profit of $103. Considering they released not too long ago, that’s not bad.

If you had sold them at their peak resale values, the profit would have been $435. A thing to note about all these variants is that they increased in value over time.

Resale value of air jordan 4 pure money increased over time

Via StockX

Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack

Aie Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Releases May 20th

Retail Price: $190

Estimated Resell: $260

Release date: 05/20/2020

Colorway: “Purple Metallic”, “Green Metallic”, “Red Metallic, “Orange Metallic”

The Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack releases on the 20th of May in 4 different colorways. They are rumored to be sold separately however, they all come with a price tag of $190 each.

The color tone seems to be heavily inspired by the Air Jordan 1s. The clean white and accented colorways are what come to mind.

Similar to other models, the sneaker features a white leather upper. Along with green, purple, orange and red accents on the eyelets and the “Jump-Man” Logo on the tongue.

Here are a few snaps of the sneakers.

Air Jordan 4 Green Metallic Pack

Green Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Via Sneakerbardetroit

Air Jordan 4 Orange Metallic Pack

Orange Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Via Sneakerbardetroit

Air Jordan 4 Purple Metallic Pack

Purple Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Via Sneakerbardetroit

Air Jordan 4 Red Metallic Pack

Red Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Via Sneakerbardetroit

Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack/How Profitable is the Resale?

So here we are, to what matters most. How much heavier will they make your wallets? Well if you play your cards right, it sure may add some weight.

According to StockX the most profitable pair seems to be the Air Jordan 4 Metallic purple.

Air Jordan 4 Metallic Purple showing decent profits on StockX

Via StockX

As you can see the pair has already been sold for $561 in size 9. That’s a peak profit of $371 before service fee and taxes. The average price is $317 with an average profit of $127.

This however is likely to drop after the release date to an estimated selling price of $260. After taxes and service fee you will need to sell them for around $227 to get your money back.

Make sure you go for the Purple, Green and Red as they may be most profitable. Also, I suggest to hold on to them are they’re expected to rise in value.

Copping Tips

Since this seems to be a geography based release, make sure you have a good overseas supplier. The sneakers have already been released in Korea and japan so they’re likely Asian exclusives.

You can find them on the Nike official website as well from select retailers. If you fail to cop, you can get them from re-seller websites like StockX and GOAT. Hold on to them if you manage to cop.


Air Jordan 4 metallic pack (Metallic Purple, Metallic green, Metallic red, Metallic Orange)

Release Date: 05/20/2020

Retail Price: $190 per pair

Estimated Resell: $260

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike Website and select retailers

 (Resale) StockX, GOAT

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Mohammad Yousaf

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