Air Jordan 5 What The Background, Detailed Look, and Resale

Jordan brand is set to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary Air Jordan 5 with a brand new “What The” colorway. The Air Jordan 5 “What The” price is $220. With an initial release date set for 7th November, these sneakers will now be dropping on November the 12th.

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Coming back to the Air Jordan 5 What The, it’s inspired by various other popular colorways. Before we estimate its resale value, let me walk you through the history of the Air Jordan 5.

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Air Jordan 5

Air Jordan 5 History Background Yang

You won’t find many sneakers that are inspired by retro fighter jets from WWII other than the Air Jordan 5.

Designed by the great Tinker Hatfield in 1990, the AJV was inspired by the Marine Spitfire Fighter Jet. Inspiration also came from Marty Macfly’s shoes from “Back To The Future”. Becoming the only sneaker at the time with a translucent foam upper.

These sneakers also had 3M reflective detailing along with the Jordan logo. Making them very unique that for sure head-turners then as they are today.

When the V released, they retailed for $125 with only 100 sneakers produced. Shortly afterward, they re-released for $120, also in very limited quantities that gained a lot of value over time.

Today, a lot of Air Jordan 5 sneakers are highly sought after and a must-have for many in their collections. The original colorways are pretty much golden on reseller markets. However, retroed releases at times are also very profitable.

Nike| What The?

Nike What The Sneakers Background Finish Line Blog
From Finish Line Blog

Nike What The sneakers seemingly came out of nowhere with an explosion of colors. They started off with the Nike SB Dunks, spread into Nike basketball, and now, are even common among Football sneakers.

“What The” sneakers were actually very rare during the early 2010s but now, some consider them to be overused.

The unique thing about these sneakers is how it embraces chaos. There’s no such thing as the consistency of colors as the left and right sneakers are significantly different profusions of colors. There are also hints and nods at previous colorways of the same sneaker models.

Some people believe that through these style choices, Nike tells a story. A story of either the colorways or stories of certain players.

The first “What The” colorway was released as a Nike Dunk Low in 2007. The crazed look of these sneakers made them quite the head turners, quite similar to as they’re reacted to today.

Resale for “what The” sneakers often depends on the silhouette they are used on. To estimate resale for the Air Jordan 5 What The 2020, let’s head on over to StockX.

Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air

Air Jordan 5 ALternate Bel Air 1

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $1,100

Release Date: 08/15/2020

Colorway: White/Court Purple-Racer Pink

The Air Jordan 5 Alternate Bel-Air shows its marks on the latest Air Jordan 5 What The. This sneaker in particular is a retro of Will Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” AJV.

The Alternate-Bel air is also inspired by the same 90s color tones and patterns. One of the minor differences includes a white leather upper instead of grey on the majority of the sneakers.

Mismatched Jump-Man logos on the tongue, multicolored midsole, and ice blue outsole completes the design.

On StockX, the Average selling price is around $230 which is a small gross profit of $30. At peak resale prices. Gross profits are as high as $900 per pair!

Air Jordan 5 Tokyo

Air Jordan 5 Tokyo T23

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $3,900

Release Date: 04/29/2011

Colorway: Yellow/Grey-Black

Air Jordan 5 Tokyo released back in 2011 in very limited quantities. They feature a yellow leather upper that’s highly reminiscent of the “What The” colorway. Grey underlay on the netted side panels, eye stays, and tongue provide contrast.

A white midsole with yellow fire detailing and a translucent outsole completes the design.

On StockX, resale prices are on average are a whopping $2,800. Profits at peak resale prices are as high as $3,700 per pair! The Air Jordan 5 What The will likely not even be close to these highly limited sneakers, however, some profits are still very likely.

Air Jordan 4 What The

Air Jordan 4 What The 1

Retail Price: $200

Peak Resell: $500

Release Date: 11/23/2019

Colorway: White/Military Blue-Fire Red-Black

The Air Jordan 4 What The also released in celebration of the Air Jordan 4’s 30th anniversary.

They feature a white leather upper with various details from popular previous colorways. Fire red hits can be seen on the collar and Jump-Man, Military blue on the heel and eye stays while black cement shows up on the midsole. Different colored outsoles complete the design.

On StockX, the current selling prices average out at around $280. That’s a gross profit of around $280 while at peak resale prices, gross profits are as high as $300. I believe the Air Jordan 5 What The will have a similar resale value.

Air Jordan 5 What The| Detailed Look


Retail Price: $220

Estimated Resell: $320

Release Date: November/12/2020

Colorway: Varsity Maize/Court Purple-Ghost Green-Solar Orange

This Air Jordan 5 combines elements from various popular colorways. Particularly the Tokyo, Shanghai, Raging Bull, Bel-Air, Laser, Green Bean, Army Olive, and Quai 54.

The right sneaker features a yellow upper similar to the Tokyo colorway. The tongue is inspired by the 2006s Army Olive while the collar lining graphics are taken from the AJV Laser.

On the other foot, the left sneaker features a vibrant red upper, inspired by the Raging Bull colorway. A yellow mark on the side of the heel is borrowed from the AJV Shanghai which similar to the Tokyo colorway, is highly sought after.

AJV Bel-Air’s funky colors show up on the collars of the left sneaker while the green accents around the metallic tongues are taken from the “Green Bean” AJV. A nod at the Quai 54 AJV is taken through the outsoles of both sneakers that come in a similar volt color.

Take a closer look via these official images.


Resale Value

Judging by the coverage and engagement these sneakers have brought in. I believe the AJV What The will be very popular and will definitely sell out. With already over 800 sales on StockX alone, it is likely that these popular sneakers will be hard to cop.

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Using my estimated resell value of $320, expect gross profits of around $100. The sooner you can sell after they release, the higher the profit margins. Keep in mind that they’ve already been sold for $1,000 so profits may even be higher.

Air Jordan 5 What The Where to Buy

You’ll be able to buy these shoes at select retailers and Nike SNKS on November the 12th (Delayed from November the 7th).

The Air Jordan 5 What The StockX link can be accessed here.


Air Jordan 5 “What The”

Retail Price: $220

Estimated Resell: $320

Release Date: November/12/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                           (Resale) StockX

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